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June 21, 2012

Simple Things Mean A Lot To Me!

It's the simple things that mean a lot to me!

Seeing flowers come to bloom and catching a glimpse of my little girl statue....

Seeing the beauty of a rose up close.....

Finding a flower on the Sweet Potato Vine that I didn't even know produced flowers!

Looking at this cute fairy sitting in a pottery piece....

Admiring the flower of the Allium....

Little glimpses of my fairy garden....

Putting these pictures together in a cluster I never imagined....
The larger picture was a gift from my son several years ago.  It's from Charleston, S.C....it's called the White Points Garden gazebo and is used for weddings quite frequently these days! I guess it's right in the historic district.  I'll have to get there one of these days and see it in person!
The two pictures above are of some lavender fields set in a very French scene that I've had for a while.  I've been moving things around and these came together quite by accident!  The frames ended up working together nicely and both pictures have the lavender color in them!  

I'm sure you agree, it's the simple things that can turn out to mean the most!

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  1. I'm totally agree with your sentiments Liz. I am often in awe just walking around our garden.What a special gift from your son. You definitely need to see Charleston(and Savannah) some day soon. You should plan a trip in April when the Azaleas are blooming. Those two cities are full of gardens and great architecture.

  2. Love the little girl statue! Your garden is lovely! Yes, simple things are the best! Visiting from A Delightsome Life.

  3. So true. I love such tiny simple things, and they do mean to much. Great post. Hugs, Marty

  4. Great sentiments Liz. Sometimes we all get caught up in the moment and forget to smell the roses. Love your little girl statue...your garden is lovely. Your pictures look fabulous.

  5. You couldn't be more right! The simple things mean so much in this life. Your flowers are gorgeous, especially that allium. (Is that technically an onion or flower or both? Hmmmmmm...) You have "the touch" when it comes to gardening! Beautiful arrangement of art on the wall. They work well together. You just never know, do ya? :-)

  6. You have such pretty garden you want to be there all day and day dream! Yes, I love to simple things in life too, like the home and things for it's embelishment and I love the "smell" the roses, as I get older I do it more often. I'm not interested in clothing or jewels as much as flowers, the home and family, as you are dearest Liz. Thanks for your visit, it always leaves a smile in my face. Hugs,

  7. Hi Liz! I so agree with you about enjoying the simple things. We must appreciate each day God has given us!
    Lovely snaps too.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  8. I love the simple things too. You have some beautiful ones to enjoy.

  9. The simple things are what make life good. Your flowers are lovely :)

  10. Your blooms and garden statues are so lovely. A joy to explore!

    Visiting from Share Your Cup Thursday.

  11. Love your garden!! And I had no idea that sweet potato vines produced flowers!!

  12. Liz, yes I definately agree. Your garden and flowers are beautiful. Just a single bloom brings me such joy. I have to tell you, three years ago hubby and I vacationed in Charleston. I brought home a picture of my favorite home I saw while wandering the streets. I think it looks very similar to yours. Wonder if it came from the same place. Thanks for sharing with Share Your Cup.

  13. I agree, Liz, simple things are the best. Your plants are looking great...love your fairy garden. It really speaks to my inner child. :) The allium is so pretty, too, and I don't remember ever seeing a sweet potato vine bloom, either. Thanks for sharing your garden. Hope you have a great week, Hugs, Babs

  14. Love your garden!!! What beautiful little treasures tucked in! I especially love the fairy garden! I am your newest follower!

  15. It is the simple thngs that are the best! I am like you I never knew the sweet potato vine bloomed-it's lovely!

  16. Your garden is orgeous dear Liz, I love to come by and see this beauty! Love the statue hidden around the beautiful blooms you have...summer is a pretty and happy time of year! I didn't know about the sweet potato bloom, just found out, so thanks for sharing and for your great visit, it always make me smile! Hugs,

  17. Very beautiful Liz!~ I can see why your gardens are so sentimental to you. You are very much like my Mom in that regards. I think they are like her therapy and relaxation. For me, they are just the opposite, I get anxiety looking at my dead plants LOL!~ Hey we all have our own thing.

  18. I totally agree and what a lovely post. Your Allium is stunning. Is it hard to grow? I really don't have anywhere that gets full sun.


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