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December 1, 2010

The Quiet Garden

December 1st and we have our first snow!   The garden is quiet now, the outdoor sounds are hushed, the chill in the air has a way of rushing you back indoors, and now it's time for fussing around indoors!

I planted my amaryllis today, very late, but today was the first of December so I can keep track of how many days it takes until it blooms!  I'm anxious to see how quickly they will grow!  I planted all three in one pot...they are from the a collection supporting the Susan G. Komen for the Cure foundation...these are called Blossom Peacock....
These should be real pretty in the unusual shaped green flower pot I planted them in...

This is my Amaryllis from Christmas 2009...it was quite a beauty...only problem is it grew 38" tall and was very difficult to keep upright!  It was stunning though...
Happy December to all!


  1. How pretty Liz! I would love to try this I seen some paper whites I would love to grow too. I found my Christmas Catus has buds on it. I thought I had killed it and set it aside to put out in the shed and noticed it blooming I am thrilled. Oh thank you for sharing your playlist I love the music!

  2. Wow! Look at the snow. Pretty.
    Your plant from last year is gorgeous. Looking forward too seeing the new one.

  3. What beautiful Amaryllis... Beautiful Liz... The colour is so rich that I cant imagine...


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