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March 12, 2014

Picnic on the Green-Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Come along with me for my 
"Picnic on the Green"

We'll be starting out here on this bit of emerald green tablecloth/grass on the warm side of a little hill.
The shamrock tablecloth has been laid out for us to be settin' on!

What's this now? We've stumbled across some Leprechauns 
so now they'll be havin' to grant us three wishes!

 I think this one has been rollin' around in some fairy dust!  
He's been enjoyin' a little too much beer!

 These guys are known to be full of mischief, but today they are behavin'!  I think they're a little worried we'll be stealin' their gold! 

An Irish Lass

Keeping an eye on things!

Erin go Bragh
Ireland Forever

The dishes are stacked on clay trays on a wicker charger
Another clay tray acts as a coaster for this pistachio nut muffin.

We'll be needin' some ale so we've brought along some pints to fill! 

Thank you for joining us at our
Picnic on the Green!

The Tablescaper

Bordallo Pinheiro White Grape Dinner Dishes
Bordallo Pinheiro Green Leaf Dish
Pier 1 Imports Olive Green Crackle Tumbler
Waterford Crystal Pilsners
Galvanized Tray- Local store- picnic garden area
Wicker Chargers- One King's Lane
Napkins & Shamrock wooden napkin rings- Etsy
Shamrock lace tablecloth- www.Irishshop.com
Green Tablecloth- BrightSettings.com
Leprechaun hat, gold coins- Michael's
Glitter shamrocks, small Irish signs- JoAnn Fabrics
Green moss- Hobby Lobby
Clay trays- local garden center


  1. Nice looking St. Patty's tablescape, Liz! Enjoy:)

  2. Liz! You out did yourself on this one - so charming!! Love everything - the tablecloth, the adorable Leprechauns, the clay trays.. Oh, the Leprechauns should give you their gold - you deserve a prize!!

  3. Love this, Liz! That tablecloth is exquisite -- perfect over the green cloth. And what a clever centerpiece! I like the way you've repeated the clay elements -- must remember that!

  4. So very cute and your story is perfect. Love your little Leprechauns and the tablecloth is wonderful with the clovers.

  5. Oh My, this is so cute! That tablecloth is a beauty and your center piece....ah, now I know where my little guy ran off to! Great table, Liz.

  6. So adorable, love all your St. Paddy's day items. xo

  7. That is such a cute centerpiece for your St. Patricks Day table. Hard to believe it will be here next Monday!

  8. I love your clever centerpiece with mischievous leprechauns Liz! The terra cotta mixed with your green and white dishes is so fun and would be great for a garden theme table too :)

  9. WOW!! This is an outstanding themed table. Your centerpiece is darling: I LOVE those sweet leprechauns (sure to put a smile on anyone's face at the table!) Your dish stack is so pretty, and I'd love the recipe for your pistachio muffins. Well done! Rosie @ The Magic Hutch

  10. The sweet lace tablecloth over the green tablecloth is a pretty background. Your darling leprechauns add so much to the centerpiece. The muffins sound so yummy. Have a delightful March 17th!


  11. Very lovely! I adore your centerpiece as well! The leprechauns are so cute!! ❤❤

  12. Your setting is very pretty and I love your napkins:@)

  13. Liz, that shamrock cloth over the green is gorgeous! I like your leprechauns much better than mine, and I love your Irish hat. The clay trays are a great idea. Such a pretty tablescape. Enjoyed your fun commentary too. laurie

  14. Sooo cute! I love it all. Especially the leprechauns -- the faces are so mischievous. The terra-cotta pieces are inspired -- gotta remember that one.

  15. I really love the centerpiece you made, Liz, and your leprechauns are too cute!

  16. The leprechauns seem right at home with your wonderful Bordallo Pinheiro pieces. Using the clay pieces is a great idea! Thanks for inviting us for a peek, and Happy St. Pat's Day! Cherry Kay

  17. Oh I love your centerpiece!! So cute!! I like the way you used the terra-cotta in your place setting along with the centerpiece!! Great table!! Have a great St. Patrick's Day!!

  18. You table looks so pretty and the centerpiece is the best! I love the two tiers the with most adorable Leprechauns! So different and creative :)

  19. Liz, you must be Irish! Love everything and those adorable Leprechauns! The centerpiece is darling.

  20. Rolling in fairy dust and drinking beer? I can see why those leprechauns have smiles on their faces. :) Cute, cute tablescape. Love your little leprechaun glen centerpiece. So creative! Happy St. Patrick's Day!

