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March 8, 2014

Crystal Blue Persuasion

Does anybody remember that song?  
I still have the 45 of it from when I was a tween!
I was curious about the song's meaning so I looked it up and found this interesting article if you want to read it "here" It wasn't about drugs as many had thought so I'm glad for that.  I'm including the song at the bottom of the link in case you are too young to know what song I'm referring to!
 So to get on with my title..... 
I looked out and saw this beautiful blue sky and ice encrusted branches of the beech tree and that song popped in my head.  

 God inspired

I saw a big floppy earned bunny out by the bird feeder a few days ago just before dawn.  I thought I'd snap a picture but the second I moved my eyes to turn on the camera he was gone!
I noticed a lot of activity out front by the blue spruce tree...Mr. Bunny is hiding out there and heading out back for his "bird seed dining".  It's been brutal this winter and I imagine a lot of critters are struggling.
I love seeing nature but I do worry about what kind of munching is going on under that snow on my plans, shrubs and trees. 
 The birds seem comfortable and enjoy the sun too
How deep is the snow?  Hmmm.....

YouTube video/song Crystal Blue Persuasion
Look over yonder- What do you see? -The sun is a'rising -Most definitely
A new day is coming, ooh, ooh - People are changing - Ain't it beautiful, ooh, ooh - Crystal blue persuasion
Better get ready - To see the light - Love, love is the answer, ooh ooh
- And that's all right

So don't you give up now, ooh ooh - So easy to find - Just look to your soul - And open your mind
Crystal blue persuasion, mmm, mmm - It's a new vibration - Crystal blue persuasion - Crystal blue persuasion
Maybe tomorrow - When he looks down - On every green field, ooh ooh
- And every town

All of his children - And every nation - They'll be peace and good brotherhood - Crystal blue persuasion, yeah Crystal blue persuasion, aha- Crystal blue persuasion, aha -Crystal blue persuasion, aha

I'm joining
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  1. Liz,
    Although the Winter has been brutal in many parts of the Mid~West,
    one can not look upon these photos and not be blessed, dear friend!!!
    We are so very pleased that our resident Spring 2013 baby bunny,
    affectionately named, "Pee Wee" is still with us here on the Prairie.
    He eats from the ground level bird feeder and hops up on the deck
    when he wants "Mr. Ed" to add more corn. . .or just to wink his brown eye!
    Spring can't be far away. . .
    but I agree it's going to take some serious sun shine to melt all that SNOW!!!
    Have a wonderful weekend!!!

  2. Hi, Liz

    I definitely remember this song and it's rather nice to hear it again. Every now and again I'll find a song playing in the back of my mind, one that somehow links to something I'd been thinking about. Your song is such an appropriate one for the beautiful blue skies in your photos this week. A little more "peace and good brotherhood" would be a fine thing.


  3. Liz, I most definitely remember this song! The sun shining on your snow looks so beautiful, but I'm hoping it all goes away for you soon! This has been a loooooong winter!

  4. Lovely photos celebrating the beauty of winter.

  5. Yes I remember the song, wonderful is the memories that go along with the time. Your sky pictures are a perfect match for the song, thanks for sharing it.

  6. I do remember the song and it is a wonderful match for your beautiful images ... a true winter wonderland!

  7. Pretty Liz, your pictures are gorgeous. Happy Sunday! XO, Liz

  8. Hi Liz, Oh yes, I remember the song. What gorgeous blue skies in your photos. I live in Georgia and we are having a very clear day today. It's nice to see the birds active in today's sunshine. I have enjoyed meeting you thru Sunlit Sunday. Wishing you a very nice week.

  9. Hi Liz,

    Although I'm not familiar with this song, I did have a listen and can understand why it came to your mind at the sight of that blue sky, pierced by bare branches that sprout from a snowy foundation below! What sparkle behind the trees - God's brilliance, bright and bold and present in all its splendour!

    Thanks so much for sharing! Have a lovely week!


  10. I do remember that song Liz. I guess I never really knew the words so mostly hummed along. :) Your photos are so pretty and the sky so blue. We have had gorgeous blue skies here for a week now too. The sun sure has a lot of power to it now and the snow is slowly going down but there's more snow on the way this week. I hope you have a blessed week.

  11. Do I remember that song? Ever since I read it in your post, I am humming it!! I am old...LOL and appreciate beautiful pix of which you have many!...Nice to meet you, Liz!...:)JP

  12. Liz, gorgeous photos. Although I know it's cold where you are, it looks so nice (and almost warm) with the brilliant sun and clear blue sky. Stay warm. Spring is almost (for real now) here.

  13. Your photos are beautiful, Liz, with all the white and blue tones of the snow and shadows. I remember that song although I didn't really know all of the words. Now it's in my head and won't leave!

  14. Though winter can be long and filled with challenge, it is also a time of beauty as your photos so clearly show.

  15. Beautiful pictures... God can create such masterpieces and even thought I am tired of the snow there are times I just sit and stare at the wonderful beauty winter brings.

  16. Amazing Ice Crystals! I actually said wow- out loud as I scrolled down!

  17. Lovely song on video, wonderfull fotos, greeting from Belgium


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