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December 13, 2010

Leftovers, what to do with them?

You know how you grab things up during the holidays and think "maybe I can use this?" Well, I ended up with some left over decorations. 
I bring up all my stuff, and start staging on my dining table.  When I was nearly done with my decorating, I noticed this odd bunch of stuff that kept getting moved around and I thought maybe they would work together as my centerpiece. 
I did have to find a tray which I was so tickled to find at Target for just under $20.  

 Kind of an eclectic grouping I'd say!

The really really large brown glass ornament is a find from T.J. Maxx, it  probably weighs over 3 lbs....I didn't know what I would do with it, but I was hooked on bringing it home when I saw it!

The Vase was just something I thought would work, gotta have your crystal you know! 

The tall tree shaped finial was from Target , the birds are from last year, they have wired feet so you can attach them...the large ornament in the forefront is from T.J. Maxx

 Click on the picture so you can see the pretty coloring in the brown ornament!
 This is a wreath attached upside down to the chandelier with ornaments randomly placed...I actually only had a couple of the gold poinsettias to add to the wreath, the back side didn't get any...shh...don't tell anyone else, I'll bet no one else will notice anyway!!
I had some coppery glittered pics that I bought, but never found a home for them, so they joined the tray feast! Their coloring was a good pick up to the brown glass ball...


I found a box of vase filler at Target that is cinnamon scented that I used to sprinkle around as the final touch...smells really good!

 The green topiary balls were another "gee I wonder what I can do with these" items...so the birds got put on top of them and I sprinkled some of the vase filler pieces on them...

This assembly of items is so heavy that I can't even move it off the table!  I would have to dissect it and I'm not going to do it!!  We will eat around it!

Sometimes it's fun not to have a plan!  That's me!! 
Have you any leftovers you need to find a home for!   


  1. Well, you have certainly put them to good use. Great idea with the tray and ornaments. I think we all have leftovers ornaments. Love the bird in your arrangement and I see your green balls.

  2. I have left overs everything Liz! LOL...your leftovers were put to great use. Very pretty.

  3. Very pretty and who would ever think to do this love the idea!

  4. Hi Liz... decor in such a beautiful way with only LEFT OVERS is a true DECOR CREATIVITY... very lovely... love your chandelier too... it looks very pretty ...oh I also have a vase like this... its lovely...


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