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June 13, 2012

Gardening with Tess!

I have a friend in the beautiful state of Virginia.  
Tess lives a bit south of Richmond and has a lovely home on generously sized lot that she and her hubby have turned into a gracious, almost park like setting 
I asked her if she wouldn't mind my sharing her gardens with my blog friends and thankfully she said yes! 
The magic for Tess begins in late March early April. 
As you can see she has an striking display 
of Dogwoods,  Azaleas and Rhododendrons!  
The property has very acidic soil, which really helps 
with their intense coloring.  I'm so jealous!  
Our winters are a bit too harsh and I had very
poor luck with Azaleas and Rhododendrons.
I threw in the towel on them (Or should I say shovel)!

This is a large island out front of their home 
that I'm certain wows everybody that goes by!  

This year some of the neighborhood teens going to prom asked 
to have their photographs taken with this as their backdrop!  

Right after that her Peonies and Iris were in their
glory.  I love her Helleri Hollies and how perfect their shape is!  
Did I mention how meticulous Tess is?  
I see a Clematis climbing the light post too!
At the end of the driveway you can see her Orange Harvest Iris 
like the ones I have, and recently posted about.  
We both ordered them 3 years ago and this year was their best for both of us!

A stand of mature trees offers some beautiful shade
as summer climbs in. 
A recent photo deep in the back where she can view all her  gardens and relax in the shade.  I can imagine sitting here and dreaming about what I want to do next!  I'm always thinking of ways to improve what I've done!  There isn't much reason to improve here, but that's part of the fun...what can I do next!

The Blues....
I have to display a few of these pictures which show off her Endless Summer Hydrangeas that are in full bloom right now!  I've (jokingly) accused her of using spray paint, but again that natural acidic soil they have plays a major roll in the intense blue color she gets!
See what I mean!!  Seriously who gets such blue hydrangeas!  Not me!  
I've added the trick ingredients but mine never quite look this color!
  Isn't she a lucky lady!  Of course it has nothing to do with her obvious 
gardening talent and all the time she puts into it!  

She is also lucky enough to have Impatiens that come back on their own every year.  Of course a bird bath is a necessary element in every garden if you want to enjoy the birds.

She does have one big problem with Voles.  She's learned the hard way to plant some things in pots- even her hostas have to be potted. She's tried many things but has resorted to potting them up to keep the varmints away! 
Voles love to eat the vegetation and roots.  

Of course you have to have some day lilies in the garden. 
 Gardenias- how nice!
She says the smell is awesome! I can only imagine since
we don't get those to grow up here!  

Her screened in gazebo and decking are surrounded by 
Pieris Japonica

Great spot for relaxing!

It would be nice to sit and enjoy the yard from here wouldn't it?  

I love the aqua tones she picked for the deck this year! It's perfect!

Or this wouldn't be a bad spot to enjoy it either!
Ahhh....Summertime....and the livin' is easy....

A view from above....
I like how she created the  sort of "U" shaped area in
the yard.  It creates some privacy and a more beautiful surrounding!  

This is the star of the show! 
I love this picture of her and borrowed it from 
her Facebook page!  

I hope you enjoyed seeing her lovely gardens 
and will leave some kind thoughts about it!

Thanks as always for visiting!

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  1. You have a magnificent garden...I loved every image...no wonder they want to stop and take pictures...I would too!!!...Beauty everywhere!!!

  2. Oh...and please tell Tess how much I enjoyed her gardens...I meant to address the comment to her also...Thanks for featuring her gorgeous landscape!

  3. A very beautiful place that your friend has. Thank her for all the beauty is adds to this world.

  4. Liz, you and Tess both have the most amazing gardens. I'd pay the price of admission just to tour! Tess should rent her garden out for special events. Just think of all the plants and mulch she could buy with that income!

