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June 2, 2016

This and That This Week

Last Friday we went to a little nearby town called Beulah where "The Cherry Hut" restaurant is. 
The interior is very retro- feels like the 1950's. The waitresses all wear a cute red and white outfits that definitely feels like the 50's.  The curtains and wallpaper have cherries on them, and there's a small area loaded with cherry jams, table linens, and various other cherry related things.
They're well known for their delicious Cherry Pie. I read that they sell 25,000 to 30,000 pies each summer!  I always get the cherry chicken salad croissant sandwich and Dan likes their turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy.

Then we went to Frankfort to a favorite garden center called "Crystal Gardens" and I picked up another blue planter  to go with the others I got earlier in May.  I loaded it with several plants when we got home.

On Saturday we we took a lazy cruise heading mostly north to a few towns that I like.  First we went to to Alden which is a super tiny town but has a favorite stop called Alden's Mill House.  They specialize in a line of spices that they create that I've come to use a lot.  

I spotted this cute fairy in purple on a ladder that I just had to have!  The store is chucked full  of kitchen related things and in one corner I found some fairy garden stuff.

There are always some interesting perennials outside.  Since it was Memorial Day weekend there were flags all around including these iris that were blooming.

Further north we stopped in another tiny town called Bellaire.  We always check out this store called Uniquely North which always has some great decorative items for cabin style decorating and more.  Last year I bought two pictures for our master bedroom from their mark down section.

Then we really went north up to Petoskey.  I saw this by a bookstore and snapped a shot.  The name of the store is The Rocking Horse.  It looks like a a carousel horse.

I have two favorite spots in Petoskey now.  One is called Lake Street Design Studio
There is almost always something I find there.  My metal etagere that is in the living room came from here along with the two big white lanterns that are on the fireplace mantel (and several more items).  They often have a special discount being offered on the weekends which ads to the desire to spend! 

The second hot spot for me is the one I blogged about last March where Dan bought me the Lantern/Conservatory which you can see "here".

It's a paradise if you like decorating accents and quality silk florals.

Then we made a run over to Gaylord and checked out The Old Spud Warehouse but I didn't find anything to buy this time.  

They have a very eclectic collection of furnishings and deco items.

We had dinner at The Sugar Bowl which is an old restaurant in Gaylord that we like.
 It's just a good family style restaurant and we like it because it's not a chain restaurant.  They also make a wonderful cherry pie that Dan can't resist.

After dinner we headed back towards Traverse City and Dan aimed towards Kalkaska where there is a neat little place called "The Cherry Street Market.  I was worried they'd be closed because by the time we got there it was after 7 pm but to my delight they were still open.   It's set up with an outdoor market loaded with fruits and veges along with an entire area devoted to selling annuals and yard deco items.
Of course I gravitated towards the fairy garden things after wandering through their flowers.
That's where I found these cute little coco-liner hanging baskets.
See the basket on the chain. I also got the metal plant hangers there. See the little butterflies on the baskets- they're just like the butterfly table set on the old tree stump.

I just put together a post on my garden blog that you can see "here" showing my fairy garden in better detail that I worked on- on Memorial Day.  

So that was my This and That This Week!


  1. Such great shops - I'm saving this post for the next time I am up north :-)

  2. Hi Liz, what a great outing up north. I haven't been to this part of Michigan in years. Love the Cherry Hut and all the shoppes look like so much fun to browse and buy.
    Love the fairy on the ladder. That is adorable in your garden.
    Thanks for sharing. Have a great weekend. Happy June

  3. Wonderful shops in the towns you visited, Liz. I too love the Cherry Hut--what a cute place to go for a day away from home. The fairy on the ladder is adorable. Thank you for showing me a part of the country I've not visited. Have a great evening. ♥

  4. Liz, you had quite an adventure! It all sounds so fun. I would love the cherry hut! We visited a place like that in Oregon and they sold the most delicious cherry salsa. Your new pot looks beautiful and I love the fairy stuff. Especially the fairy on the ladder! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  5. I wish my husband loved to travel around and shop Liz! That looks like so much fun poking around favorite shops, discovering new ones and eating at good local restaurants. Of course, I'm craving cherry pie now!

  6. Oh how fun, so many great shops and restaurants.

  7. Hi Liz, I love all the wonderful places you took us to today. I visited your other blog but can't leave comments...so I want to say how I love your fairies and their wonderful gardens. So sweet. I also adore that frog planter. :):) You just do the best job in your gardens. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  8. Liz, That was a great little trip. Thanks for sharing. Sylvia D.

  9. Oh, I must get there some time. The Cherry Hut looks so adorable. I am dying for a slice of homemade cherry pie. I love the town of Petoskey. I would love to stay at one of the B&Bs near the lake. Stunning! It looks like you had such fun. I would be delighted to visit all of the cute little shops. Unfortunately, some of the cute shops in this area closed. I need to drive to Door County to find all of the neat shops that you have in your area. Thank you for sharing your adventure. It is on my to-do list.

  10. That's a trip I'd love to go on!!! Great places to visit, lucky you!!

  11. Liz,
    What an amazing "virtual" shopping trip, dear friend!
    I do believe that you and I have similar taste in diners and decor shops!
    Thanks for letting me "tag" along!

  12. What a fun outing...the little shops are darling and the cherry pie must be heavenly. Loving that fairy you found. You will have to share where you find your cute fairies. Road trips are great fun, specially when there are cute shops to browse.

  13. Thank you for sharing this wonderful adventure .
    And that cherry pie...oh my!
    Thank you Liz for being at Thoughts of Home.


  14. The Cherry Hut pies look wonderful. On one of our road trips thru Michigan a few years ago, we had the best pie I have ever eaten in a small town in the northwest part of the state. loved going on the tour with you.

  15. neat places. you had me at the cherry pie ala mode.

    thank you for your kind comment today.


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