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June 20, 2012

Whimsical Cottage Gardening......

Welcome to my 2nd tour of yet another wonderful garden!
Barbara's gardens are located near Hendersonville in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina.

She loves English style Cottage Gardens
with fairytale whimsy.

Let's take the tour!

Her Garden Lady is here to greet you...
won't you join us!
Look closely at the details...her 
face is made with a shovel painted pink... 
She's a very creative person!

A sense of whimsy and enchantment are felt throughout her gardens...

She calls this her Bee Shed where she stores her bee yard equipment...She's created a theme around Winnie the Pooh- hence the bell and"Mr. Sanders" sign over the door!

 Notice the chair that has been "potted"!
Let's peek in! 
 Pooh Bear and bee related items...
How fun!

 These are her beehives that have to be protected by an electric fence because of the bears!  Yes the bears!! 

Lots of cottage flowers casually flow together 
Jolly Bee Cranesbill, Happy Returns Lily, native Sunflowers and Ferns

These are a "rustled rambler" Rose.  She was able to get some starters from a group of very old roses nearby that a neighbor had planted long before she was born.

 Foxgloves popping up along with peonies, and Lemon Lilies

What a great shot...so storybook like!
 I went to BeFunky.com 
and used the "cartoonizer" feature 
to give it a more illustrated look...

 Things along the way...
 An old hot wheels bike with a 
reclaimed metal basket planted with flowers!

Her touch of whimsy shows up in many places! 
An old tree stump that serves as one of her Fairy Gardens

 This is an old iron child's crib she 
turned into another fairy garden... 
Her creative use of re-purposed items is inspiring!
See the adorable thimble and the old silver spoon! 

The Tool Shed
Her Endless Summer Hydrangeas looking marvelous! She has the highly acidic soil that gives her the advantage of that wonderful blue coloring so desired in the hydrangeas!
 A brief glimpse inside the tool shed...
The basics for gardening!

Crickhollow Cottage
This little cottage is the cutest thing! Notice all the details with the scalloped edge, shutters, fencing and the trellis! 

Lets take a peek inside!
 This is a potting bench made from
 an old galvanized baking center 
with a butcher block top salvaged
from a local school.
 Notice too the hand painted floor! 

She has the Queen Elizabeth Grandiflora rose like I do! 
Looks like some Little Princess Spirea too!



Ding dong the witch is dead...
  Crickhollow also serves as Santa's workshop at Christmas time!  This was a couple of winter's ago when they actually got snow!
Santa's clothes needed freshening up too!
 One of my favorite shots...Foxgloves are truly an enchanting plant! Have you ever watched a bee go up inside one of their flowers!  Love it!
 Caladiums, Polka Dot Plant and Iresene (or Bloodleaf)

  What a pretty walkway by the house!
There sure is a lot of work and love that have gone into all of this!  This kind of gardening and yard elements take time 
to develop, but that's part of the fun!

Well, I'm afraid the tour is over
but please
 Say Hello to Barbara!
  What a beautiful setting!

Isn't this a fun place!
I hope you enjoyed this peek into Barbara's gardens! 

It's fun to see some of the creative things people can do with their yards.  Just painting a tool shed can bring new life to your yard!  
I have a shed I'd love to adopt to put my garden bench and supplies in like hers!  I've even seen some with a little chandelier in them that I thought were adorable!  We all have a little nook we can create in...even if it's only a flower pot one can turn it into a bit of fun with some whimsy!  I've seen some adorable fairy gardens in very tiny places!

I love hearing your comments and I'm sure Barbara will too!

Please join me at the following parties
that I will be joining:

 Have a Daily Cup of Mrs. Olson 

Fishtail Cottage for the

Delightsome Life


  1. Wow!!! Another affirmation of how creative Barbara is. I only wish the inside of my shed was half as neat as hers and the flowers are just stunning. I think her crib fairy garden has always been my favorite though. You must have been in heaven the last week or so in your gardens with as nice as our weather has been Barbara!!! Love love love your gardens.

