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May 21, 2015

Happy Honeysuckle and Memorial Day

Well this is definitely the best year for the Honeysuckle bush.

Some of you that read my post about the big ash tree being cut down recently know that I had begged the tree cutters to not drop the wood on my honeysuckle and they were kind enough to oblige me. You can see how close it is to the stump.  

I should have waited until later to take pictures since the sun was so bright but I'm certainly not complaining about the sun!    

I think I've lost this weeping cherry tree.

It had a handful of flowers and isn't leafing out well at all.  Dan thinks it was just too darn cold for it this winter.  I'm also concerned that when the snow plow goes by in the winter that some salt may be landing on the area making it sick.  Really not sure.   The big blue spruce has gotten so much larger that we're thinking we won't replace this.  I also have a small Japanese maple that looks very bad this year.  Darn weather!

The peonies are on their way up.  Poor things are being shadowed by the big blue spruce.  Perhaps I'll move two of them to the other side where that cherry tree is.  They say that peonies prefer not to be moved but I think they will benefit greatly if I do.

The last of my tulips are blooming.  
We've been hit twice this week with a hard frost and have another one coming.  The timing is really bad for the flowering plants and trees.  The local farmers are already predicting a 50% loss in production from the cherry trees because of this.   The apples will be affected to. 

Daughter gave me this cute little garden ornament for Mother's Day.  It has a Ralph Waldo Emerson Quote- The Earth Laughs in Flowers.  It has a hole in the bottom so I think it's going to get a little flower planted in it!

Hubby bought this big planter for me for Mother's Day.  It's made by the same company that made the water fountain.  I had the big metal sphere from last year and I'm think of planting impatiens plants in there.  I wish my growing season was longer because ivy would be really nice to have growing on it.  I have some sweet potato vine that might work.  We'll see!    Things look shaggy around here.

I took my chances and dug one hosta and moved it to the right (seen in the shade).  It's my Captain Kirk  hosta and it was between the two larger ones in the forefront and the one behind the armillary.  Last year everything got so big you couldn't tell them apart.  It doesn't seem to mind the move so that's a good thing.  The Jack Frost Brunnera has been blooming on the right. We haven't had much rain so I'm going to have to do more watering.   My annuals are tucked in the garage until this frost business passes.  I hope to plant everything this weekend.

For those of us in the U.S. I wish you a very nice Memorial Day
and to everyone have a wonderful weekend!



  1. Hi Liz, So sorry about your weeping cherry and Japanese maple. We lost a Japanese maple over the winter. They just don't seem to be very hardy in our area. I'm glad your honeysuckle is doing well. We had a honeysuckle that was probably 10 years old and we moved it last year due to a landscaping project. I wasn't sure if it would make it, but it did. I'm so glad. Birds like the berries and hummingbirds like drinking nectar from the flowers, so to me it's a very desirable plant.

  2. Everything looks good, Liz, including that honeysuckle. That really looks great. I love the little planter your daughter got you. I have a similar faucet but no bucket-I think I need a little bucket now. Hubby did good picking out that urn. It is a gorgeous piece and I love the ball sculpture in there.
    I am not complaining about any sun we get either! xo Diana

  3. Your honeysuckle is huge! Glad it was spared. Your new mother's day gifts are both great. A plant in the bucket will be super cute. And I love the metal ball!

  4. Beautiful!!!! Such wonderful plants and flowers!!!! Hope you have a great weekend in the garden! xx

  5. Your honeysuckle look really happy! Sorry to hear about your weeping cherry, and Japanese maple...we lost ours last year...we are replacing it this year. The weather has made things difficult for plantings...we had threats of frost as late as Wednesday, so I was busy covering my annuals up! We've been re-landscaping our beds...and your header picture is my inspiration! What is the plant in the border...the light green that kind of droops? It looks lovely! We live in southern Wisconsin...so have a similar climate to yours. Thanks for all the inspiration! Enjoy your weekend! ;)

  6. I can't wait for my little honeysuckle to get that big - I'm so glad the tree cutters saved it for you. Love the new gifts you got for your garden. Always sad to loose plants, hope the others make up for it.

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  10. Your honeysuckle looks great Liz, I love how beautifully shaped and full of blooms it is. My honeysuckles are in bloom as is the Korean Lilac in the front yard. We had two frost threats this past week, I was getting tired of having to cover everything up in the evenings but it sure was worth the effort. We had lost the buds on the lilac two years in a row due to late frosts.

  11. Liz, I truly love your gardens. You have a beautiful plants and containers. I lost a Japanese maple that I have nursed for 5 years...the past winter was too harsh.
    I hope you do not lose your weeping cherry tree. xoxo,Susie


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