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October 13, 2017

It's a Mum time of year!

I thought I'd take a few more shots of the mums I've got planted or on display for this autumn season.
I love this yummy yellow color of these mums.  I did add some mini pumpkins and gourds to help fill in around the base.  

These will last a while even after the frosts start to hit.

The ornamental kale made a nice accent with these smaller mums.  At this time of year leaves are dropping everywhere.

Mums or chrysanthemums are a great way to pop in late season color for the gardens.

This mum was in one of my fall displays a few years back.  It took a while to see the flowers but this is a natural blooming time vs the ones we get at the store which are pushed to be in bloom early on.

I hope the new purple ones make it back next year too!  

I have to find a spot to plant these mums- I love the pink color.

Do you plant the mums you get for these fall displays or just toss them?  I've done both.  I've had mixed results with the mums coming back so I'm not always committed to planting them.

Happy Fall!


  1. As usual, you have a beautiful garden, Liz, and you do have a beautiful home too. Those mums are gorgeous. Do you ever plant them in ground and do they grow back? ...Christine

  2. Beautiful Liz. I love the Kale in the pumpkin. We always toss our mums. We have never had results with having them come back


  3. Fall looks so pretty at your house, Liz. I haven't done much of anything for fall this year (other than decorate my son/dil's house for them). I miss it but just have so much stuff packed away that I just haven't had time to haul it out.

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend- xo Diana

  4. I tend to plant my left over mums. Your urns are just beautiful flanking your garage. Mums are just the perfect thing to add some pretty fall color.

  5. Hubby bought me two mums for our front porch and I was just wondering if I planted them it they would come back. I might give it a try. Love what you did with yours. I think Mums just say Fall.

  6. Ornamental kale! That’s what I forgot this year! I’ll have to buy a couple to add to my planters on the deck. I actually planted some kale for eating, but the dang deer munched them down to their spines. Ugh!😑 So annoying! I have both tossed and planted. Depends on how my body is feeling. Those on the east side of the house came back with a vengeance!!!!! The ones on the north side with less sun are taking their sweet time about flowering out, but at least they came back this year. ALL of your flowers look amazing!

  7. I love your mum's by the garage. So pretty. Happy New Week Liz.

  8. Your planters look beautiful Liz! I can't help bringing home more mums when I see a pretty color!

  9. Liz, your mums look so pretty. The leaves are great among the flowers and gourds. Fall is a great time of year. Your different areas are landscaped beautifully. I am so admiring your deckorating too.

  10. Me, too, Liz. I kept one from last year in the original pot in the garage. I took it out this spring and watered it occasionally, and voila! It started blooming this summer! I might be brave and dig it into the ground this fall. Good luck with continuing your pretty purple ones next year! :-)


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