    1. Thanks, Tess! Following after your gorgeous gardens is quite a compliment and a high benchmark to aim for. The weather has been great and I have been out taking advantage of it for sure. The heat is about to put a halt to some of my more strenuous endeavors for a few days, though.

  2. Liz, you have some friends with the most fantastic gardens. And you know all the names of dozens of plants. I am really enjoying these tours. I get lots of ideas. One of these days I might try one or two of them. xo

  3. I love a whimsical touch to gardens and your friend Barbara has created a special place with her sheds and colourful blooms. Thanks for the tour.

  4. What a wonderful place to get lost in all that garden wonderfulness!!! Barbara's Bee House and Potting Shed are totally to die for ... my mouth is hanging open in amazement as I type this. Thank you for sharing this with us.

  5. Dear Liz, I'm so grateful for your sweet compliment of including my garden in your blog. Thanks to your readers as well for the kind comments. You're making me blush :o) We live off the "beaten path" as you might see from the last pic, and don't get many visitors, so I love sharing our place through pictures. I also have to give a lot of credit to my sweet and brilliant hubby, who helps me bring my vision to life with the little cottages and other structures. I tell everyone that he's the brains and I'm the brawn of the team.

    1. Barbara, I forgot to give mention about your hubby- I know he's an important part of a lot of your projects!

  6. What a wonderful place! Barbara has really created a beautiful and whimsical garden. I would love to live in that part of NC. Been looking at some property online. I love Barbara's little fairy garden. My grandfather had one in his backyard and I remember it well. Would love to have a neighbor like her!(and you, too Liz)

  7. Another gorgeous garden for us to drool over !!!! I'm deadly allergic to bees, but that bee cottage is just adorable - even to me!!!!! I'm in love with all the tiny out buildings and might just swipe the idea of hanging Santa's clothes out on a line : D

    Thanks for sharing,

  8. Beautiful garden to take in. so many lovely places and the pink cottage is adorable. It's difficult to choose a favorite. The fairy garden is so darn cute. Thanks for sharing yet another lovely garden.

  9. What a wonderfully, enchanting space! Barbara is so wonderfully creative! I love how she changes the look with the seasons and holidays. How fun! Thanks so much for sharing!

  10. The garden is gorgeous! Almost like a fairy tale. . .

  11. Wow! What a totally charming and lovely environment! I can appreciate the work and the expense that goes into such an endeavor. She could probably sell tickets!

  12. Well, I really enjoyed this wonderful tour. What a pretty yard. Just my style. Cute, cute, cute.

  13. I am pretty much speechless on this one! Goodness gracious, there are SO MANY cool details all around! Of course, the flowers are exquisite! The grounds look almost liek a movie set!!! I do not have that green thumb like so many do, and I am always happy to see beautiful gardens and dream! Barbara is VERY imaginative, and I think that fairyland tree stump is just the most creative thing ever!!! We have a tree named Big Bertha in our yard with a body just about that size. Poor Bertha is, however, breathing her last breaths and will probably have to be put to sleep in the next couple of years. What Barbara has done with this stump gives me wonderful ideas on how to preserve Bertha's memore and still not get in trouble with our very picky HOA! :-) Barbara is VERY brave to have those bear magnets out there! :-) I'd be freaked out if I saw a bear (Winnie the Pooh excepted!) in my yard!!! So cool, though, to keep bees! I LOVE the Garden Lady!!! I'm going to forward this link to my friend, Sheri, who just loves flowers and fairies and whimsical stuff. She'll enjoy this even more that me...if that's possible!!!

  14. Wow, such a beautiful garden and each images of your flowers and the darling cottage is just gorgeous. Love the fairy too.

  15. Liz,

    Thanks for coming by my blog.

    What a lovely garden you have featured here. I particularly like the shed. It is so sweet. And I like the fairy garden as well.


