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June 5, 2016

Rainy Day- A "Shady" Affair

We've had some rainy days on and off which has kept me inside.  I needed to catch up on cleaning and putting things away so it's a good thing.  I finally put together an arrangement that I've had on the burner for several months.
Nothing super exciting but you know how it is when you get a vision in your mind you want to complete it.

 I saw these big creamy white magnolias at Pier 1 a while back and grabbed them thinking I'd make up something for the mantel.  A few weeks later I found the creamy white hydrangeas at Hobby Lobby and bought them to go with the magnolias.  Everything sat in my office/storage/work space for a good while.

The container I used for them is an old one from Ethan Allen that I had removed all the florals from.  It was filled with styrofoam that was real hard to poke into (I think it's that kind they pour in and it forms to the interior) so I cut and hacked away at it to remove it.  Messy!

 I always liked it because of the aged finish they gave it so I wouldn't let it go and now I'm grateful I didn't!

I can live with this a good while!

 When I removed the round table by the entry door I found a spot for it in the living room and gave it to Dan for his guy stuff and he's real happy with that.

I only had to move the recliner a little bit so it could open and all is well!

I saw this wonderful faux fern at a store on one of my ventures and picked it up with no idea of what I was going to do with it.  It landed in the big brown demi john style bottle that used to be out by the round table.

 For my birthday my blog designer Linda sent me this centerpiece arrangement.  At first I intended for it to go on the dining room table but one day I decided to pop it up here and found it to be a perfect size and height for this spot so here it will stay for the summer!

Thank you again Linda- I love t!

 I like to sit here and read my magazines and have my coffee or ice tea.  

This antique gold scrolling design candle holder came from Pier 1 too and I just love it's shape.  I love things with flowing movement like this.

Everything is still where I left it a while back.  I've been the most satisfied with this arrangement yet and if you know me you know I've scooted my furniture around a zillion times so this is an accomplishment for me!  A few months ago we bought matching shades for all the lamps in this room.  There are three different lamps but by unifying the shades it made it all  flow nicely.

About that Shady Affair
The shade on the lamp on this wood top had to be changed because….

My darling, adorable, lovable, can do no wrong Teddy (aka the terrorist Cat) knocked over the lamp and the lining of the shade came apart at the seems- literally.  I thought I could stitch it back together..ha ha… I think the lining was acetate and it shredded when I put needle and thread to it.  I ended up cutting away the lining and continued using it for a while until the other lamps shades were changed.  Anyway I adopted the shade that's on it now from one of the living room lamps and it worked out quite well.
So that's my Shady Affair…. sorry nothing very exciting!

I'll part with this- showing the candles lit on the new chest of drawers near the entry door.  It's kind of like having a lamp.  I love these ones from Pier 1 because with the remote you can dim them down so they're not super bright and it saves on the battery a bit too!

I'll be joining:


  1. Everything looks so nice...I love adding new things to a room...or just re-arranging it. Love your pretty centerpiece from Linda.

  2. Your room looks fabulous! Threw magnolia floral arrangements is quite striking. Sometimes those rainy days, gives us time to get organized inside. You are so welcome for the floral arrangement...it looks perfect on your mantel. I am loving your new chest. It looks so pretty all lit up at night. Happy Sunday and thank you as always for sharing at DI&DI.

  3. Hi Liz, your room is awesome. I love the magnolia and hydrangea arrangement you created. So fresh striking. What a great idea using the round table to hold the guy stuff. It works great behind the recliner. The flower swag on your mantle is beautiful. Linda gifted you the perfect accent. Your kitty is too cute even if the lamp shade did get destroyed. Love you new entry chest with the timer candles. Don't you love those? I have them all over too and it's beautiful to walk in the house at night with the glow of the candles throughout.
    Happy Sunday. xo

  4. I'm just like you, moving and rearranging. Your room looks light and beautiful. Seems I remember your painting it. You know I love your new chest by the door...and the pier one candles are a great touch! Have a great week. Sheila

  5. Liz, I enjoyed the shady affair. Your Teddy is a cutie, even if he got caught up in the lamp shade. The combination of magnolia and hydrangeas is very pretty and bright. We enjoy the flameless candles, but I've never seen the ones with a dimmer. I'll check them out at Pier One. Your mantle looks lovely with the new centerpiece. My eye is really drawn to the lovely painting. Have a nice evening. ♥

  6. It's so nice to see your classy and pretty home, Liz!

    You've done a remarkable job with your floral arrangement - looks GREAT!

    Your kitty made me smile, what a cute but bad kitty, huh? : - )

    Linda's gift is gorgeous - how thoughtful is that!?

    Big hugs!

  7. Liz,
    Your home is just lovely and your collections, decorating style is ever so
    welcoming and traditional.
    Linda is one in a million, isn't she? Love that Lady! You certainly did find the perfect for spot for the floral arrangement.
    Your kitty made my morning :)
    Happy Monday Liz!

  8. Your magnolia and hydrangea arrangement is beautiful. It was work the extra work!

  9. You are lucky to find such real looking faux flowers Liz, your arrangement and all your summer fluffing look great!

  10. Love the flowers you brought in for summer, Liz. Flowers have a way of always perking up a room.

  11. And I wanted to add I really love that chest behind your sofa! It brings a lot of interest there.

  12. Your home looks so beautiful, Liz! love your flowers arrangement. Take care, Maria

  13. Liz, love the flowers you put together and the urn is wonderful too! Your home is always lovely and very inviting.

  14. Sometimes something simple like white flowers in a re-used urn are just what the room needed. I love this classic look!
    Thanks for sharing on Dishing It & Digging It!

  15. I love your entire living room, so elegant and so cozy too. The white flowers you got are the perfect touch for your pretty vignettes. I am so with such little inspiration lately and at the same token, very bored with my den and living room vignettes.
    Thanks for the inspiration.

  16. Everything is so beautiful Liz...sometimes a rainy day lends to us getting to those projects around the house....your home is always so cozy and warm...love the beautiful arrangement you created along with that one that Linda sent to you...how so very thoughtful!...

  17. Liz, I love your new floral that you arranged,everything is so beautiful! I love your traditional style, it is perfect! We have had a couple of rainy days, and my flowers are so thankful! Blessings, Pam @ Everyday Living

  18. Change keeps things interesting - at least for US! I love what you've done, and the chest of drawers is a huge swoon-worthy item. It's gorgeous!

  19. You really have an eye for this, the room looks fabulous! I love the EA container and it looks great there, bet you are glad you kept it. I know exactly what you mean with the mess that foam creates! The white flowers are so pretty and you'll enjoy those all summer. Lovely room Liz…...

  20. Lovely touches as always Liz! I love magnolias but haven't seen any nice faux ones, I have to check Pier 1 out. And that "man stuff" table is funny! My husband would ask for one if I let him, lol! Teddy is s cutie, despite his mis-behaviour!

  21. Liz, your home is lovely. You have created so many wonderful places to sit and relax or visit.
    Faux fern is always a great thing to buy.
    Thank you for joining us at Thoughts of Home.
    I am so glad you are here.

  22. Everything looks so pretty, especially your new posies. I really am going to have to try those battery candles. I tend to forget about the real ones till they burn themselves out and make a mess. Probably a wonder I haven't burned the house down. That room really does look so inviting and comfy.


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