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November 1, 2016

Mom's House Tour- A Sentimental Journey

Hello my friends.  Feeling sentimental and going through old pictures.  
I found some pictures I took in 2010 of my Mom's house.

Warning- her home is stuck in the 90's and a bit overboard.  It's an eclectic mix of Victorian, Country and a wee bit of Asian influence.
I'll start with her Bedroom.
 These are candid shots I took- no real set ups.  She had the curtains made to go with a bed set in that cabbage rose style that was so popular then.  

 She made this chair cover later on out of the extra fabric.
My mother loves dolls so you'll see them here and there plus some more stuffed things that I made for her too.

 That's a picture of her mother on the wall next to the lion.

 Nothing has changed with the exception of a few little doodads that may have made their way onto her dresser.  Craft shows were the rage back then and she picked up a lot of things from there.

 We will have a lot of stuff to take care of when she's gone.

 I was making stuffed animals and dolls like crazy back then.  The doll on the left was one I made.  It had no hair when I gave it to her so she found some and glued it on. The patterns I was using were often designed to be Amish so they were plain.  
The carpet piece on the wall is from Japan- my sister and her husband made a trip over there and brought that home for her.

 My dad's chest of drawers .  The wood wall shelf is a family antique.

 My mother always said she liked to gussy things up!  So she did everywhere! 
Dad is in the picture to the lower left.  Can't hardly make it out.  We lost him in '91. 
The glass "DAD" up above was from Dan and I for a Father's Day back in the late 70's.
My mom keeps everything.

 Another of my creations.  A cat.  

 The walls are the softest pink- I always liked the color. I have no idea what it's called. 

After Dad passed she reduced the bed to a queen so the headboard is way oversized now. 
So that's Mom's room where she sleeps a lot these days.

The guest room.  
 See that blanket with  the big flowers- that dates back to the late 60's when I was growing up.  
Sorry about the clothing hanging there- like I said I didn't stage the pictures. 

 I spent a lot of years in this bedroom.  She shelving unit was made by my grandfather in the early 60's so we could put our toys, games, books etc. when we were little.  This display has changed since I took the pictures- it seems to evolve.

 I hadn't made the bed so I was trying not to show much of it my bad!  The room got stripped down and most of these things went into boxes because for a year my daughter lived here while she worked a job in Detroit.  Our area is about 30 miles north of Detroit but the freeways aren't too far to get to so the travel moves along pretty well.

 This crazy old rocking chair is still around.  Mom and Dad found it discarded and Dad used some old leather that had been stripped off a buss seat in Detroit (he worked briefly as a mechanic at a bus garage 1946-47) I just noticed the old pink waste basket- that's been a part of the house since I was a little kid.

This has all be cleared away now- which I'm glad for because it drove me crazy!  
Too much for me.  I got in trouble a lot as a kid for griping about having to dust around all her stuff!  LOL… I had an opinion even then!

 This is the smallest bedroom and it is a menagerie of stuff.  It's been cleared of a lot of these things but it's still pretty much an area that collects things. The house is on a slab so there's no basement.  Honestly I don't know how she managed with us 4 girls in this house.  The closets are small to boot!

 Silhouettes of us kids and some grandkids through the years.  I'm the one on the left right by the tip of the wood piece.

 A lot of this is in boxes in the garage now.

 I was born in this house.  They bought it in the fall of 1956 and I came along in the spring of 1957.

The desk is still there.  A good petite sized roll top.

Well that's the tour of the bedrooms- are you exhausted???  I get exhausted thinking about what we'll have to get rid of some day.

I'll do a part two of more of the house tomorrow.

Happy November!


  1. Liz, How wonderful to have those pictures...to 'remember when'...even though the style might be dated now it was your mom's style and meant a lot to her. I made a ton of stuffed dolls/critters, too, over the years. I only have one left, I think.

    It will be fun to see the rest of the house, too. Hope you have a great night- xo Diana

    1. Thank you Diana- yes styles move along but sometimes we stay where we're comfortable in. I used to sell those stuffed dolls and animals for a while. It was fun but not much money in it!

  2. Liz,
    Oh, the memories of days gone by and yet still embraced, dear friend!
    I, too, had cabbage rose bedding until this past year! (wink!)
    Your Mother's bedrooms remind me of walking into "Mr.Ed's" Mother's home.
    She loved everything anybody ever gave her!
    When she went to the Nursing Home, I would go out to the home and change out her decor Seasonally with items from the house! She loved it!
    It was a huge undertaking once she passed away.

    1. I love that you would take things to her room at the nursing home for the seasons. That is so sweet.

  3. Liz, your mother's home reminds me of my aunt's homes. I love the silhouettes in the guest bedroom. When our children were young we had their's made in Disneyland. The profiles are so precise. Have a nice evening, my friend. ♥

    1. I seem to remember going to the State Fair and having those made there. I haven't seen anyone offering those anymore.

  4. What a fun trip down memory road. Your mom definitely loves her pretties. I can already see how things at my house could become a little full like your mom's. It's just so hard to discard things of sentimental value! I can't even imagine combing through my parents' things and bringing more into my house, but I know it's coming eventually. Maybe when your time comes (hopefully not too soon), you can teach us all how to decide what to keep and what to get rid of. Thanks for the tour! :-)

    1. Thank you Kim! It is fun to look back. I hope we can come up with a good way to distribute things from her home.

  5. Your mom is a collector Liz! I keep thinking I need to start getting rid of stuff! My children still have old clothes in their closets and memorablia from high school, groan, I just need a dumpster! I'm sure going through her home brings back many memories-

    1. I still have things of my kids too. It is hard to decide what to keep and what to let go.

  6. Hi Liz, I have so enjoyed this post featuring your mom's home. It brings back special memories for me and my mom and dad's house too in Dearborn. We had to be making the Amish style dolls and the bunnies at the same time. I sold so many and in the 80's displayed so many too. WOW what a memory right? Things have changed but our folks seemed to hang on to the look and these precious keepsakes. They are truly treasures now. When my parents passed away, I had to go through everything and it was a challenge and a special time too. Your mom's home is cozy and she is comfortable with her treasures. It doesn't get better then that.
    Thanks for sharing. I'm going on to part 2 next!!!

    1. Yes I sold them too- it was fun for a while! I have a feeling I'm going to end up with some more of these things I made back at my house!


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