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June 12, 2016

Restored Garden Bench

Two years ago I came across this garden bench laying on the ground in a very sad dilapidated state at an antique store. 
The man that ran the antique store knew it needed a lot of TLC and sold it to me for $35 which I felt okay about.  

It was held together with some wire, and parts of it were cracked and some broken off.  Dan suggested it could be cleaned up with sand blasting and then properly welded at a shop that has the right equipment for welding cast iron.  We put it in the storage barn and planned to get to it but somehow it took 2 years.

I told him this spring either we're restoring it or I'm going to sell it. 
So one afternoon we took it to the first place he wanted to go and I about fell over when the guy gave us a price.  The welding shop wanted between $225 and $350 and we had to take it to another shop for the sand blasting and powder coating (which is a finish that is sprayed on and then put in an oven to bake it and which seals it up real nice).  That place wanted another $125 for their work.  Now all of a sudden my $35 bargain was looking like a big mistake.  

I was attracted to the details on this bench and that was primarily what attracted it to me.  I wasn't ready to give up on it yet so I suggested we try another place that he was reluctant to go to but they were far more accommodating and gave a quote of less than $200 for everything and they could do it all right there.  To our surprise when they finished the price was even lower $150 and we were just tickled as could be.  When Dan and the owner went to lift it up to put in our van they realized the person who was putting it together hadn't finished yet and it was wobbly and still needed a few bolts so he lowered it to $125!!!  Ding ding ding!!!  I am still pinching myself about it and am so grateful we took the time to shop around.  
Dan finished putting it together with the stainless steel hardware (which will be painted to match).  I have no idea how well this will hold up over the years but I'm glad I was able to save this from rusting into the ground.

 Known as a Cameo design and per Richard at My Old Historic House it's probably circa 1910-1920

 I decided to put it out under the big maple tree.  We set some stones under it so she wouldn't be sitting in dirt.
  My white dove statue came out to join with it and I think they make a nice grouping along with my cement kitty!  The plants were already there and I moved a couple that were encroaching the pathway nearby.  I was going to put a plant on it but I'm still nervous about encouraging any rust to start again.

I moved the old wagon over to the other side of the pathway.  
Happy to have this taken care of and that I saved the old gal from doom!

I have a new post on my garden blog Sit With Me In My Garden too if you'd like to stop by-
This the "link

As they say it pays to shop around!  

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  1. I love how you persisted in getting your bench restored, Liz. And you were able to get a much better price. It's beautiful in your lovely garden. I'm sure you will enjoy it for years to come! What a shame it would have been to allow it to disintegrate. Enjoy your day. ♥

  2. You and Dan did great! It's looks adorable, Liz! And you placed it in the perfect spot! I bet you can't help but look at it throughout the day and admire what a lovely choice you made in restoring it! Picture perfect!

  3. Liz,
    Be still my heart!! This is sch a stunning piece! Love it! It looks beautiful in your garden!!

    Thanks so much for stopping by! I am now heading over to your Garden Blog to see your Fairy Garden..

  4. Liz,
    such an elegant piece!
    I'm so~o`o glad that you and Dan were able to save it from a worse fate!
    Kuddos to you for shopping around for the better price!

  5. Love your bench, Liz! I have the bench and chairs that belonged to my grandmother; and after a new paint job, it is holding up beautifully, under a big tree. Your bench looks beautiful in your garden!

  6. Oh Liz, your bench turned out to be a gem in disguise. So glad you took the time to restore it to its former glory. It looks great under your tree and I like your idea of putting it on stone so new rust won't start. I have a bench in one of my beds, left by previous owners and I have been trying to decide what to do with it. It's not worth a lot but I may give it a try. It's one of those with wooden slats and metal end frames.

  7. It is a beautiful piece, Liz. I love wrought iron garden furniture. They are so heavy and they last forever. You found a perfect place for it...Christine

  8. Wow! Your bench was certainly given a new life thanks to you and your hubby's persistence. It looks perfect in the spot you have chosen and with its history, I can imagine the many couples who have sat and chatted on it over the years. So nice to see something like that "live" on. Good job!

  9. This is a beauty of a bench Liz! Classical and timeless piece.
    I would be just as thrilled to have her in my garden as you are yours.
    You found the perfect spot for her too!

  10. Beautiful Liz. The bench looks charming there with your dove. What a bargain...You chose the perfect setting for your lovely renewed bench.

  11. This old wrought iron furniture is so pretty and special. I'm so glad you were able to put the bench back together. We have a great friend who is a welder and that sure has been helpful a time or two. Ask around...you might find a friend next time.

    Happy Thoughts of Home Liz. :)

  12. Liz,
    Thanks so much for letting Linda know about my problem. Maybe she can help. I never had this happen before in 6 years of blogging...

  13. You really got a great deal on the refinish. I'd be tickled too. There is something so charming about a vintage piece. It has panache that new pieces don't have.


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