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April 12, 2013

A quick chair side story....

Ahh, a nearly forgotten chair
Several years ago a little secretary desk sat in this spot.  I needed a chair for it so I ordered one with legs to be stained the same color as the desk.
 I had curtains made for the slider door by the kitchen table that's just off to the right of this area and the
fabric came from Ballard Designs.  
I had the same material sent to the manufacturer that was making the chair and they used my fabric.

Since I had my new office desk the little secretary desk went into storage 
along with the chair. 
I basically forgot all about it until recently!
 This round table took it's place and has been a lot more fun to decorate and offers hidden storage underneath!   
You weren't expecting that 
were you!  It's another Ballard item. 
 So that's my chair side story! 
 Thank you for visiting!


  1. It's a great little chair Liz. Love the table and the table cloth too. Hope you have a good weekend!

  2. I love the chair, it is fabulous. I have a round table with legs in the LR and I hide some of my cloches under the cloth. They are nice and safe there. Yours looks beautiful. Hugs, Marty

  3. Liz,
    What exquisite fabric for your chair!
    My mother~in~law had a unique table in her bedroom
    that always had a tablecloth over it. When she passed
    away, I was amazed at all the things she had stored beneath it!
    Cute post, dear friend!!!

  4. Ohhh pretty chair - how nice to discover that you can use something you already have. Love the hidden storage too.

  5. I have a table just like that and do the same thing: store goodies underneath! I LOOOOVE that fabric and am glad you brought the chair back. Very pretty vignette, Liz! XO, Pinky

  6. Wow, Liz - I wish I had a stash of things that look as great, as that chair! How pretty and it fits in perfectly. I do love those round tables that allow for hidden storage - we all have to think about that, when we buy furniture!

  7. LOL- My motto is -if it's got a cloth over it stuff something under it! Perfect use for that table. I used to stuff SALE ITEMS under a table for a few days until I could "sneak" them into the house---and then I could honestly say to the hubby...Oh- This OLD thing? I've had it for quite a while..... Love your chair, Liz. I had a similar one with that same shape. Someone told me it was a boudoir chair. xo Diana

  8. How could you POSSIBLY have forgotten something that pretty?!?!??!! I love the fabric and the the shapeliness of the chair! It's channeling a little Betty Grable with those legs, too! What a great addition to the entryway!

  9. Beautiful chair. Love your vignette too. Everything looks fabulous!!

  10. Great looking chair and I love the fabric. LOL I have a similar table which I hide things under, too.

  11. I love seeing all that great stuff you had stashed under the tablecloth and what a great little chair that is. Quite the accent! That little piggy next to the table is super cute.

  12. Love the chair! It's quite pretty. Have a lovely Sunday.


  13. Such a beautiful chair. I have always admired that style. You couldn't have a picked a better one. Beautiful fabric too. Enjoy your Sunday.

  14. Thanks for stopping by. The one thing I like about blogging is making something for nothing. I love the chair. My home is stuck in the 80's but is comfy for me.The rocker I got at a garage sale for 5 dollars.

  15. beautiful foyer Liz....Following you now...Christine from Little Brags

  16. How cute! You cheat...never thought about doing that for storage..great!


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