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December 9, 2010

The glow is a favorite part of the holidays!

Don't you agree that the glow from the lights and candles are a favorite part of the holidays!

I love relaxing in the evening with the lights dimmed low so I can enjoy the soft glow from the lights and candles....

This year my tree is up on my game table that I covered with a table cloth and then topped it with a tree skirt...

The mantel is dressed with florals, beaded garland, and Angels
 The nativity set has lights under the tinsel and candles adding to the mood....

This is my "menagerie of glass" 
A little bit of glamour...varying candle holders and votives with a gold and clear beaded garland tucked in and around the display and a couple of gold decorated ornaments (don't forget you can click on any picture to enlarge it)

My lantern box landed in this corner on the wood top of the built in cabinets.  I love looking in the window at Santa as though I was a child again looking in the big Christmas window displays at the department store...

I put lights underneath the white snow blanket to add some more interest...
This is my little Waterford Christmas Tree I found at T.J. Maxx for quite a bargain price!

And finally my chandelier over the kitchen table...I took a wreath and attached it upside down to the light fixture...I attached ornaments to the wreath and put the glittery garland on the top...

 So this is a little bit more of my holiday decorating and I hope you enjoy the glow of the lights and candles as I do! 
Happy Holidays!!


  1. Beautiful Liz. I like your tree, especially raised. I agree the lights and candle light are gorgeous. I also use wreaths on my chandeliers. It makes quite an attractive focal point. Everything is so festive. Love it all.

  2. i love all the golds and red and glow of it all:)

  3. This is so elegant I love the way you used the lights and the little candles. The tree is so pretty and I would love to peek in the window this is just beautiful!!!

  4. Wow, Liz, this is just beautiful and elegant! You have such pretty things, and your tree is lovely! Santa peeking out is just so creative! You have done a great job--actually great doesn't sound good enough--it's just gorgeous!! Thanks for visiting me as well and your kind comments!!

  5. Your tree is so pretty! Love the music on your blog too. I don't know how you get it all done!

  6. I've been through your pictures at least five times, and I keep finding something new each trip. It's magical, Liz...simply magical. Your glass menagerie is stunning and the lantern box is perfect. The wonderful music playing in the background is a bonus...thank you!

  7. Thank-you so much my friends! You are all making me feel great.... :) I love all the decorating everyone is doing, it's a lot of fun to see and makes you feel like we've been visiting each others homes!

  8. Hi Liz! Wow you are just amazing. Your decorations are exquiste! Of course I would of never expected anything less magnificent! And yes, one of my favorite things, is relaxing, taking in all the beautiful colors and the glow of the tree. One thing I will surely miss when i leave this world. Merry Christmas Liz to you and yours!!


    Tommy T.

  9. Hello Liz... your tree is such a beauty... glittering so much ... very beautiful and have such a dreamy effect...

  10. This is very warm and charming Liz. Great score on the tree...I love TJ's!


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