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May 15, 2014

"Blue" birds and sniffling!

 I've been bird watching from my kitchen table and was thrilled to see this special visitor! 
 It's called an Indigo Bunting.

 I had to slide my door open ever so slowly to try and get a picture.  They are a bit wary of my presence and leave quickly.

I was thrilled to see that there are three of them!  See the one on the far left in between the branches of the shrub!  I'm guessing there are females visiting too but I haven't spotted them- they are plain and less obvious as it goes in the world of birds.

Intresting fact about these "blue" birds:
 Indigo Buntings have no blue pigment; they are actually black, but the diffraction of light through the structure of the feathers makes them appear blue. 

I also have Orioles visiting and of course the American Goldfinch's have been here for a while. 

These are Rose Breasted Grosbeaks that I always enjoy seeing visit too.  There are two females and two males in this picture- but no partridge in a pear tree! LOL

I picked up a cold the end of last week and I've had the classic sniffling, coughing and lethargy that comes with it.  I'm getting better, but you know it's never fast enough!

  Oh and yes we have wild turkeys that pay us regular visits too!  
It's been a real bonus living at the location we are when it comes to birding.  Not far away there is a lake, fields behind our property, and this big stand of woods next to us which combined together make for a great spot for a nice variety of visitors.

We are also visited by raccoons, chipmunks and squirrels which will each every bit of seed we have in no time at all so that's why we built this multi feeder with the metal baffle attached to keep them off.  
 It's not super cute or pretty but it's a great feeding station and definitely attracts the birds.  I chose plant hangers to be mounted on this 12 ft. post to hold the bird feeders and we chose random heights to stage them. This picture is from the first year when it was built. 

I'm itching to be outdoors but we've had a lot of rain lately.  It's pretty classic spring weather for us and no I am not complaining!  My daffodils are blooming and soon the tulips will be.

I did do a little something interesting in the living room just before I caught the cold and I hope to get my act together and get some pictures taken!
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  1. Those birds are beautiful, Liz! Such a pretty blue! We get excited when the cardinals come thru. Just to look out and see that pretty pop of red in the garden is a thrill for us.

  2. Hi Liz, These birds are gorgeous. Interesting info on why they are blue. Love your feeding station. Your yard is gorgeous and filled with so much nature to enjoy. Even the turkey strutting by is awesome.
    Thanks for sharing~
    So sorry you have a cold. Hope you feel better soon. Take care and enjoy a relaxing weekend.

  3. Oh what a treat! Indigo Buntings and THREE of them. Couldn't you share?? ;-) I've only seen one here ever. They're so beautiful. And we do have Orioles, which I love. Keep oranges out for them. Hope the sniffles leave SOON.

  4. Isn't nature grand! Your Indigo Buntings are so beautiful along with your other wonderful creatures. Thanks so much for sharing. Looks like you're starting a little fairy community. I left one I created at my old home and I really miss just watching it and imagining what was going on.

  5. What a variety you have! Those Buntings are beautiful!

  6. That is SO cool!!!!! Despite the bluebird being the official state bird of Missouri, I have NEVER seen one!!! I see cardinals all the time, but never, ever have I seen an actual bluebird. Maybe I'll have to just put a birdhouse or feeder out there that attracts them. I've never seen a goldfinch or oriole, either!!!

    It's good to see things greening up there!!!

  7. I love watching the birds. The Buntings are so pretty. It's amazing how many different breeds there are.
    We have orioles that make a nest in our palm tree every year. We also have finches that come back every week to make a nest in our wall sun. Enjoy your bird watching.

  8. Wow, you got such great photos! I love bird watching. Never saw one of these, such a beautiful color!

  9. Love seeing your pics of the birds. We rarely see Indigo Buntings here...don't know why. They beautiful How great to see a wild turkey. We used to have woods behind us and we got more wildlife, but now a subdivision has replaced the woods. I love the pic with the little house and lantern in your garden. Hope you get over your cold soon. Colds are such a drag.

  10. Liz,
    So~o~o sorry to hear of your sniffles, dear one.
    Hot Tea, a favorite magazine and your best comforter
    are just what this blog friend orders for a speedy recovery!
    The birds are just stunning!!!
    In our retirement years, "Mr. Ed" & I are bird watchers, too!!!
    I'll be watching for a new post, soon!!!

  11. Pretty birds, and great idea for the bird feeding station! The squirrels are hungry seed stealers here too, but so far I've not found such an effective solution as yours. Thanks for sharing!

  12. Liz, it's bird wonderland at your home, I love it! OH my heavens, those Indigo Buntings are just gorgeous, I'd love to catch those at the end of my camera lens! Love bird watching and you certainly have an awesome place for it! Great post!


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