  21. Hi Liz,
    What a pretty tablecloth for your indoor picnic. Your centerpiece is so creative and fun with the little leprechaun fellas! Happy St. Patrick's Day!

  22. This is so cute with the creative centerpiece and the little Leprechauns! I like the name too! That cupcake looks yummy!

    Happy St. Patrick's Day!


  23. Liz, this is beyond cute! I adore all your special details, the little leprechauns in that darling centerpiece, the beautiful linens, that pistachio nut muffin (yum!), and the way you used the tera cotta trays. I'm going to pin some of these ideas. Happy St. Pat's Day!

  24. Such a fun table Liz. Love the little Leprechauns! The muffins look so very tasty!

  25. Wonderful table...love that centerpiece.

  26. So clever! I love how you used the clay pot trays in your tablescape!! I'm going to have to remember that. Your centerpiece is so cute!!

  27. Your centerpiece is so clever with the trays and stones and leprechauns tucked in, all with a giant St. Pattys hat! Of course your plate stack is brilliant too, I just love how you have mixed and matched textures, and your fun accented descriptions! Your muffin looks as good as any pot of gold!

  28. Oh so very beautiful!!...your centerpiece is stunning...I love the way you used large decorative items that are wonderful focal points of the table...I have a very special family member whose birthday is St. Patrick's Day, so thanks for the inspiration Liz!!!

  29. That's the most charming indoor picnic I've seen! So cheerful :)

  30. Very gun and creative, I love your tablecloth overlay, such a fun table.

  31. Oh, my goodness--this is gorgeous and delicious! I've got pistachios on the counter, so I'll be making your muffins today.

  32. This is such a charming table, Liz. I love the clay trays, makes it feel like you are eating outside. The centerpiece is so cute with the little tipsy Leprechauns dancing around.
    Have a wonderful week.

  33. Love your Leprechaun fairy garden centerpiece. What a fun table and so pretty and perfect for the holiday!
    Happy St. Paddy's Day!
    Miss Bloomers

  34. This is really neat, Liz! I love the pottery chargers mixed with the wicker. That really gives the setting a lot of depth and texture as well as color. Your centerpiece is GREAT! That must have taken a lot of work...and it paid off!!! I really like how the clay tray from the place settings is repeated in the centerpiece.

    The pistachio muffin is a great touch! Only you!!!!

  35. You've got the Irish all covered, but what I love is how you've used the terra cotta pots. Very clever, indeed. Are they like what you would put under a planter?

  36. What a cute St. Patrick's Day table, Lie. Love your centerpiece!...Christine

  37. Liz,
    Picnic on the Green. . .so~o~o inspiring and creative, dear friend!!!
    I love the use of clay saucers...especially the repition of the smaller one under the muffin!!!
    Thank you for sharing a bit of Irish fun with us today!!!

  38. I wish you could see the smile on my face right now! I love your little table with the Leprechaun Gardens….so flipping' cute! :D

    Your tablecloth is gorgeous. I'm embarrassed you saw my pitiful tablescape compared to yours! Now I'd like a muffin!!!


  39. Wonderful setting Liz...great post..
    Love, Mona

  40. You are a genius! I love the clay trays you used, and the tiny one holding the muffin is a wonderful repeat. I adore those white dinner plates. It's all so fun and beautiful!
    Kim @ Curtain Queen Creates

  41. Oh your centerpiece has me doing an Irish jig~ well done!

    Happy St. Patrick's Day weekend!

  42. Your tablescape for St. Patrick's is awesome! I love the table topper and all your dishes, but the centerpiece is simply fabulous dear Liz!!! You did great with your creation hon. Happy St. Patty's Day!

  43. Hi Liz! Love you table. The centerpiece is so much fun. Happy St. Patrick's Day!

  44. This is wonderful, Liz, just charming. I love the tablecloth and the napkin rings, and well, everything!
    Thanks so much for taking part in the 6th annual St. Pat's Bog Crawl! Slainte'!

  45. I, too, LOVE your shamrock tablecloth, Liz...what a treasure! You did a wonderful job of creating a proper Irish gathering. Your sunlit photos are tantalizing...I sure wish we would get some sun around here. I hate gloomy, cloudy days.
    Happy St. Patrick's Day!!

  46. Hi Liz, you have done an outstanding job with your St. Patrick's Day tablescape.....looks sooo Irish :) Love all the Irish touches: from the adorable leprechauns, the gorgeous Bordallo plates, down to the shamrock tablecloth..everything looks so pretty! I like how you used those clay saucers...love the idea:) Thanks for letting take a peek at your beautiful tablesetting!~hugs, Poppy


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