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June 2, 2016

Fairy Garden 2016

This past weekend I finally had some time to concentrate on my fairy garden. 

My little cottage has been a central figure in my Fairy Garden for the past three years.

I have a new smaller one I've ordered that will go on this little area I've prepared.  I've added various real plants and some faux for effect.

Each year I disassemble this because of the winters.  I pull off the stones and fencing and put all the fairies away so I end up creating something different every year.  Along this little fence line is some white alyssum that will fill in.

I created a well for under the bridge and used some landscape fabric to keep the blue glass from sinking into the dirt like it's done before.  I added some artificial grass and added stones to naturalize the look.

 Off to the right I put some more faux grass under the arbor and the little fairy garden cart.

 I added some faux stems of morning glory (which I clipped out of some floral bushes I got at Michael's).  I put a little rabbit next to the cart and I added some fiber optic grass in three places.  It will be interesting to see how it looks as it gets larger.  There are random pieces of white alyssum coming up quickly that will fill in the blank areas with white flowers.

All the fairies are gardeners and keep things up nicely.

 I keep reusing the old Ash tree stump with the dining table on top.  The bark is slowly breaking away but I love the character it adds.  I've added violas all around too.

 My most recent find was this cute fairy on the ladder.  She's going to be a busy one around here!

Off to the left is the gazebo which used to be part of my original fairy garden over by the big maple tree out back.

 Taking a little break and enjoying the view.

 Last weekend I found these metal plant hangers and two hanging baskets made with coco liners.

 I stuffed them with faux flowers because they're too small to support live plants.  I also set two clay pots by the entryway and added some moss and yellow daisies.

I did a panoramic with my iPhone which caused it to look like there was a curve in the wall but there isn't.

I'm in love with this frog I got from Pier 1 this year.  He added a perfect touch of whimsy for my garden.


  1. Liz, you have created a most magical place! I just love all of your attention to detail! Charming and delightful! You have definitely made me want to build a fairy garden. ♥

  2. A lovely little fairy garden.

  3. This is so enchanting and delightful Liz! Your fairy garden is the best I've seen, and how handy to have fairy gardeners to maintain it! Love the ladder fairy, she makes the whole garden come to life! Too adorable!

  4. Oh my goodness ~ this is absolutely wonderful!! I just love it. Such a marvelous and enchanting place you've created. Thanks so much for sharing it with us.

  5. Your fairy garden is too cute for words. It's like a while little village. The gazebo is darling along with the new fairy. I can't wait to show my Mom. Beautifully done.

  6. Oh I just love your fairy garden. All the details and sitting in such a beautiful flower bed..how much fun it is! I need to get mine put back together! Thanks for the inspiration!

  7. Oh Liz, such an adorable fairy garden. Love all the fairies and seeing the jobs they have to do. So much fun. I was wondering the size of your fairy garden. Such a great idea to have the fairy garden and thanks for sharing it with us.

  8. Liz,
    O My Goodness! How lovely! I thought of doing one in the actual yard but my yard is so small so I decided to do to different container fairy gardens. I love the use of the faux grass and the faux flowers!! So pretty!

  9. I'm just enchanted with your fairy garden, Liz! What a good idea of using the fabric to keep the colored glass from sinking. The lilac topiary is stunning! You must have fun playing in the fairy garden. I also like that you add some faux flowers in the landscape. So cute!


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