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May 12, 2015

I Want To Play Outdoors!

I feel like a bored kid with his nose smashed against the window wanting to go outside to play!
Last week we warmed up to 87 degrees and even the evenings were warm.  I knew it wasn't going to last so I resisted temptation to plant any of my annuals but not it's only 47 and rainy today and I would like to get out there and do something!

The extra warmth really gave a push to the garden though and I can hardly believe how much progress everything has made.  We added hardwood mulch to the beds which dressed them out nicely.  

I see lots of little flowers coming to life.  This Dwarf Nikko Deutzia has been slow to get going and look good.  I'm happy with it now and try make sure it gets watered well.

This Autumn Joy Sedum is coming up fast and looks great. 

Somehow some of my daffodils ended up over here!  

The iris are growing quickly too!

 I piled a bunch of stones around this bird bath because when we rinse it out the splashing water washes away the dirt around the base.  

My Annabelle Hydrangeas are making quick progress too.  

My little Primrose is blooming like crazy now- what a joyful little plant!  I need more!

The daffodils are blooming and what's left of my tulips are coming along too.  The other sedum by the rocks are growing nicely.

These daffodils have a very pale apricot center.  A couple of years ago the voles were eating things in this garden bed and then either a rabbit or a deer ate my tulips last year!

The Jack Frost Brunnera have double in size in a week!  I love them because they bloom a long time and their pretty periwinkle blue flowers are a favorite color!

The hostas are on the march too!

I whacked off one of my coral bells when I was cleaning the bed a couple of weeks ago…still hoping it will come alive yet!

 My first fairy garden is waking up.  Looks pretty scattered right now…needs some TLC!

 This Japanese Spurge (pachysandra) always does well and amazes me how green it is when the snow melts.  It was putting on a good show last week.

Sweet Woodruff mingles in here and there.  I believe this is the "Remember Me" hosta.  It has never gotten very big.  I moved it to a new location 2 years ago hoping it would respond better to the location.  

 I had a lot more tulips before- something has definitely thinned them out!

Pretty narcissus/daffodils.  Soft white with yellow ruffled centers edged in white.  I did not keep record of the bulbs I planted so I don't know their name.  These might be called Ice Follies.

The new birch tree we planted last year is awake and looks healthy.

The island has come alive.  Just a week ago there was barely any green out here!

The peonies are really coming up fast!

Zagreb Coreopsis- very reliable!

 Delphinium with Black Eyed Susan's mingling. 


 This is the giant blue delphinium that has been coming back now for several years (yay)!

The Stella de Oro Daylily are really coming along nicely and of course the hosts.  The blue oat grass has been thinned but it needs some more coaxing to release the brown grass.  I just comb it with my fingers and pull and it comes out nicely.  I've already done it twice this spring but it needs another going over.

I bought this new coral bell which has been in full bloom for two weeks.  They told me to wait at the garden center since it's way ahead of the ones growing in our area so I will plunk it in the ground real soon.  I like the variegated leaf and hot pink flowers it offered.

I bought this pre-made arrangement at a small garden center that I need to remember to go to more often.  Their prices are very fair and I will have a nice re-usable basket for next year!

Orange will be in my color scheme this year!  I have new urns by the garage this year.  My other ones were literally coming apart.

I can't believe how green it's getting!  We spent a few days in southern Michigan this past weekend and their trees are leafed out more than us but we aren't far behind.  My lilac topiary tree is loaded with blooms- can't wait to smell it!  Last year I didn't trim it like I usually do because I was barely getting any blooms.  I gave it a trim right after the lilacs were done blooming and that was it.  This year it looks much better so no more shaving it into a shape!

I really don't want to rush through spring but I am anxious to get outside more and enjoy each step of the way through the blooming season!



  1. I don't blame you I would want to play in your garden too what a beautiful place.

  2. Isn't it amazing? - what a little warmth will do. Everything is coming up wonderfully and soon you'll be awash in colour!

  3. Wowee, what a difference a few weeks makes! I love that Remember Me Hosta and I've had Dwarf Deutzia on my want list for a couple years now.

  4. Liz,
    Your garden is doing much better than mine. I fear I lost a lot of my small amount of perrenials in the back yard. I LOVE that fairy garden gazbo!! So Sweet!! And I went with a red, orange and yellow color theme woth flowers in the front. Yes, I broke down and bought my annuals and planted them all . Now I am praying that the temps. stay in the low 40's like predicted and do not go lower..... Crazy weather!!


  5. what a beautiful garden, thak you for sharing

  6. It is looking good, Liz! I think we are about a week ahead of you. My 4 hot pink trees are in full bloom, too bad they don't last longer. Our daffs and tulips are done, and the clematis have buds. Of course, the green pollen is blooming profusely! :)

  7. Hi Liz, you have the prettiest blooms around. Such a green thumb you've been blessed with and it certainly shows as your garden wakes up for the season. Love it all.
    Have fun. Hugs, CM

  8. Your garden is growing with this warm weather. That Hosta ´Remember me´ is a real beauty, your hanging basket looks lovely and all the green is still so fresh.
    Wish you Happy Gardening Beth!

  9. Liz, everything is coming along nicely! We are still working on ours. We've been getting so much rain lately, that we haven't made much progress. We're not complaining though. We have been in drought conditions for so long, the rain is very welcome! All of the lakes are full again; and the watering restrictions have been eased! Looking forward to digging in the dirt again soon. You inspire me!

  10. Liz, Your garden and the path looks so wonderful. You sure have plenty of plants growing. Our things grew in those 4 days of 80 degrees. We are back to normal in the temperatures. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  11. Love your arrangement and your flagstone path is wonderful. Things are definitely coming to life in your gardens! I look forward to continuing to see your garden grow over the next few months. :)

  12. We almost didn't have play time in the garden at all.
    As there was almost no Spring. We went from Winter to full blown Summer. It's so hot that after 10 you can't be in the garden.
    It helps to get some wind but it's that kind of North-of-Africa wind - hot and clammy. Weird.
    I've been watering my plants a lot and I'm happy with my garden. I just hope that I did well by planting new species. I need to keep an eye for them if it gets hotter.
    I love how your garden is blooming to life.
    Hope you get to get there and play soon. Enjoy!


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