  16. Goodness what a lovely garden and a kindred spirit as I am a beekeeper also! A friend emailed me this link knowing I would love it and she was right!! Please thank Barbara for letting you show off her lovely gardens! does she have a blog?

    I am following you now also to see more loveliness!

    bee blessed

    1. Thank-you for coming by! I will let Barbara know. No she doesn't have a blog but I think she could offer a lot if she did!

    2. Mary Ellen, I'm happy to meet a fellow beekeeper and gardener. I've been keeping bees about 5 years and still feel like a newbee. They're great for the garden, fascinating to learn about, and the honey's nice too! I appreciate your comments, and I've thought about starting a blog....but decided I didn't have time to do that and everything else I enjoy doing. Maybe someday!

  17. I loved the tour and wanted to stay forever :) Alycia sent me the link, knowing that I would fall in love. I love faeries and was so impressed with the tree stump faerie garden and the baby crib garden with the thimble and silver spoon. The flowers were simply gorgeous and the garden sheds were precious. I would love to be able to sit amongst all of the beauty,relax and drift away. The time, creativity and love that was put into the garden is amazing. Thank you for sharing the beauty and thank you Alycia for knowing that I would fall in love. :)


    1. That's great Sheri! Thanks for stopping by and I'm so glad you liked it!

    2. Sheri, I'm so happy that you enjoyed the tour. I do have fun with the garden whimsy. It keeps me young! I keep trying to get myself to relax and "drift away" on my hammock, but I always see weeds that need pulling or think of a million other things I need to do.

  18. Wow...Saying "thanks" for all of your sweet remarks doesn't begin to convey how much I appreciate ya'll! After some recent gardening challenges that have left me saying "Why do I even bother?", your enthusiasm has re-energized me to face the voracious voles, rapscallion raccoons, bad bugs and wily weeds. I wish I could share with all of you the beauty I enjoyed tonight of fireflies flickering in the dusk and the smell of the honeysuckle and fresh-cut grass. I do love opening the garden to others, even if only through pictures. Thanks for strolling through with me and thanks especially to Liz for introducing me to you all.

  19. Inspiration and smiles abound here! Love every nook and cranny.

  20. What a magical place! Thanks for sharing the beautiful pictures.

  21. Oh my! This is one of the most charming gardens I have ever seen. The attention to detail and Barbara's creative talents are inspiring. I've always wanted a garden cottage in the back yard, unfortunately living in Southern California the lots of most homes are too small for such a structure. Thanks for the tour, the flowers that I recognize as compatible with our planting zone seem to grow bigger and better in your neck of the woods. :-)

  22. What a whimsical garden! I have a garden tour with a fairy garden on my post today! I especially love the stump fairy garden on your post. What a lovely, enchanted tour. Thanks for sharing! di

  23. Thank you, thank you for the wonderful garden tour of your friend! I've spent quite a bit of time looking at all the pictures. I love her gardening lady. I'd like to try making one for myself! Darling tiny shed and gorgeous flowers. Happy weekend to you.

  24. Thanks for stopping by to say hello!!! I love both your blogs!!! I struggle with the a 50/30 thing everyday...I don't think I'll ever get used to accepting some limitations but accept we must ;)

  25. What an absolutely charming garden. There is so much to see, and all of it perfectly beautiful--thank you so much for sharing it with us, and have a wonderful weekend!

  26. Magical. The flowers do look like something you would see illustrated in a book -- beauty beyond words. And the little cottages are so sweet. How lucky for Santa to have such an inspiring location for his workshop.

    Visiting from Share Your Cup Thursday. Debra

  27. such an adorable little house! i would love to have one of those for myself (someday)...thanks so much for linking up to this weeks garden party over here at Fishtail Cottage! love looking around at the participants tonight! (finally just got my own post up) lol xoox, tracie

  28. My dear ,good morning
    I am the younger following. I found from the wonderful PARTY Fishtail Cottage ... I think you are in paradise. Hard work great results !!!!

