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June 3, 2011

More to Plant!

This morning I was excited to receive my new  
plants I ordered a week ago.  
They are a Hardy Geranium (Cranesbill)
this one is called Lizabeth! 
Since my name is spelled that way and you 
never find anything with that spelling! I got 
excited when I saw this plant with my name!  
I do love the plant in general and have two 
other types in my gardens.
The soft orange plant is a free one they included 
with my order.
Isn't it a pretty color!  I love the contrasting 
veining in it! 
Here are some from last year mixed with the 
peonies.  These are a purplish pink, but they 
don't have the contrasting veining.
My new ones are going on the other side of 
these Peonies in a spot I've planted 
Moonbeam Coreopsis in but they seem to 
be continuously  dwindling down to nothing.
I plan to get these in the ground tomorrow
since we are enjoying moderate temperatures
and it's perfect for working outdoors!


  1. Beautiful Liz, how exciting. It's all going to look marvelous! I love the colors
    And the one with your name is lovely.

  2. I love the geraniums. They are unassuming but delightful.


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