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October 19, 2017

Halloween Dining with LuAnn! (T)

Poor little LuAnn- she needed a little help to be pulled back together!  She's a cousin to Winnie the Witch who has made appearances a few times "here" "here" and "here".  I'm afraid LuAnn met with a rather disastrous end so she needs help to be seen on Halloween!

This is how she came together.  Walking around JoAnn's I spotted the foam bust, the little tutu and hat.  Next thing I know I'm on the hunt for fabric!  I looked for inspiration on the internet for the face, printed it, cut out the mouth and face and traced it on the pumpkin.  A paint pen filled it in. The foam pumpkin head was found at Michael's. 

I made up a little necklace for her and there's a skeleton head dangling from it (hard to see).  I bought a card with about 8 skeleton heads from the jewelry area of Michael's.  I glued three on the hat.  

I used some green dyed spanish moss for her hair and neck area

I wanted to give LuAnn some arms but couldn't decided on how to do it.  I had the creepy hands in my stockpile so I strung them together using a ribbon and draped it across her shoulders to give her arms/hands.  
My blog friend Linda @ Life and Linda has also used a tutu for some tablescapes in the past- here is one of the links "Spiderella".  

I took pictures at various times of the day so the mood will shift as we go along here.

Creepy creatures hanging around looking for a bite to eat!

I found the creepy skeletons at our Halloween Superstore

Old Fred here is coming out for the night and two of his old friends Max and Sally are ready and waiting for him!

My little Mary Engelbreit clown Crissy attends every party!  
I think these were produced by Bethany Lowe for her.

Do you remember the wax lips we'd get as kids?  I found some in the candy section so I had to add them in too!  This would be a fun party table for young kids around 8 to 12 years old.

I was looking for fake eyeballs to fill the candy dish and spotted these chocolates with eyeball wrappers so I chose them instead.    

Indian corn in my metal ghost candy dish by Dansk from at least 12 years ago.

Salt and Pepper shakers (by TAG)

This plate inspired me to use the napkins with blue in them.  I got these dishes from Williams Sonoma on a sale with free shipping- only way to fly!  

The skeleton heads had a hanger on top that I removed.  The shape has an indentation that helped them sit on the edge of the plate.

The metal skeleton chargers came from Michaels and I layered them on the Pier 1 Imports white chargers to show the pattern off better.

I also got these little tumblers from Williams Sonoma.  I put a tea light inside to show their design off. 
The tall crystal highball glasses are from Mikasa called Windlass- no longer made.

I found the two shorter black candle holders on clearance at Pier 1 and the two tall candelabras came from there last year.

Finally it's nighttime!

I hope you enjoyed my Halloween Dining With LuAnn

Between Naps On The Porch


  1. LuAnn is such a ham..... Your tablescape is SPOOKtacular and BOOtiful for sure.

  2. LuAnn is adorable. She came back to life beautifully. Her chosen outfit is stunning. This table is so much fun. Love all of your characters and how you displayed them. Great find in the candleholders. Perfect table to enjoy Halloween.

  3. Luann is a scream! She's so cute and creative, Liz. Your table is very fun and a little freeky at teh same time - perfect for Halloween. All your plates are wonderful, and I like your napkin choice, too. You rock! -)

    1. Thank you Kim! Fun and freaky was just what I had in mind too!

  4. Love Luann and her sweet outfit Liz. Love the whole tables cape. Just too fun!

  5. You pulled out all the stops for this one! Luann is adorable and I've never seen a foam bust before. I had no idea they still made waxed lips they are perfect for this table!

    1. Thank you Sandra Lee. When I saw the wax lips I had to get them. ;-)

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  7. Love all the spooky fun from the skeletons, wonderful glow of the light, and wonderful new WS plates! LuAnn is a hoot!

    P.S. Spammers are so annoying but I got a kick out of the 'selling your organs' solicitation one above...perfectly fitting for Halloween!

    1. How weird is that spammer! Too funny though so I guess I’ll leave it.

  8. Fred, Max and Sally look like swingers. I'm a little scared of them! I'm really impressed by your skill in putting together such a cool looking Miss LuAnn!!! She is just to cute!!! The arms are super impressive! Speaking of arms and other body parts, I am laughing up a storm about this idiot actually soliciting body parts!!!! So weird!!!

    1. That is too funny- I wasn’t aware of that spammer until you and Mary commented about it!

    2. Alycia that's the very first thought that popped into my head, too about the Menage a Trois couple - haha- it's the way the couple is hugging, and the way a certain skellie is lounging all seductively - hilarious - glad I am not the only one thinking that, hahahahahahaha.

  9. Oh my GOSH!!!!! Liz, just look at that tablescape of yours - WOW!!!!! I'd love to see a magazine come in with their fancy lights and lenses and do a photo shoot/ feature on this amazing table. You have thought of EVERYTHING and it is absolutely amazing!

    Well done, ma'am! I no longer decorate for Halloween - I gave my daughters and sister all my decor years ago - but this post was the one that most made me wish to have it all back again! CUTE CUTE CUTE inspiration!!!!

  10. A ghoulishly delectable table! Love the plates and the chargers (I found mine at Michael's last year). The spammer is just too much! Lol!
    Sandra @ Dinner at Eight

  11. LuAnn is a hoot!!! You really did a fabulous job putting her together! So many delightfully scary details on your table!! I have not seen those wax lips in a long time. You really nailed the Halloween spirit here!


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