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November 13, 2016

Living Room Color Tweak

I got a bun on to change out my pillows on the sofa and introduce a color I haven't used before.
When I ordered the sofa I ordered custom pillows for it and have used them ever since.  I do love red and the one pillow had a hint of red but not a strong red color.  This was in 2013 before we changed the color of the wall, drapes and carpet. 

A month ago I ordered some velvet pillows from Crate & Barrel in a color they called Beet.  They do like the color of pickled beets.  I was dreaming of a more romantic look and hoping it would work well with the big picture over the fireplace.

I was visiting Julie at RM Design / Renaissance Mermaid and found a "post" from October regarding the use of burgundy and orange.  She posted some pictures with examples of using these colors together and since that I was already in that mode I became inspired to take some photos.  Do you ever visit a blog post and think "are they reading my mind"?  LOL….

 I wanted something going towards purple but not actually purple.  I felt like it was a more romantic appeal. 

 I didn't get around to putting the new velvet pillows in place until now because I hadn't found a companion for them.  While going through Pier 1's website I spotted these white and gold ones.  I was excited that I had found what I wanted but the website said they weren't available to ship or at my store…. so that would mean I'd have to call other Pier 1 stores and pay for shipping.  I decided to stop in at our store and I'll be darned if I didn't find two of them on clearance!  (Can't always trust the websites for accuracy)

 I set my camera on the back of my other recliner (to act as my tripod) and put the camera in manual mode so I could brighten the detail up to try and capture the colors better.  It worked well but it ended up making everything super bright.   

This is with the camera on auto but the darker pillows don't show up well.
So that's my little room tweak!  For Christmas I'll be using different pillows but afterwards I'll bring them back into the room so these will only be here for a couple of weeks.  
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  1. Oh such pretty new pillows and I love the color.

  2. How sweet of you to mention that you were inspired by my post! I think your new pillows add some great color to your room. It looks really good :)

    1. You are welcome. It was so timely when I read your post- had to make reference to it!

  3. Hi Liz, Love your color tweak. Beautiful look with the pillows. Your room is stunning. Have a great week ahead. xo

  4. It was meant to be for you to have those lovely gold and white pillows, Liz! They look beautiful with the beet ones! Your living room is just lovely. Enjoy your afternoon! ♥

  5. Hi Liz! Your new pillows look absolutely lovely. Jane

  6. I like those, Liz. They do look like the color of pickled beets! Don't you love when you pop in and find something you didn't think you would find and it is on clearance to boot? I think it is fun change for Fall!!! xo Diana

  7. Liz. Your new pillows are stunning and yes, romantic.

  8. The new pillows are great. I also love the gold and white pillows. Truly a beautiful romantic look.

  9. The two sets of pillows look very pretty together, Liz. I love the rich, jewel-like look of the beet coloured ones and the gold pattern on the white is very glam. A great pairing!


  10. Liz, your new pillows are gorgeous! Love the two colors together. Beautiful!

  11. Nice! It's amazing what a few pillows can do to pull a room together. Thank you for sharing this project at Dishing It & Digging It! :) We enjoy having you each week!

  12. Beautiful new pillows! I love the rich colors...so pretty!

  13. Love your new pillows, Liz! The color is gorgeous!

  14. The pillows look great. I love the beet color. In looking at your lovely living room I noticed that we both have the exact same picture over our fireplaces. I do love it. I bought mine while visiting Harvard in 1993 and have loved it ever since.


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