  29. Liz,
    Thanks so much for sharing this magnificent Garden with us!!

    It is a sheer delight! Full of so much eye candy and inspiration!
    I am totally in love with the sweet cottage with the CrickHollow Cottage being my very favorite!! Those are the colors of my Craft and Sewing Room! And the pic of it at Christmas is spectacular!!

    PLEASE tell Barb that she is a true Garden Artist!!
    I would absolutely see her gardens in person but this is definitely the next best thing!!

    Thanks so much for sharing! I loved it!


  30. Should I wipe the drool off my face now? lol! Seriously, this is my kind of garden. Cottage gardening is my favorite style. I love when flowers mingle together. Foxgloves are one of my favorites and hers are gorgeous. Love, love her out buildings and fairy gardens. The one under the large tree stump was just fabulous! So happy to meet Barbara. She is one terrific gardener. Thanks for sharing this with Share Your Cup.

  31. I absolutely love tese pis! Even though Barbara was a supervisor for me before she retired, I have never seen her gardens in person. Thanks for sharing with many others her wonderful talent! She certainly was blessed with a creative touch!!!! Robbie

  32. What a fun and beautiful garden!

  33. That was a beautiful tour! I loved the "Witch is dead" boots under the shed! The flowers are gorgeous...I happen to love foxglove as well...well, I really love all the flowers. Who am I kidding!? Thanks for visiting my cactus and flower parade posting and your sweet comments! xo wendy

  34. OH my goodness! I am just enjoying these pictures sooo much! Gorgeous, pretty and beautiful! I'm your newest follower!
    Thanks for sharing this amazing garden and those garden sheds are awesome!
    Miss Bloomers

  35. WOW!! What a wonderful place. Thanks for the tour.

  36. Absolutely LOVING this garden! I'll probably pin each and every picture! So much attention and care taken with generous doses of whimsy...making me want to run out to my garden right now! Your post will be featured tonight in my Home and Garden Thursday post - thank you for sharing,

  37. I appreciate every one of you and your sweet comments. I hope that you all have a happy place that gives you as much joy as my garden and our mountain "hollow" does for me.

  38. Je découvre grâce à Kathy un très joli blog où j'ai eu beaucoup de plaisir à me promener...
    Un monde enchanté dans lequel je reviendrai volontiers me perdre le temps de vos publications.

    Gros bisous

  39. WOW!!! My soul has been blessed by all this beauty and creativity. Love all of it!!

  40. Liz, Thank you so much for posting these gorgeous pix of Barb's garden. I first saw her yard and grounds when we all used to post on HGTV's rate-my-space's website years ago! I fell so in love with her adorable yard, pink crickhollow shed, and ''fairy village in her vintage baby crib", that she invted me up to see them in person anytime. Of course, i'd never been to that area, and never made it, and put that on the back burner. As the irony of life goes, my youngest actually moved up to Asheville, and so in recent years, i have been up to the area. How lovely it is up there, cool fresh air and mountain streams and little waterfalls, so enchanting! Barbara's yard reflects that feeling so beautifully. I"ve never seen it, but one of my friends brougt up ''fairy houses" to me lst night, and like i always do, i say 'oh there is a lady up in Asheville who has the most ADORABLE fairy village she made in a crib, and her entire yard is so unbelievably adorable!'...and so i googled so i could find pix of it to show her, and found your blog post from 2012. Thank you!.....~ Susie <3

  41. for the record I remembered it was "Faery Hollow", from the years we all used to hang out and post on HGTV's website, but that reaped nothing...neither did adding ''shed, pink, fairy''...so the google search that got me to you was 4 words "pink, shed, blog " and like maybe ''north carolina'' or ''fairy'' i forget, but ''faery hollow" and ''crick hollow'' didn't get me anything....just so you know how i found your 20112 post today....~ susie


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