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March 18, 2014

I've got a Roo thing going on!

Shelia over at Note Songs just wrapped up her A Cow A Day series
that introduced us to her extensive cow creamer collection!
I don't have quite that kind of collection but it did get me to think about
the fact that in one small area I have several Roosters so here's my show and tell!

I forgot I owned this big red rooster.  Found it hiding in a closet so I decided to see if I could find it a home back in the kitchen again.  He came from Ebay many years ago.  It's made of all metal and it's on a sandstone base.  I think it was made to be an outside accent but I've always kept it indoors.

The rooster (down below) was to be an accent by a lamp near the kitchen but it turned out to not work there.  Then I thought... I'll put it up on top of the plate rack... but it's too tall for that!!  Darn... so now it's residing here on the bottom shelf of the little table.

I keep trying different things on the shelf.  I think this will always be
a design area in motion. 

 My Christmas Cactus resides here now instead of the kitchen
window. She grew too big for the windowsill and needed some elbow room!

 Several years ago I also got this rooster from a seller on Ebay it's made by Bordallo Pinheiro and was shipped from Portugal. He arrived
with a broken beak, but it was a clean break and after gluing
you'd never know.

 This metal rooster has been with me from the late 90's. 
Handcrafted from Mexico.  He's just kind of fun! 

He resides here on the little open shelves in the kitchen.
That's the "mans" spot at the bottom.... gotta have the
temp and all that stuff easily seen!  I've had a lot of different
things on these shelves in the 18 years that they've been there.
Gosh I can't believe it's been 18 years since we remodeled this house.

 I found the little cache pot in storage and the garden ball which fit in by the lamp nicely.  I've been trying to find something that could fit there better than the candle I initially had there as seen "here".

Funny how things you buy at different times can end up working with other items that you never intended to be together or realized that they could be some day.
That's another fun thing about shopping your house! 
 (I cheated and tried to black out the electric cord- I need a cord cover)

 This basket was over on that little table with the roosters.  It dawned on me recently that it would fit on this little mission table I've had kicking around for some years.  Now I need to think of something to put in it. Photo bomber Riley is nearby as you see!
 I guess I have a new project to fulfill!

Special Thanks once again to Linda from Life and Linda for giving my blog a new look.  I've been kind of a "kaleidoscope of ideas" with my blog for a while.  I knew I needed to settle down with something more permanent so we collaborated on this and I think we've come up with something I can stick with. 

Thank you again Linda- you are a real sweetheart!

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  1. Love your roosters, Liz. I have a few myself. My husband's grandfather raised roosters and shipped them all over the country. My collection is sort of a salute to his hard work.

  2. I think I need a metal rooster! Great collection :-)

  3. Liz, I just love your collection of roosters, and each one has such an interesting bio!
    I have a small collection myself-they remind me of my farming roots.
    I am hopping on over to your gardening blog and see what you have been up to-

  4. Awww, thank you Liz. Love the way your blog turned out! You are more than welcome.....Gotta love your roos. You do have quite a collection. It's amazing when we take a look around our house and what we find....Again, shopping our houses....LOL

  5. You've got a very nice collection of roosters. I used to have a lot of roosters when I decorated in a country French style. They are perfect for that d├ęcor!

  6. Hey, between your collection of roosters and Sheilas' collection of cows you gals could start a farm. lol xo Diana

  7. Liz,
    Your Roos are amazing, dear friend!!!
    I have one "hen" creamer that belonged to my beloved Mother~in~Law.
    Bad childhood memories on a day with my Grandparents and their farm
    keep chickens, hens and roosters out of most all of my decor.
    I noticed the changes in your blog lay~out. . .very nicely done, indeed!!!
    Here's wishing your warmer weather and the onset of Spring,!

  8. I'm a rooster lover too! You have a beautiful collection. Interested to see what you do with your basket!!

  9. Great collection, Liz. I have a lot of roosters too. I just love the color of the big blue vase, and the red rooster looks great next to it. laurie

  10. I have the same red rooster and I just love him. I only put him away during the Christmas season. You seem to have as much fun arranging your roosters as I do mine. I love the way you have them displayed.


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