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April 28, 2013

Free At Last!

Shhhh..... don't tell the winter warden, 
but I've broken out !
I feel like the shackles of winter have finally been lifted.  Seeing some green..any green caused great joy in the inner spirit of this lady! 

First things first...lots of debris to be removed including the grasses and oak leaves that came down through the winter.

My hubby decided to try his shop-vac to vacuum out the tangled leaves and it worked quite well!  It's an usual approach but he was quite happy with how well it worked!

I was raking everything off the beds to get ahead of the plants that are starting to sprout up. Those oak leaves are tough...and they like to wait until winter before they drop so we always have them to clean up! 
Eventually he got the back pack leaf blower out and cleaned up all the bird seed leaves and dirt that seemed to have migrated all over the walkway and patio.

We've got rain coming Monday/Tuesday 
so we are rushing to get a few details 
out of the way.

The crocus have been popping up.  
This is out front.  The tulips and daffodils 
are coming out fast.  
These crocus were a part of an old garden that I removed years ago.  They just keep popping back up in random areas.  
This year they seemed quite strong.
We'll be cleaning out the leaves and dead plant material soon.  I'm just afraid to step in the wrong area!
My assignment today is to trim back the vine on this arbor .  It doesn't look like much but with the warmer temps it will be greening up real fast.

I hope you are enjoying some spring like weather too!

Here's a toe tapper for you to listen to!
It's a good day!

Thanks for visiting!!


  1. You've been a busy garden bee this weekend, it is shaping up nicely, Liz! Nighty night for now, sweet dreams! xo

  2. It's always nice to get all the clean up duty finished and be all ready for Spring. Sure been late this year.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  3. Liz,
    It won't be long before your garden with be all in bloom and filled with life again after it's long Winter sleep!


  4. Good to see the resilient crocuses.

  5. Excellent Liz to see the garden finally giving way to spring...it does feel good!

  6. How did I miss this blog?
    I absolutely surrender to the amazing garden I imagine from all the mayhem that Winter left behind.
    I hope by now you have your greens and colors abounding but it sure is striking to see the promisses of it when Winter gives a break.
    I'm thinking - when Summer ends - to have my gardens redesigned. When I moved to this house all was too overwhelming and when husband suggested we covered all in stone I loved him more than ever but now I have plenty of time and already know the place I live in - can't tell you how many flowers and trees had to die for me to learn :( - and I want REAL gardens.

    Let's see. Now, I'm going around this place picking this and that detail.

    You're an Artist. And an Inspiration. THANK YOU!


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