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December 8, 2010

Santa Claus is Coming!

Shhhh....Santa Claus is here already!
Last year for one of my Christmas wish items I asked for this sled....My vision was that someday as the possibility of Grandchildren would come- it would be cute to load up with presents, or a Santa Claus, you name it!  

Since we have such harsh winters I am not putting it outdoors and I don't have a protected porch for it, so indoors it stays! 
This year I decorated it with my Santa (from Bombay- remember Bombay?) ornaments, and a beaded garland. 
The lighted boxes were a after Christmas find I picked up last year.  
The directions said it would be best if they were in a protected area if put outdoors, so again, they are staying indoors too! 
The red ornaments were items I bought and couldn't decide where to use them, so they found a home here!

By the way we have received over 26" of snow already this month!
And as you can see Santa already left a pair of ice skates! 
Hope your holiday decorating is coming along!  I'm getting there!


  1. My holiday decorating is coming along too Liz! I would not put that lovely outdoors either. Hope all is well, It is so nice to see your blog pop up on my roll, I try not to miss your posts.

  2. Simply beautiful, Liz! And if you end up with grandsons like ours, forget about putting anything in the sled--THEY will be in it!

  3. Thanks Debbie!
    Sara, that didn't occur to me! See how naive one can be? LOL

  4. Hi Liz. it looks so cute... how many grand children you have?

  5. Farah, thanks! There are no grandchildren yet. I was commenting that with the possibility of grandchildren, perhaps I could use it to put Christmas gifts in... I'm not ready to be a grandmother yet! :)

  6. Wow Liz this is beautiful!!! I absolutely love it! I do wish you were my neighbor so you could give me ideas DAILEY!!! You are so very creative. Your blog is wonderful and I'm so glad you are giving us reminders to come check it out when there is something new to see. I'm always in awe of your creations! T

  7. this is so nice i would keep it inside to what a great display:)

  8. Tess you are always so nice with the compliments! I could use you around just to make me feel better about myself on a regular basis!! Your hubby might get annoyed with me though! I tend to give a lot of input!! LOL
    Linda, thanks for your kind words as always!!

  9. HI Liz I love this sled and what a wonderful idea to use someday for grandchildren but in the meantime we can enjoy your wonderful creative ideas to make it look so festive! The ice skates are so charming I just seen some today just like them at my fav country store I think I may go back and get them to hang in my sun porch.

  10. Sounds like a good idea Sue! I might end up moving the sled over by the tree by Christmas! Maybe I'll put some gifts in there this year!

  11. Hi lovely lady.
    I love your Christmas Holiday home so Beautiful! I would love to go on a Holiday tour of your home everything ia so Beautiful lovely lady. I hope you and your family have a MARRY CHRISTMAS ~~~ Thinking of you lol

  12. The sled is beautiful and a great traditio.
    The presents look wonderful wit the skates. So very cute Liz

  13. Okay, I am in love with your sled!!
    I wouldn't want to put it outside either!!



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