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May 18, 2015

Three Looks- One Table

First Look
 and some background info
These are Annabelle Hydrangeas from last summer.  I really love their pretty white flowers and they make a good dried flower too.  They turn a wonderful green as they age.

I hung them to finish drying.  They were in my garage all winter and I kept promising myself I'd do something with them.

I finally brought them in and made an arrangement with them.
I cut and poked them into a styrofoam block and put them in this oblong display bowl. Some of these flower heads were 10" across!

 I wanted to use this tray to add warmth to the setting and I decided to bring these antique gold candle holders into the vignette to pick up on the color of the handles of the tray.  I am a big fan of the quatrefoil design and these became displaced after I changed the fireplace mantel as seen "here" and it was bugging me that I wasn't using them.

I found the tablecloth in the drawer- it has a great casual summer like feeling that offered the look my mind set out to create.   I was hoping to be able to use it here but it's a poor fit for this table because it's too short one way and too long the other way.  It looks too frumpy for me.  I do love the colors it offers for my room but I can't live with it on this table.  I have another idea for it so I'll see how it goes and let you know!

2nd Look

I found this table topper in with my table linens so I decided to give it a try here.  

The color of the bowl is bugging me.  I did give it a dusting of Heirloom White spray paint but it needs more to knock out the grey tones. 

Hmm...I see something that has inspired me for one more change!
3rd Look- maybe the charm?

If you look at the picture before this one you can see this decorative planter that I have now swapped with the hydrangea arrangement.

I had never put these two pieces together before but as I was doing this post and reviewing my pictures it finally hit me that they would look good together. It's not the light white summery look I started out to achieve but I'm okay with that because it fits in this formal setting a bit better.  
This link is to the first post where I introduced the tray and it's still one my favorite looks.  I think I'll bring it back to that look come late summer.

I'll be joining these parties:


  1. Hi Liz, beautiful and I love both centerpieces. Your dried hydrangeas are a gorgeous color. I look forward to drying mine again this year and hoping for a better blooming season.
    Have fun decorating.
    Hugs. CM

    1. Thank you Celestine Marie- I can't believe it took me so long to use them!

  2. After seeing your beautiful hydrangeas, I'm going back to the Home Depot and buying Annabelles. Gorgeous--and how brilliant to dry them. The soft green color is gorgeous. Your grape bowl is beautiful, and I love your tray!

    1. Thank you! They are easy to grow and if I can grow them up north here you certainly can in TN!

  3. Oh Liz, I don't know which look I like best. I'm so partial to hydrangeas that I'm thinking they might do it for me. I also like your first tablecloth. It looks great for summer but I also like the smaller one. I really liked this post. It was interesting to 'hear' your creative process as you worked to get just the look you wear going for.

    1. Thank you- I had to laugh at the process I went through myself. Any one will do that's for sure!

  4. Hi Liz! Oh, the dried hydrangeas are so beautiful and your arrangement is lovely and so full. Love your dining room vignette.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  5. Well, I love the dried hydrangeas. They are always one of my favorites...that being said ---there is just something about #3 that really GRABS me. I love the mixture of metals as much as anything. Lovely- all of them. xo Diana

  6. Liz, I live for hydrangeas, I always wanted some dried ones I think I will have to try my luck this year, I love the first table cloth with the bouquet you are right it's very summery, but your last setting it's the winner for me.


  7. thanks Liz for sharing these beauties. They are gorgeous. I must go and find some. We don't have a lot of shaded spots. I like # 2 and #3. Love the bowl with your pretties. Lovely look for your dining table.

  8. Your dried Annabelles are beautiful! I love the new look for your pretty pot.

  9. Your dried flowers are truly lovely! There is something great to be said for each look, but I think I like 3 the best.

  10. Liz I love the look of your first setting!! The hydrangeas look beautiful!!


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