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June 5, 2011

Fizzled Weekend Warrior....

I hate to admit but I am fizzled out!
After another 5 hours of work today
I'm done for!
This is my fern garden. This year some of
them are 5 ft. tall...that's me in
the background.

We spread 5 yards of hardwood mulch
over the past two days. Dan lays out the
mulch out on piles and I distribute it!

We seem to have a confused Robin
that nested on our ladder on the back of
the garage. There are 4 nests and she's
on the last one!
She wasn't thrilled that I was getting closer. 
I'd say she gets a score 3 out of 10 on her nest
building skills! I think her problem was
weaving a round shapein a rectangular spot!
Poor thing- well at least she picked a quiet spot.

Well it was a successful weekend in that all
the mulch got put down.   

1 comment:

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