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October 3, 2017

Autumn Deckorating 2017

I finally made some progress with my "deckorating".
I had some fun selecting my pumpkins and gourds this year.  This year I'm keeping it simple.  If you'd like to see what I've done in past years you are welcome to check out these links:  
2010  2011  2012  2013  2014  2015  2016

I decided to use the metal obelisk stand for displaying pumpkins this year!  Definitely a new idea and look for me.  

I love the different choices of textures and colors.

I didn't imagine putting my big orange pumpkin here in the middle of the obelisk.  I figured it would be at the very bottom but I ended up liking it here.

I was in love with the very dark rich orange color of this pumpkin and the dark green pumpkin made a good pairing with it.

I wasn't sure how this top area would work out but after trying a few ides this is what I ended up with.   The bottom pumpkin slid in sideways through the opening and then laid nicely in the opening with a little buddy on top!

I have some kale, mums and an aster added in for color.    The purple fountain grass is till looking great and so is the "King Tut" in the blue pot.

So that's my Autumn Deckorating for 2017! 


  1. Hi Liz, I love how you displayed your pumpkins this year. It's really a nice focal point to your deck. Love the pop of cobalt too. Beautiful autumn deckorating!!
    Happy October!

  2. Mmmmm.....that red orange one with the green on top of it in the middle of the rack!!! That’s a REALLY great color! I just love how it’s not exclusively about the plain orang pumpkins anymore. Variety like this makes the “deckorating” so much easier...and looks great!

  3. I love what you did with the obelisk. Your porch looks so festive for fall.

  4. Your display of pumpkins is perfect - so interesting when combined and placed on your obelisk. I do love all the different colors of pumpkins we find these days. Love the green, too! :-)

  5. The pumpkins and gourds are just so fun! I am simplifying this year too! Aghast I will not be home for Halloween! Fortunately my married kids can take over and no one will be able to tell! So, not being here, I am only putting up a few new things! Some years, you just have to simpify!

  6. Liz, your deck looks fabulous. I love all of those unique pumpkins and gourds. They have so many different colors and looks now. The flowers look lovely.

  7. WOW Liz- your "deck"orating looks festive and awesome. I love those obelisk shelf things - what a perfect place for stackin' punkins! : - )

    Thanks for the bday well wishes - hugs - missed you. ♥

  8. Your Autumn "deckorating" is fantastic! Such a beautiful collection of mums, ornamental veggies and pumpkins. I am sure your neighbors are enjoying it too!

  9. Liz, the autumn "deckorating" is perfect. I love how you styled the obelisk! You have dressed the deck in Fall finery!

  10. Your deck looks just beautiful!!! I love all the different pumpkins and gourds and have gotten some too. Love that obelisk!

  11. I love all the different shapes and colors of your pumpkins. And, that pinky, mauve colored mum is gorgeous.


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