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December 22, 2010

Amaryllis and Paper Whites

Well this is the 22nd day these bulbs have been planted.  Not going to bloom by Christmas, but that's just fine.  I look forward to seeing their pretty faces in January!

 Who told these guys to grow like that!  They were supposed to come up the same and bloom at the same time!  So much for planning!  Hmm...how is it those bulb companies get theirs to look so darn perfect! 

 I tucked some moss around the bulb just to give it a more natural look...
Can't wait to smell these!

I suppose it will be the 2nd week of January before I have blooms!  Tapping fingers..... HURRY UP


  1. Can't wait to see them when they have bloomed. Too bad, they won't bloom for Christmas

  2. Tap tap tap tap...... I can't wait to see them too!!! Love the fragrance of paperwhites and I love how that are planted.

  3. What a creative idea to plant Liz... I hope you will post them when they bloom... I am counting...

    Wish you a very Happy Christmas …
    I would love if you come to visit me at

  4. Soooooooooooooooo beautiful. Merry Christmas and a Happy & Healthy New Year.

  5. Thank-you Lark! I just had to keep some flowers in my life!

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