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May 27, 2014

Bits 'n Pieces

I mentioned in my "post" about the living room that I went to a Pottery Barn outlet for the first time.
In February I did a "post" and talked about a picture I liked with a white pitcher full of lemon branches.  Well I walked into the PB outlet and there they were!  Since I live in northern Michigan- there's no chance of growing my own lemon tree so the faux will have to do!  The vase is also a PB score.

Our daughter was visiting this weekend and noticed my window display and while we were out touring the countryside and wineries around here she spotted these little pigs and bought them for me.  She liked their Tuscan coloring and knew they'd fit right in and she was right!

My daily view

A couple of weeks ago I ventured into an antique/re-sale shop and stumbled across this salt glazed crock/vase with Rochester Hills on it.  That's the town I grew up in Michigan and I decided this was meant to be and for $7 I couldn't leave without it!  I used to collect salt glazed pottery in the 90's and sold off a bit of it.  I kept a few special pieces and now I have one more! 

I came across this jar I couldn't resist at a store while we were touring this weekend. 

I was in love with the thick embossed rooster on the front.  I found a sales person (I suspect the owner) and asked her to show it to me (it was in an awkward spot and I wasn't comfortable getting it out)  As she was handing it to me she says "I can make you a great deal on it" and she drops $20 right off of it- so it became mine!  There were three of them and I suspect she'd had them for a while and wanted to move them.  I haven't picked a spot for it but you know I'll get around to it!

I have tulips blooming so I cut a random bunch and brought them in.
They are pretty late this year.
So there you have my Bits 'n Pieces!

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  1. Hi Liz! Oh, how wonderful you found your lemon branch and the lovely vase! They all look so nice on your window sill along with those little piggies! All of your treasures are just wonderful! Your tulips are so pretty too. I used to have tulips when we lived in New Mexico.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  2. Love the lemon branches in the window, Liz! And your found some really great treasures, too! And those beautiful tulips came from your own garden? They are gorgeous!

  3. I would never know your lemon aren't real!
    I do like the sweet piggies your daughter bought you too.

  4. What a deal. I bet you will visit that store more often. The lemon branches are lovely. Gorgeous tulips too, along with your sweet piggies.

  5. Great finds! LOVE the PB pitcher with the lemon branches.

  6. So glad that you were able to find some lemon branches. They look pretty in the white pitcher. Your fresh cut tulips are so perfect, that I wasn't sure they were real!

  7. Hi Liz, Just beautiful. Love this setting and the little piggies are darling. How wonderful to find a piece of pottery that reads Rochester Hills. Yes, it was meant to be.
    Beautiful tulips!!

  8. Your jars and flowers are so beautiful. I love the lemons and I adore that rooster jar.

  9. Darn it! I just left a whole long comment and it deleted itself. Grrrr...anyway- I said that salt glazed crock had your name on it AND I love the little piggies, too. Your lemon branches are just so pretty and fresh looking. I love stuff like that- The pop of yellow makes me smile- x Diana

  10. Love your pitcher full of lemons and those little pigs are adorable!!! I have never been to the Pottery Barn outlet, it's a couple of hours away. Would love to go check it out.

  11. Love, love, love the lemon branches. I want some! The pigs are so cute too!

  12. I truly adore all your wonderful treasured finds, Liz. Well done! : - )

  13. Liz,
    The pitcher with your faux lemon branches is stunning.
    Your daughter has great taste and the pigs are charming with the pitcher!
    Amazing that you found pottery with the name of your town!!!
    Love the jar with the rooster!!!
    Great finds!
    The tulips are beautiful on your tabletop!
    Thanks for sharing your finds with us!

  14. Liz, I love those lemon branches and the vase they are in. I'm going to have to get some lemon branches now. They are a perfect summer brightener. You have found some great treasures, and how fun to find the crock with the name of your hometown on it. Your tulips are gorgeous. Mine have already come and gone. They are so pretty, but so quickly gone. laurie

  15. I thought those lemons were real! Love Pottery Barn outlet.....I can get lost in there for hours!!~~Angela

  16. I wish there was a Pottery Barn outlet near me! I love the rooster jar - got a "thing" for roosters, myself!

  17. If I ever got within smelling distance of a Pottery Barn Outlet, there'd be thunder, lightning, angels singing, birds chirping, tides crashing, bugs wiggin' out...you get the picture! I'd be one hot mess up in there!!! I don't know where the nearest one is to me here in KC, but I sure would love to get to one!!!

    Springtime comes a bit later there. Tulips have long been gone from around here. The leaves are all yellowed and on the ground already. Have been for a couple of weeks or so. Daffodils came and went way back in early - mid-April. I actually wouldn't mind having a longer cool period. It's already blazing hot and humid here...very unpleasant and as if Spring was just forgotten.

    You did a good job with the lemon arrangement! The look is really cheery and fun with those little piggies alongside!

  18. Noooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just Googled it, and there was a PB Outlet right there in San Antonio where we were last month!!!! I'm just sick!!! SICK, I tell you!!! :-(


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