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October 6, 2017

Pumpkin Patch in the Kitchen Dining

Welcome to my pumpkin patch!  

The crate had been at the bottom of my etagere displaying various water bottles and vases.  I borrowed it to create a new display with pumpkins and my little scarecrow from last year.

The tall white pumpkin and the large one in the crate are new this year but I had everything else.

I love the deep blue and white dish color mixed with the orange pumpkin color.  The blue and white dishes, pumpkin dishes and the pumpkin coffee mugs are all from Pottery Barn.   

Puebla dinner plates and Harvest Pumpkin salad plates

The metal pumpkin found another spot to land.  I didn't want to overdue the orange color so I felt this was a good way to step it down a bit.  

The iron plate rack got another new look.  The little tid-bit plates are from Pier 1.  They came as a set of four and are super cute!

The way they're painted reminded me of the Pottery Barn salad plates.

When I shared our trip to Pennsylvania and then to Frankenmuth Michigan I mentioned a gift I purchased while there.  I had seen these Polish Pottery pumpkins back in July but the price was a little shocking.  After returning and finding them still available Dan suggested I go ahead and get one.  The bottom is open so I can set something inside for lighting.  I decided I needed another element so I brought out a lantern.

The etagere got a little makeover too.  The new pumpkin from my last tablescape made it to the top.

I stuffed the basket with some very realistic mums I found at a store.

Last year I showed my little Pumpkin Hill Farm wheel cart "here" in a different location and decided to use it again but on the shelf of the etagere.

While making the rounds at Michael's one day in August I spotted this little apple crate with leather handles.  I thought it was too cute to pass.  I loaded it with the faux artichokes that were previously in a bowl on the shelf.  The little glass owl votive is from last year and looks cute when lit up.

Stepping back for an overview. 

Moving more things around I created a simple display in this basket for the everyday look.  I felt lucky to get the last little blue pumpkin at Pier 1.  The candle is a Woodwick candle called Mahogany Reserve (a dark sweet blend of red woods, tobacco, musk and a hint of citrus).  I don't remember where I got it but it is available on line.  I really like the smell.

I've had a cold since last Wednesday and have been dragging, but here and there I made an attempt to decorate.  

I'll tinker with this for halloween but I'll keep it this way until then!

I just brought in my Christmas Cactus which has spent the summer in a shady spot on the deck.  It's gotten huge- very wide and is currently full of flower buds.

This plant has bloomed so much more than I ever expected.  All I do is keep it on the East side of the house so it gets morning sun and water it.  On occasion I give it some liquid houseplant food but that's it.  


  1. Your pumpkin patch is great! I love the blue and white dishes with your pumpkin salads and mugs. That orange is yummy against the blue and white! I hope you feel better soon. Although, you managed to do a really nice job in decorating for fall. Your Christmas cactus looks so healthy - can't wait to see it blooming! :-)

  2. Yes, yes, and yes!!! I love the color combo with the blue mixed in with the autumn hues, the white mixed in for balance, and those plates...THOSE PLATES!!!!!!!! That white pumpkin looks 100% real! I've been looking for realistic-looking white pumpkins including the Cinderella variety. They're not that easy to find in my price range. You did great!!!

  3. Ahhhhh Liz it is all so pretty. Love your sweet little scarecrow guy too. Happy Friday.

  4. So soory you are not feeling well.
    I blame the crazy weather for my runny nose.
    All the punpkins on display looks so nice.
    The pottery barn salad plate oh my gosh. I might have to get some too.
    Can I ask where you found the artichokes in the basket?
    I have looked everywhere but e bay for some.
    Hope you are feeling better soon.
    Linda C in Seattle

  5. Love your wonderful "pumpkin patch"!!! ... and that Christmas cactus is amazing...You obviously have been taking very good care of it!

  6. You have some wonderful displays there, Liz. I really like that Polish pumpkin. I don't think I have ever seen one of those before. Love the Pottery barn plates, too.

    I haven't done much decorating for myself this fall-but I did do the upper levels for my son and DIL. I am going to be gone for so much of fall that I didn't want to drag a bunch of stuff out.

    Hope you have a wonderful night and Sunday, too. xo Diana

  7. Liz, your displays are so pretty. The pumpkins are awesome! Pottery barn plates are lovely. You have decorated quite a bit. I don't think you are dragging at all, regarding your decorating. Hope you feel better real soon.


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