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December 14, 2010

Amaryllis update...

Well it's been 14 days since I planted the bulbs.....
 They are starting to grow fast now...
 ..and can you see the Paper Whites in the jars behind?  They are just getting going too!  
 I have more paper whites to plant and I'm going to add some tulips to have a nice cheerful boost of color to add some cheer for the winter blues....

 I tossed these pictures in too, the stocking holder was found in a clearance section and I had to have it.  

The Swiss Rescue Dog is from a Coffee Mug set my son gave me from his recent trip to Switzerland.

As you can see it's definitely winter outside my window!  



  1. hi Liz! hope you are staying inside and warm with all that snow. We got our first light dusting of snow just last night, can you believe that?! It's already melted now. no complaints here!
    yes, I put two and two together and realized you had two blogs!
    I wanted you to know that in the end when the master bath came together I decided to leave the vanity natural! It really is pretty wood, and it makes the room! I promise I will be showing it (and all the other rooms;) soon!

    thank you for your comments!
    I hear you about the visitors/comments. I'm thinking people don't realize how important they are....


  2. Very pretty out your windows Liz! tell me about the process of growing the Ameryllis and the paper whites is there a certain time you should or need to plant them and where is the best place to set them while waiting for them to grow? I have never tried it and always wanted to. If I get some this weekend and plant them how long will it take them to sprout?

  3. The Amaryllis bulbs take anywhere from 4 to 8 weeks to bloom. They are these enormous sized bulbs that you can stick in rather small pots to grow. They get planted so a bit of the crown still shows above the dirt. Mainly you keep them watered and watch them grow. They say not to put them in direct sunlight. When they start to grow they drink a lot! This group I got this year is going to be shorter than the one I grew last year, it got up to 40" tall, it was crazy! You may still be able to find them at stores for sale. Otherwise there are on-line places to buy from.
    The paper whites, narcissus, will bloom around the same timing 4 to 6 weeks roughly.
    I was late getting them going so they wont' be blooming by Christmas. The bulbs are either planted in dirt just a bit below the surface and keep them watered, or in this case setting right on top of small stones. You fill the water up to the bottom of the bulb just so the area that takes root is in the water. Just keep that water level and they will grow and bloom! The tall jar will help the plant from falling over.

  4. Sooooo pretty!!! I love those topiaries in your window too!! Hope you have plenty of hot tea and thermal undies because it looks COLD up your way. Can't wait for the updates!!!


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