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April 10, 2013

Some things old, some things new....

After Easter passed I wanted to try something new on the mantel.
I spotted this picture and my hubby liked it so I took a chance and brought it home.  I was going to put in on the wall where we just put our Grandfather clock, but that would mean another move for the clock and hubby wasn't too excited about it........so I decided to try it up on the wall above the mantel.

 I took pieces from the room and tried a few
different ideas and finally landed on this.
I realize it's not your typical picture for a mantel 
but like I said I did have another spot in mind.

 A closer view...
(my ceiling fan is reflecting in it)

The spaniel dogs are off set from each other as
far as I could go and the two decorative orbs are
also offset, one way behind and one forward.  I 
kept the big green fern arrangement for color.

 I tied a tassel onto the French pedestal vase. 
I really like how it gave it a little style!
I had the tassels sitting on the dining table after 
we took down the tapestry that used to be
where the grandfather clock is now...it was setting
near the pedestal vase and my brain connected the
two!  The domino affect....I love it! 

   Down below is a large candle holder I found at
Ethan Allen on mark down for around $30...
 I've always wanted one of these types with
this shape and couldn't resist grabbing it
up when I was in their store.

 Speaking of deals at Ethan Allen....I went 
back a few days later and decided to scour
their clearance area and this lamp appeared.
It was $399 original (gasp) and I took it
home for around $85! 
 It has a really cool finish on it
 Good details and a real silk,  fully lined
lampshade!  I don't know if all the
Ethan Allen stores mark things down 
like this but I recommend looking!

  The decorative box has a hinged lid and I put 
all the remotes in it.  I bought this off of Ebay a 
month before I found the lamp but I thought 
they looked quite good next to each other.

Now what to do with the mirror that used to
be above the fireplace?

  I had hubby mount it above my small
accent table near the door.
 Those are the pussy willows I used for
the Easter Egg tree.

I decided to have some fun and tuck a few
pieces in the box that used to be
for the remotes.

 The little mirror used to be on the wall by the sconce candle holder.  
I set a candle in there that used to be on the sconce and the little sphere is covered with a world map that I hadn't found a home for.  
I have some antique looking keys (I need to find)
that may look good with this too.

 The olive green container holds magazines...I moved it over to the right 
and now I want to move it back to the left!  
Actually I have a chair that would fit there too but I need to get it 
dug out of storage. 
I think the mirror needs to come down a bit...
Does it ever end??
I hope not!!

It's fun to play and change things around.  
It's even more fun when you can pull it together with
things you already own!
So that's what I've been playing with!
From what I've seen in blog land we've all
been playing!

                                                I'm joining No Minimalist Here 
for the


Ivy and Elephants for


  1. I like what you've been playing with! Everything looks great!

  2. I like the picture above the mantel. It looks really good!

  3. I don't think that there are any "typical" things that you should hang above the mantel - if you like it - hang it there. And this looks especially good - especially with all the other pieces - and I love what you did with the mirror. I want to do some rearranging one of these days - still thinking. Lovely photos.

  4. It all looks so nice! I never think of Ethan Allen when I am looking for a bargain! Life to the full! Melissa

  5. Hi Liz, it all looks great! It is fun to use things from around the house of course, I don't always do that is why I have so much stuff.

  6. Beautiful Liz! What bargains at Ethan Allen, there is not one close to me or I'd be tempted to stop in! Love your hidden treasures in your box :)

  7. Liz, I love the new lppk of your mantles. Beautiful! But I really, really love the mirror over the small round table. It looks gorgeous in that space! Very pretty!

  8. Every time that I see a new mantel re-do, I cringe! That is definitely a place that I need to change more often. Your changes are so pretty - love those dogs! I cannot believe that you found such bargains at Ethan Allen - wow! That lamp is gorgeous.

  9. I love your mantel vignette, Liz! That print is great! Love those little dogs, too!

  10. You really have a talent for creating decorative vignettes, Liz! Your mantel is perfect, and I love your pretty table display. Have you tried leaving the box lid open? You have such lovely items inside... it looks like a treasure chest!
    ~ Wendi

  11. You really have a talent. It isn't only a case of finding the pieces and buying. You mingle and handle them like a Professional, which you really are since you're always testing and moving things around - not a dull day with you around ahahahah
    I like the mantel. I really do. And those dogs :dream:... But I absolute love the corner by the door. So much whimsy you created. I love it (bears saying it again): love the pig, love the tablecloth, the ark full of secrets and values...
    Dying of envy here! Spring hasn't arrived so not in the mood to change things around. Want to go to the garden first...
    I love the colors you decorate your home with... so elegant and soothing.
    Thank you for sharing and inspiring,

    (stupid question: are pussy willows natural? what I mean is, do you put them in water? because they decor lovely even out of the holiday season. Jolly Good looking. Happy. Fun.)

  12. Hi Liz! Oh, I love your mantel and your new picture looks lovely in the niche. I collect these doggies and have some very similar to yours. Every thing always looks so pretty at your house.
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  13. Your mantle looks great! Love your new picture. Thanks for stopping by. Good luck putting your egg back together. Let me know how that goes.

  14. Liz, love the mantel and I am in awe of all of your beautiful decorative boxes...and heart, heart the french pedestal vase!!....
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  15. Liz,
    Your mantle is exquisite, dear friend!!!
    That print is magnificent!!!
    I love where you put the mirror!!!
    I've been looking for a lamp for the living room...
    and your new one from Ethan Allen is gorgeous!!!
    The box is elegant and I love it when we can tuck things out of view!
    Have a wonderful weekend, ahead!

  16. Liz, it looks beautiful...what a great find at Ethan Allen! Your home is just lovely!

  17. Hi Liz, You do a beautiful job decorating your home! Your mantle display is lovely and the lamp was a great deal. Thanks for linking to the Open House party.

  18. No, it never, ever ends!!! As long as there are things IN a house, you will be rearranging them! :-) :-) :-) You do SUCH a great job with your mantel. I'm always impressed with what you design on there. Same with the area by the entry door.


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