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June 14, 2012

Flag Day and Potting Bench

While visiting the blog of  
Bab's @ Upstairs Downstairs 
and seeing her posting about her potting bench I was prompted to go ahead and show mine.  
See the lattice...yep I need that to make mine look a little cuter and to give it more clarity against my bland unfinished garage wall!
 Warning.. mine is not as cute and charming but I did get an idea to add to mine from hers.
I did warn you!! LOL.... I was going to go for a more muted look but when I went to the garage with paint samples I felt I needed something charged up with color!
 This past weekend Dan offered to paint the old bench for me.  It had been pale blue for years and was stained and marked up.  Of course I said yes!
 Didn't he do a great job! It's called "crushed berries" by Valspar from Lowe's.  I think we could safely call it "fuschia"
 Backing up to before he painted it, this is what it looked like.
Hopefully you can see some improvement here!
I even bought a vinyl runner to put on the newly painted surface so it won't get scratched and soiled as easily.  Our bird seed is kept in the metal containers that you see on the right.
I invested in some plastic containers to store the myriad of things I have which include parts for hoses, string, fertilizers, and craft/fairy garden related items!
The ring binder/book is my catalog of things I have in the garden and yard.  I find it safer to keep information on the plants and trees I've bought rather than relying on my swiss cheese brain!
 I was trying to arrange the shelf area in a sort of  country store look....the flags are in a mason jar that I set inside the pot.
The cocker spaniel was a gift some years ago when I still had a cocker spaniel.  My heart still aches a bit and I miss my little Dolly.   The picture set on the terracotta piece is one of a pair I printed and put in a couple of inexpensive frames.  One is of a potting bench and the other is of a shed with a wheel barrow 
called "Old Friend"
When I get the lattice up I will use it to hang these pictures...
 Some pieces I picked up at T.J. Maxx and still haven't given them a purpose.  They at empty inside and could be used for a plant, or candle I suppose!  I did stick on in there but that's as far as I got!

I have old garden art and new, sometimes I keep things out of sentiment...
It's not beautiful by any  means, but it's real functional and that's what I need.  Truthfully though I end up potting things outside because I have some rather large pots that I fill.  I put my dirt in a wheel barrow and move around to each spot to plant. 

I would love it if you stopped by my Garden blog- Sit With Me In My Garden
and paid a visit too! I just did a feature on a friend's garden that is amazing! 

Thanks for visiting and I hope you have a great day on this beautiful summer like Flag Day!


  1. Your potting bench looks great painted pink! It really stands out. It's nice you have a little space out in the garage.

  2. What a cute potting bench! Love the bright color :)

  3. Hi lovely lady.
    Your Hubby did a great job !! I love the color also !!! Liz you did a great job putting this all together!!!! I love your potting bench!!!!
    XXOO Diane

  4. When you think about it, this is a perfect color to spice up the garage and make it more visible and in line with the color of flowers. Very wise woman you are!!! I need to paint a lot of stuff bright in our garage so Ramon will quit running into it with his car!

  5. It's a wow color. Nothing like a bright color to make you happy. It looks terrific and you are all organized.

  6. Well, that bright color would sure cheer anyone up on a blah day! My work table is even worse than your before pic. But, like you said, functional:) XO, Pinky

  7. Hi Liz, the color is so darn cute. I don't think I would've been that daring, but it really makes a statement. My potting bench is outside up against the house. It'd a dark green stain. A neighbor make it for me years ago. Thinking I need to brighten it up. Maybe turquoise.

  8. I love the color of your potting table! You are so so organized Liz, I am always impressed by that. I also had a cocker spaniel, a male named Buffy, when I was a young girl. I cried for days when he left us. I still think of that dog. xo

  9. Liz, Love that color, and I'm glad you did close-up photos. I love seeing all the "details"...how sweet to have the little cocker spaniel figure for sweet rememberances. Thanks for the "shout out". You're so sweet.

  10. Awesome - if that color does not inspire you to plant a colorful garden, I do not know what it would take. Great job! Wish I had one (except that I do not garden - lol!).

  11. Your potting bench is beautiful. I love the color and how you have it arranged.

    The flags in the mason jar is a great idea, that I am going to borrow.

  12. You don't have a swiss cheese brain! I love love love the fushia potting bench and you are so organized! I'm envious. I'm going get myself organized one day - right now I'm lucky to have a corner of the garden shed to pile my stuff up in!!!

  13. Looking cute Liz! I have said for awhile I need a potting bench too.

  14. Can't think of anything better than a pink potting bench. :o) I think it's wonderful and I'm totally jealous! Thanks for finding me at WordPress.

  15. Wow. I love what you (and your husband) did with the potting bench. It looks fantastic! It's such a great colour and looks really interesting and cheerful sitting there.


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