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May 28, 2015

Elegant Beach Dining

Do you remember the movie Jurassic Park? 
 In an early scene there was a wealthy British couple that had taken a spot on the beach to dine with their daughter.  An elegant table had been set up by the ship's staff  who were attending them. 
Well anyway I was inspired to do a table with that kind of beach setting in mind although I am a long long way from the beach so we'll have to pretend!

This quick shot from the movie was the best I could come up with.
Of course this was actually a scene that was leading to a very disturbing moment with some small chicken sized dinosaurs attacking their daughter- let's hope we don't have that happen!  

I mixed a few pieces together representing beach colors and themes.
I rolled the napkins starting with a pointed corner and used the napkin rings to hold the final piece in place.  

The white dishes are trimmed with loops of rope and the pastel blue/green plates remind me of the color of the ocean.  The striped plates make me think of those cabanas along the beach for changing your clothing and the napkins are reminiscent of king crab legs!

I made this lantern arrangement a couple of years ago for my den as seen "here".  The candle is described as having jasmine, gardenia, melon and white lilac.   There is a wonderful smell drifting around the room right now- love it!

 I never imagined I'd be tying in the blue/green dishes with this lantern. 
This is something tablescaping has taught me- mix different patterns together- it's ok that they don't match!

Love this stemware.  The soft blue and green is perfect for this table and I've used it for others that had a completely different theme.  The glass candle votives were from the Nell Hill's on-line site back when they used to sell things that way.

 We'll pretend that our staff is going to serve us in the most elegant fashion!

Thank you for joining me - now let's enjoy!

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  1. Beautiful tablescape. It reminds me of many many years I spent boating and at the beach and I am happy to report I never got attacked by any small dinosaurs. LOL I love what you did with the napkins too, very cute!!

  2. Oh Liz, this is so pretty and romantic! Love the pastels, and your wonderful imagination! How lovely to dream of being served by a butler with a silver dome! Your centerpiece is fabulous, and love the purple "rope" napkins!

  3. I love the setting......so serene and oh so romantic! Love the soft glow of candlelight and the pretty navy striped plates. Hugs, Poppy

  4. Very pretty, Liz! I love the coastal touches.

  5. I remember that scene from JP! I love how you created such an elegant nautical theme. Your lantern is beautiful and so versatile. The plates--striped and rope-trimmed--are so perfect, and I adore your napkin rings. Beautiful!

  6. Beautiful Liz! I love how you mixed and layered your dishes! Your lavender napkins are such a pretty accent color with the shells and I love the color reflected in your goblets! I have those same fun rope nautical plates :)

  7. It's beautiful, Liz. I only saw snippets of that movie, so I guess I missed the part you described. Your table ties in very well. You're so right about the striped plates resembling the cabanas. I love the color of your stemware, and they're perfect for a beach setting. Looks like beach water when there's coral beneath! Thanks for sharing your lovely table.

  8. That looks amazing, Liz and I love the color combination! The lantern is the perfect centerpiece!

  9. Hi Liz, your table setting is beautiful. I love your dishes and the touch with the stripe plates is such a nice anchor to the table. Love what you did with your centerpiece lantern. Your creativity designed the perfect beachy tablescape.
    Have a nice weekend.

  10. Liz,
    Gorgeous tablescape, dear friend!!!
    The lantern makes a magnificent centerpiece!!!
    Your choice of dinnerware evokes a regal presentation!!!
    I adore the tranquil hues of your stemware!!!
    An indulgent evening, indeed!!!

  11. Liz
    Your table setting is so nautical looking with the stripes, knotted rings and sea shells!
    I only saw the original JP movie eons ago.

  12. Liz, I remember that scene from Jurassic Park. I certainly hope your beach dining didn't end that way! I have set my table in a beach theme as well. Not elegant like yours, but more fun. I will be sharing it soon. Just waiting for a little sailor salt shaker I bought off of instagram to arrive. He's the bit of whimsy the table needed. I love your striped plates and the napkins with the rope.

  13. So beautiful and serene, Liz,....Christine

  14. Beautiful table, Liz! I love the colors and all the wonderful details. LOVE the lantern centerpiece. Beautiful!!!

  15. Perfect and so lovely. Your beach tablescape is darling. I love the lantern with the shells. Great combination of plates. I do remember that movie very well. Enmjoy the week-end. I am trying to get caught up on some much needed rest.

  16. So pretty! The candle is stunning. I loved the shot of the beach with the lady wondering what is going on. My kids are soooo excited for the next one - Jurassic World! I think I will wait and see what they think about it. I love beach tables, no matter what time of year, they just take me away!

  17. Beautiful table Liz!....love the way you fashioned the napkin into a rope design....and yes, I have to "pretend" that I am being served by an very dapper butler...but we can dream right?

  18. I appreciate you letting us know where the votive holders came from. I would've spent a week looking for them if you hadn't. They are adorable and your table-setting is lovely.

  19. Liz,
    This is such a dreamy, soothing and lovely table setting, I truly feel as though I am on vacation!
    What a great tip you passed on that table settings don't have to be matchy, matchy, I like that so much as it allows for so much more creativity and whimsy.

  20. That is such a lovely table setting. I like the lantern glowing in the center. I remember the scene from the movie well. Now there is another Jurrassic Park movie coming out this summer!

  21. Hi Liz! I love the beachy table you've set. I have those same glasses, the rope dishes are very cool... Hope you've been doing ok, I've been quite busy, which I like! That candle in the lantern is beautiful! The lantern makes the perfect centerpiece!!


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