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June 8, 2012

Call me Iris!

I'm joining 
Have a Daily Cup from Mrs. Olson 
for her 
We're sharing whatever makes us happy this week and my happiness is all about my gardening- and particularly about my Siberian Iris and my fairy statue.  
I lucked out and caught the lighting just right and snapped a few pictures that made me so happy!  
Excuse my enthusiasm but after the long winters here in northern Michigan I sure get wound up with every detail!
I posted a picture on my Facebook page and said I think I need to name my statue...and asked for any input!  One suggestion (Thank-you Tess!) was for "Iris" and of course I was sold immediately!!  
 Iris has stood in my garden for 3 years now.
I would like to figure out how to make her a water feature too! There is a hole in the bottom of her flower that suggests a great spot to connect! I need to get these brilliant ideas much earlier in the spring so I don't disturb everything growing. I'll have to wait on this one!
It's convenient to name her Iris when she's sitting amongst my Siberian Iris's, but I do love the name and being a fairy it seems like a perfect name for her! 
She graces my garden and my flowers grace her!
I have impatiens planted in and around this area and in a few weeks they should be filling out and adding a nice pop of color!

The other thing this week that makes me squeak with joy are the peonies!
I had to bring one in and the fragrance blows me away!  I have to get out and take more pictures!  Everyday more flowers open up and there is always one prettier than the other!
Have a great day and thanks for visiting!

Incidentally I ordered my fairy statue from a company called Garden Creations out of New Jersey that sells Massarelli's statues which are made locally in NJ. I was thrilled to find something made in the U.S. and that can hold up in all the seasons! You can pick the color you want too! They have tons of statues, fountains, urns etc., it's fun to see all they offer.   


  1. Iris' home is gorgeous. I'd be happy to live there for three years! :)
    She would be AWESOME as a water feature. I'll be a wee bit jealous when you get her up and running.

  2. Iris is so beautiful, and so are your flowers. You have a magnificent garden, Liz. xo

  3. Your garden is gorgeous Liz! And Iris certainly makes it a calm and serene place to relax. I'll get there for a glass of tea just as soon as I can.

  4. What a beautiful garden you have. I love all the green and how lush even with shade. That is a sign of a real gardener.

  5. You have provided your statue with a fine setting.

  6. I will come sit in your garden anytime Liz.
    It is so beautiful and Iris sets the stage. Love your poem God's garden.

  7. Liz, your garden looks beautiful, I love your little Iris she is a show stopper!! BTW the Cottage part of our blog is near you we are up in Charlevoix, the Broome part is in NYC. Thanks so much for stopping by, Laura (will be a new follower, hope you will stop back by)

  8. Hi Liz, oh thank you for linking this beautiful post. I love your statue and Iris is the perfect name. You are so right, your plantings compliment her and she them. I would love to find a sweet fairy similar to yours.
    p.s. Love the peony also

  9. Liz,

    Your Iris statue is so precious and I love your shade garden! You have such a wonderful variety of hostas. Enjoy your beautiful irises and peonies.

  10. Your garden is so beautiful Liz! I wish you lived in my neighborhood and we could visit each others gardens! You could definitely give me some pointers in mine!

  11. Liz, your garden is beautiful! I would NEVER want to leave! Your photographs are beautiful too...good job!

  12. Hi Liz, I just wanted to hop over and let you know that I will be featuring Iris, and you of course on Share Your Cup later today.

  13. Your garden is absolutely beautiful and seems like a perfect home for Iris. Have a wonderful weekend.


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