  5. Wow, I need a yard that size! :)

  6. Incredible garden your friend has. Her hydrangeas is stunning. I wish you a nice weekend! Zinnia

  7. Oh my Liz, she does have park like property and two very green thumbs! Gorgeous. I'd love to sit on the deck and relax. What are voles? I never heard of them. xo

  8. What an expansive and beautiful garden.... there are so many elements that I try here and yet will never have true success with because of our neutral soil and colder temps. I truly enjoyed seeing this very special garden! Larry

  9. Liz, these gardens are just gorgeous!! The hydrangeas are truly some of the prettiest I've seen! I can see why people would want to take photos in her yard! It is just stunning! Thanks for sharing!

  10. She has beautiful gardens and lots to be proud of. Not only well kept but the combinations are lovely together.

    Cher Sunray Gardens

  11. This is a very beautiful property and wonderful gardens. Thank you for sharing Tess and Liz. I could sit in that gazebo for hours. Enjoy the day! Pamela

  12. Hello Liz,
    Beautiful Beautiful garden. thank you so much for sharing. your post was like looking thru a beautiful gardening magazine. Thank you for stopping by and sharing.

  13. Liz, you are so sweet to feature my garden in your wonderful blog and such kind things to say. I appreciate all the nice comments from your gardening friends in blog world too. You do a wonderful job with your blog Liz and now I understand the effort you put into it too!! Hugs!

  14. Wow....this is amazing!!! Beautiful!!!!

  15. What a gorgeous garden! I've got to get some rhododendrons for our yard. They are amazing. I'm propagating some hydrangeas right now from my next door neighbor's yard. Hopefully I will be more successful with these.

  16. Thank you for the tour!This is a lovely garden- wish I were as meticulous or had the money for a gardener helper to keep up with it all!

  17. What beautiful gardens and property! Thank you so much for sharing. Both of you have lovely gardens and we all appreciate the work you put into them. The gazebo is magnificent and I am quite certain I would spend many wonderful hours sitting there looking over that lovely garden. Beautiful!

  18. Thanks Liz for sharing this gorgeous garden. Tess definately has a gardeners touch. Love, love those Hydrangeas. I don't have luck with them hear. Heavens know I've tried.

  19. Holy moly.....Tess has one green thumb, that's for sure! Her yard belongs in a gardening magazine!!! I love the garden rooms she created. I noticed that she doesn't use edging of any kind. Does she have to re-edge the beds every spring with a shovel to keep them looking so neat and clean? :)

    xoxo laurie

  20. Wow, my husband would just love to have that grass - he used to baby the grass at the house we used to live at...hard to here. Such a very gorgeous inspiring garden - I appreciate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,

  21. Just beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

  22. Amazing garden!!

    So beautiful and with so much eye candy to drool over!!

    Thanks so much for sharing!!


  23. What a beautiful home and garden...appreciate you sharing this peaceful sanctuary at this weeks garden party! xoxo, tracie

  24. Hi Liz, I just wanted to hop back over and say thanks for sharing this beautiful garden with Share Your Cup. As I was scrolling down I saw my last post. I laughed when I noticed that I wrote hear instead of here. I really do know how to spell. lol! Sometimes just get typing fast and don't notice. I guess I need to proof read.

  25. Oh My....I am so jealous! Tess, your surroundings are beautiful just beautiful!! Thanks so much Liz for sharing.

  26. Wow! I am jealous of her gardens. They are gorgeous and the gazebo is fantastic! What a lovely setting to relax.

  27. So glad I stopped back by! I thought I left a comment a few days ago - her garden is amazing and I will be sharing this post tonight in my Home and Garden post!
    I appreciate you,

  28. Wow, that is spectacular ! Those hydrangeas look fake they're so blue ~~~

    thanks for sharing this amazing spot with us,

  29. Hello, just found your lovely blog! I'm your newest follower~Thank you for sharing this beautiful garden! Hugs, kathee

  30. One of the most beautiful gardens I have ever seen!

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  46. every morning i watch wake up with al .just ha to know if your real.love your garden


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