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February 10, 2017

This and That This Week #14

I know you are saying what is she showing this for???  

I was trying to find an eyebrow/eyelash brush but everything I kept seeing was in a pack with other brushes for apply makeup and I didn't need all of them plus I didn't want to spend $18 or more.  I went to 4 stores with no luck.  Dan was getting me a prescription at Walgreens and I asked him to check out their makeup area while he was waiting.  He brought home just what I wanted and what a deal he got! 

It was only $3.79 to begin with but when he told me he paid only .38 cents I didn't believe him.  Once I saw the receipt I said of course I wish I could get another one.  He said there were a few more so we stopped in and I bought 2 more.  I know... call me the big spender!   LOL....

Though there were no signs about a sale it must be an item they are clearing out, otherwise why would it be so cheap.  So if you are in need of one perhaps you'll get the same deal as we did!  I told him I'm sending him out to shop more- he gets the best deals!


We just lost a family member that shocked everyone.  Only 65, a seemingly healthy guy, very active but his heart suddenly gave out.  The funeral was on Monday and it was a wonderful tribute to him.  Steve was our brother in-law married to Dan's sister the artist.  

God Bless you Steve, you will be missed.

Dan's birthday was this week and our daughter came home over the weekend to be with us plus her birthday is but a couple days away.  She brought him a German Chocolate cake which is his favorite.  I made him pose with cards and a couple of gifts.  I had a pot roast dinner ready for him when he came home which he loved.  It's been so cold this week (10º to 15º) it wasn't any fun to go out in.  

Daughter drug me out of the house which I needed and we went to T.J.Maxx and Target and then we got her car washed.  We were going through the car wash with our furry hoods on and she thought that was hysterical so out came the camera.   I've stayed home for past 3 weeks battling that darn bug!  She always gets me in a good mood so I'm extra glad she was here.  My little girl is turning 30!  Hard to believe….where did the time go!

I'll close with this….
The sun has made an appearance a few times this week and one morning this shadow caught my eye!  That's the chandelier's shadow over the kitchen table showing up on the wall.

Enjoy the simple things!

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Your husband is a great shopper, Liz. My husband is as well, though I'm not sure he would find an eyebrow brush. I'm glad you had a happy time with your daughter! Our children can always raise our spirits! Have a nice weekend.

  2. Wow he really is a good shopper. Great birthday pic and sounds like you and your daughter had a ball.

  3. You may have to send Dan out for more shopping if he does this well. ha. And a shout out to him and your daughter for Happy Birthdays! And yes...they seem to grow up just way to fast sometimes. But each stage has its fun. Sheila

  4. Happy Birthday to your hubby. Love the hoods up in the car for the carwash!!!! Too fun.
    Happy Weekend.

  5. Hi Liz, you sure did get a deal on the little brow brush. Pays to send the hubby to look sometimes. So sorry for your family loss. Always sad when someone is still rather young.
    Happy Birthday to your hubby. Great pic with the cake and cards. Love the pics showing the fun you and your daughter enjoyed at the car wash. Happy Birthday to her as well. They do grown up fast!! Hope you have a nice weekend and get over that bug going around. xo

  6. Liz, We lost a brother in law the 29th of January. He thought he had indigestion, but his arms became numb. They went to the ER, and he passed as they were moving him to the stretcher. What a shock to us! He was 69, in great health. We just never know.

    Sounds like you and your family are enjoying each other. That is so important. Happy birthday to your hubby!! Have a good week!

  7. Happy belated to Mr. Infuse!! Sounds like it was a perfect birthday in every way!

    You and your daughter looks so cute with your furry hoods!

    I am sorry for your loss of Steve. He certainly was a good looking man. The unexpected ones are the hardest to deal with - I pray you and your extended family's grief is of short duration, and that your faith sustains you in this difficult time.

    Hugs. ♥

  8. Liz, what a great shopper you have, and happy belated birthday to your hubby. I am so sorry for your loss. Your family will be in my thoughts and prayers.

  9. Liz, so sorry to hear about losing Steve. One never knows, even we are living a healthy lifestyle. love your cute photos with your daughter. Looks like Dan had a wonderful birthday. Good deal Dan, he needs to shop more...LOL

  10. So sorry about your loss, Liz. It is even harder when it is so unexpected. I am glad your husband had a great birthday. You and your daughter look so cute! :) I am glad you got to spend this time with her and that you are feeling better. Take care, Maria

  11. Liz, so sorry to hear about your beloved brother-in-law.

    Your hubby looks very happy to have his favourite cake from his daughter and a scrumptious dinner cooked by his wife. Happy belated birthday to him!

    Love the pics of you and your daughter in the car wash!!


  12. So very sorry to hear about your brother-in-law....Thoughts and prayers go out to the family. Happy Birthday to Dan and how great that your daughter got you out of the house for some retail therapy!!!


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