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May 20, 2014

When It Rains It Pours- Right?

Boy when it rains it pours right? 

Last week I was battling the spring cold I caught, Sunday I felt a tad ambitious so I and went out and did some raking to remove dead debris from my front island, but I strained my back and ended up forced to do nothing again!! Fortunately after some Advil and a heating pad I got myself back in motion.

 That's my garden cart.  I load it up with my annuals and shuffle it in and out of the garage until I'm ready to plant.  There are no immediate threats of frost so I decided to go ahead and plant my flowers.  We often get at least one or two late frosts so I'll end up outside covering plants up for a night or two. 

Yesterday afternoon I felt stronger so  (with the much appreciated help of my hubby doing the heavy lifting) I got my annuals planted in their containers. As long as I could keep from bending over much I could handle it.

These are going into a hanging basket, but I ran out of energy so here they'll sit for a bit!

Today it's raining buckets- literally- including thunder! I love thunder- especially the deep rolling sound.

Since it's an indoor day my plan is to take some pictures of my living room where I made a couple of changes.  It's currently too dark because of the rainy day we're having but perhaps later today it will brighten up!

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  1. I bet you are just dying to get out and plant all of those! I would be. We need some of the rain that you all are getting..wish it would come this way.

  2. Hi Liz, glad your cold got better but sorry to read you strained your back. What a great cart for your annuals. I would love something like this to take from place to place when planting. Your blooms are so pretty.
    Enjoy the rain and feel better. Looking forward to seeing your room update.
    Have a great day.

  3. Your plants all look so pretty sitting on your cart. I know that you are looking forward to getting everything planted. Wish we could have some of that rain you're getting! Now, you take care of yourself and don't overdo it!

  4. Glad you feeling better Liz...your planters look beautiful!

  5. Hi Liz! So sorry to hear you hurt yourself but I'm glad you're feeling better. I love your pretty plants and the rain is just what they need. You take care and you really should have milked your sore back a bit longer! ;)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  6. Glad to hear you are feeling better! I love rain and thunder too! Have a great day!

  7. You're just determined to kill yourself (along with me!), aren't you!??!?!! Sit your little self down and rest! Don't make me have to come up there!!! :-)

    Did Dan make the garden cart or can those be purchased somewhere? I would love to have one. We don't have a decent wheelbarrow anymore, so a garden cart would be fantastic! It might even encourage me to do a little more outdoor work...NOT! :-)

    I hope some of those buckets make their way here. We're hot and dry right now. A little rain would do us good.

  8. Liz, I am so glad you Re feeling better, your garden cart looks marvelous you always find a way to keep me inspired.

  9. Well, you sure have had your share of Spring things! The cold and now your back...at least it has been too cold or rainy to do much outside. By the time it is nice out I hope you are all healed up from anything and everything.

    LOVE your garden cart all filled with your plants. I haven't even bought a single plant yet. Next week! xo Diana

  10. I have plants tucked away here and there around the yard waiting to be put in the ground. We just got back from a weekend trip to that crazy rain storm yesterday! Your yard is going to look fabulous and I'm glad to hear you are recovering.


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