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December 15, 2010

Part Two- Greetings from Carlsbad, New Mexico

Come on in!
I'm starting in Betty's front hall entryway area...
I love this cluster on the stairway railing, and this enormous tassel...makes quite a statement!
Betty has only lived here for a few years, but this home was built in 1962, and has some nice details...check out the neat trim on the stairs...I believe this is all solid maple too!  
This very proud reindeer greets you as you come up the stairs...I like the soft glow behind him...

Now we make our way into her dining room...

 These Angels look like they are here to serenade you...these are on her sideboard in her dining room....
Her dining table is adorned with a decorated crystal bowl and reindeer...and below it a wreath of greens with pretty gold mirrored balls...
A wreath on the wall with a fun accent of feathers!
 Angelic Angels....delicate wings....

And...glistening in front of the window is a beautiful slim tree decorated in crystal and soft golds...            
Off to her living room...
A very large tree stands near the big bay window.....

Santa's are the accent in this room....
Doesn't everybody love the old world Santas....I think everybody has at least one in their collection....

Lastly we get a view of her family room..

I love these reindeer... 
  Ahh, the lights make it!

Here's another tree, let's see how many does that make it now! 6 trees! 

 You can see right in to the living room where one of the other trees is too...this is at her kitchen table...
 These are built ins that came with the home in the family room.   It's designed like a china cabinet, has lots of storage below and ample shelving for dishes etc.  I'm so jealous!

Hey wait a minute I have those dishes too! 
I'll close with her wreath on the back door!
Well, that's the tour at Betty's, hope you enjoyed!  Happy Holidays
from Carlsbad, New Mexico!!


  1. Just beautiful, Liz! I especially love your tablescape and vignettes! Merry Christmas!

  2. Gorgeous Liz! I absolutely love all of those beautiful Angels!

  3. What a pretty home and I love all her TREES!!! 6???Wow! So nice of her to allow you to share it all with us! XO, Pinky

  4. Wow! Liz everything is truly gorgeous at her home. I really love the tree in the window. It looks magical and pretty with the reflection.

    I made your blog my blog of the week this week. I hope that is okay with you. *Smiles*

    Happy holidays to you and your family!
    Warmly, ~Melissa :)

  5. Liz...BEAUTIFUL!!! Everything is BEYOND gorgeous! Luv you!


  6. This is a woman after my own heart with more than one tree!! LOL!!



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