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February 5, 2017

Tweaking Things Around The House

I've gotten a lot of fussing and tweaking done around the house since I've been trying to get over this dumb cold.  I still have a plugged ear and Dan got walking pneumonia.  We've gotten out to the grocery store and post office but that's about it.  Basically we're on the mend- it's just taking too long!!

I posted a new arrangement on the dining table back on January 6th "here"  After I lived with it a while I decided it looked a little wimpy so I added a few more pieces.

How it looked before.

I decided to add more to it and to use the wreath the kids gave me last year.  The metal frame came empty but I stuffed it with boxwood balls that I got from Pier 1.  It was so much work getting them stuffed in there that they I'm never removing them!

I adjusted the pieces and added a couple of candle votives with flameless tea lights.

Last time I posted pictures from the living room I had nothing in the center of the mantel.  

I ran across these scroll designed candle votives which are a miniature version of a larger one I got at Pier 1 a while back.  I was trying to find something short to go there and this seems to work.  

I found some flameless votive candles at Pier 1 with a timer.  I hadn't seen flameless votives before so I was pleased to find them.

This is the larger version which is one of my favorite pieces.

Next to the mantel on the game table I used the two yellow pieces that used to be on the etagere.  

I have Ron's book (from Uptown Acorn), a magazine that I had a small feature in from my fairy garden and a book that my sister in-law has a featured art piece in.

In front of the sofa- I've kept it simple.  I added the votives to enjoy in the evenings.

I took a quick picture one night and it happened to be with a football game on.

I showed my etagere in the post about "Reclaiming The Living Space After The Holidays" but I only used my cell phone and the picture didn't do much for it.

I thought I'd show it up close so I broke it down on the different shelves.  As I noted before I wanted a pop of green so the fern went up top in the urn.

I found that brass orb piece on the display stand at T.J. Maxx.  The box in front of it was also from T.J.'s a while back.  I put some personal pictures on here too which I haven't done before.  The painted glass candle holder caught my eyes at the store that we bought the etagere from but I mainly use it for the color and design.  

This twisted root ball has been on the bottom ever since I got the etagere.  

This is a wall unit that I still haven't designed to my liking.  I stripped it down the other day and left these items.  I am still thinking about what I want to do with it.  One of the problems I run into with it is the height between shelves.  I tried some books on it but it felt cluttered.  The shelves are less than 6" deep so I have to find things that work. 

The sun was out today which was a real treat.  More snow is coming this evening- oh joy!  NOT

 This pictures was on display at Christmas and then it dawned on me I could put it on this wall at the stairs by the kitchen where a big pictures of sunflowers usually presides.  I decided I'm going to switch pictures out here as the seasons move along.  

A  glass reflection caused a stripe right through the picture but of course it's not really there.  This is a winter picture from Mackinac Island.

 I opened the door and snapped a few shots this morning of our winter world.  This is our deck furniture all wrapped up for the winter and loaded with some more snow.  We empty it frequently but more  keeps coming!

 I'm anxiously awaiting spring so I can see all of my gardens come back to life! 

I hope which ever teem you are rooting for in the Super Bowl wins!
Have a great week!



  1. Liz you have been busy playing with all of your lovely pieces. Your home is decorated so lovely. I hope you can enjoy it as you get better! I'm so sorry that you all are still not well! I think everyone I know is sick! Even though I know you must be sick of the snow, your garden looks so pretty and white as opposed to our brown and not so pretty garden. ♥

  2. Liz, everything looks beautiful! Glad you two are on the mend!

  3. Happy to hear you're on the mend too. Many people I know have been having a horrible time getting better this year. Everything looks pretty. The football is something on the bottom shelf


  4. It's good to hear you are finally starti8ng to feel better. Being sick is the pits! Your house looks lovely. Love those tall pieces. Always refreshing to play with our accessories. That is a lot of snow!

  5. Hi Liz, So glad you are beginning to feel better. Nothing worse then being sick when you want to decorate and tweak the house!! Love all the treasures you added and the photos.
    Look at that snow!!! WOW it looks so cold. Being in Ohio for 10 days I froze my butt off! haha Sure reminded me of growing up in Michigan.
    Have a great week. xo

  6. So glad you and your hubby are feeling better, Liz. You've been busy with the bric-a-brac, I see! Of all the changes, my favourite is the little wall unit for its simplicity and charm!


  7. Hope you two are getting better each day...enjoyed your "tweaking around the house" and I love those scrolled votives!....and yes my team won!!!

  8. Your home looks beautiful! I hope you both get to feeling better soon. I know what you mean, I got a cold back in November and I had a cough for two months. Take care of yourself, Maria

  9. You two, poor things! I hop you two are on the mend. Your home looks wonderful and I am loving your living room and mantle.


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