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May 13, 2014

Just in time...

Wouldn't you know I caught a cold!  I made it through the whole winter and just in time for spring  when I should be outdoors I've been stuck inside with a box of tissues and coughing.  I spent most of Mother's Day inside lingering from the sofa to the chair but did go out for a bit and take a few pictures.

Last year I set this large stone at the corner of my pathway to the back patio and garden area. I've decided to bring some of my fairy garden accents over to this spot so I can see it more easily.  I'm at the beginning stages of planning and this piece of tree stump and cement house are my first steps.

July 2013
Now that I've reviewed this photo from last year I see I need to move the stump and stone house further back so all of the perennials I planted will be able to come back up.
You see that beautiful boxwood on the left?  Well they didn't weather the winter too well so I decided to remove all of them.  Even with winter protection I still ended up with severe browning and it just ruined their shape and attractiveness.

My big stone had also covered up these daffodils but as you see they managed to work their way up and find the light!  

The Jack Frost Brunnera is up (super reliable plant).  I did manage to pluck away the old dried stems from the hostas from last year after I took this picture.  It's so much fun this time of year to see the life emerging from the ground.  Each week it changes.

The Pachysandra, Japanese Spurge is flowering.  This evergreen plant is always a surprise when the snow melts- all green and ready to grow.  The bumble bees were enjoying it too so that's a good thing!
Bad thing is those darn oak leaves are tangled up inside of it nice and neat.  

I'm delighted that the orioles have already arrived and of course the darling finches are always a joy to see.  As you can see the orioles will gladly eat sunflower seeds!  

The Rose Breasted Grosbeaks are here too!

Photo bomber… LOL… 
Yes the turkeys are also visiting. They like to check for fallen seed and drink from my bird bath. 

I tiptoed outside a few minutes ago.  The daffodils are finally open. 
 It's beautiful and warm out there- my invitation to go outside and get some fresh air! 

I hope your week is going great!


  1. I love the little house in the garden! xoox

  2. I wonder if it's a cold or some allergy due to all that blooming around... I never had allergies until past Spring where I couldn't get rid of a cold and it wasn't a cold but some allergy.
    Well, soon the Spring Craziness will calm down and you will enjoy your garden in full.
    Lovely Fairy House!

  3. a lovely house and beautiful garden

  4. I like what you are doing with your fairy house and little gardens. Hope you are feeling better soon.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  5. Sorry to hear you are unwell Liz. Let's hope it is only a quick sniffle. Your garden is certainly coming back to life after its winter slumber. I love that cement house, I'm sure the little bugs will be making this home very soon when the much warmer weather finally arrives. Have a wonderful week x

  6. Hope you're getting better, Liz! I love seeing pictures of your gardens; and I can't wait to see it when everything is in bloom! We've been working on ours over the past couple of weekends. Take care of yourself!

  7. Well, I am sorry you have a cold this time of year, Liz. Wouldn't you just know?! Your garden is beautful and that little fairy house is going to be darling tucked away there. I plan on doing our fairy garden in the wheelbarrow with the girls again this year. They had so much fun and were always moving things around in the little "garden" area.
    Can't wait to see more as the season moves along. xo Diana

  8. LOL- I see I left an i out of beautiful!

  9. I hope that the warm weather brings a rapid recovery.

  10. Wow such distinguished bird visitors and your garden is waking u and moving along nicely.

  11. That little cement house is ADORABLE!!!! Brunnera is on my plant wish-list. I'd love to get a piece of it in the yard. Glad to hear you're thawing out. :)


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