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May 30, 2014

Bon Weekend!

Wishing you all a good weekend! 

 Isn't that the cutest container! 
I found it at a garden center and with my husband's past having grown up on a diary farm I couldn't resist it.  It's actually ceramic.  They finished it so nicely you'd think it was metal!  I chose petunias because I felt they have the right country casual look I wanted.
In the center I put one of those new Supertunias.  They look just like the New Guinea Impatiens except they can take full sun.

See the white flowers in the center- and this one comes with variegated leaves.  It should get taller and fuller and be a nice combo as the summer kicks in.  The Lysimachia (Creeping Jenny or Moneywort) will drape along the sides and cozy it up!

I'l be planting a few more things and trying to get more done outside this weekend.  Hope yours is grand!

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  1. Great container - so unique and I love the color :-)

  2. Liz,
    Summertime sings from your Dairy Fresh container.
    It looks authentic!!!
    Love the choice of plantings inside this ceramic container, dear friend!!!
    Planning on "relaxing" this weekend!!!

  3. Awesome container, Liz! Love the flower combo! Hope you have a great weekend, too!

  4. Hi Liz, love the container. Great find and the flowers are beautiful. Look forward to seeing them in another month full and lush!
    Have a great weekend.

  5. Great container! Love, love it and how perfect since your husband grew up on a dairy farm. It's so neat when you find something that's a reminder of a special time. Great choice of plants and color combinations, too. Happy weekend.

  6. Hi Liz! Yes, that's a darling container and the flowers you chose are just perfect for it. Enjoy your weekend.
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  7. I just love that dairy container...so cute!! Your flowers look so pretty!

  8. What a beautiful country style container! I love seeing things like that being used as a planter.

  9. Oh..I love that container and you have filled it with such beautiful flowers!

    Blessings to your day,

  10. Oh, so THAT'S Creeping Jenny!!! OK. I want some of that! It looks good! I love the way you have it here. And that container DOES look like metal! Wow...somebody really knew their stuff when they made that!!!

    Do you still have to deadhead the supertunias?

  11. Amazing! So much beauty you know how to create.
    Thank you for sharing,

  12. Liz, I love that container! What a find! Your flowers look so pretty in it. laurie

  13. Yes that is the cutest container ever Liz!! Your flowers are looking so pretty already.

  14. It looks great! I am coming over to your garden blog. It's what I am doing these days too. I think I have bought enough, but then I need more.

  15. such gorgeous flowers! loving the container!



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