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April 24, 2018

A Collection of Favorite Tablescapes (T)

Susan from Between Naps On The Porch has been hosting Tablescape Thursday for many years and this week is the 500th Tablescape Thursday.  For this week's Tablescape Thursday party she came up with the idea that we put together a collection of our own favorite tablescapes. 

I selected tablescapes in chronological order.  Choosing things that had some sentimental value and for their creativity.  Links to the original posts are included under the first picture of each one.

~This is my very first tablescape entry 2011~

Back then there was a tablescaper called Bill (his blog is Affordable Accoutrements)  that I was highly influenced by.  His detail for design and romantic touches were the best!  He was one classy guy but due to time budgeting he had to quit creating his tablescapes.  

In an email exchange he gave me the idea to add some kind of lighting to the pink vase which I did and it turned out wonderful!

~I won a set of dishes from Mikasa in 2012~
I put together a tablescape with an Asian designed influence.  

I was so excited because I never win anything!  
Afterward I gifted my daughter with the brown Swirl dishes.  

~Christmas 2013~
I used this wooden sleigh/tray for a centerpiece that had been gifted to me by our Son and daughter in-law so it added sentimental value.

An all time favorite Christmas dish.

I love the holidays and red is my favorite holiday color!

~A favorite summery tablescape 2014~
Flowers from my gardens creating a perfect summery look!

I adore this tablecloth.  The colors are so cheerful and the vintage inspired design is wonderful.

I really loved this combination of dishes and linens.

~A little French influence 2015~

I love the fleur de-lis symbol and I enjoyed how this all came together.  

Flowers from my own garden added just the right touch!

~Seashore Dining 2015~

I love nautical inspired things and these dishes were perfect for this seashore tablescape.

Imagine yourself down by the seashore dining with friends!

~April 2016 spring inspired~

These dishes and the colors definitely spoke to me for a spring tablescape!

 A real favorite of mine!

~A Giraffe Inspired Tablescape 2017~
A  Giraffe Celebration March 2, 2017

During the long winter months I was one of the millions of people that followed the story about April the giraffe and her expected delivery date.  I needed this mental diversion after struggling through unexpected deaths as well as an 8 week sinus infection that drained everything out of me.   She finally gave birth April 15th.  

I happened to have these chargers with a giraffe design on them and since the giraffes love leafy vegetables I chose the cabbage leaf plates.

 I felt the graceful way these cranes hold their necks and their long legs reminded me of the giraffes so they were chosen as my "stand-in giraffes"!

~Summer 2017~
I had to create a tablescape with these cheerful beach colors! 

I relate well to the "figures" of the ladies!

I managed to find more plants/flowers from my gardens that worked out well.

August 2017 lots of color!

My mother turned 95 and I was inspired to create a table for her birthday.  I was under the influence of Flamingos and just had to create something using them!

I had fun with this one!

Lastly my most recent- definitely sentimental 2018!

Still can't believe it's been 40 years!

 I hope you enjoyed the journey through some of my past tablescapes!  It was difficult to select which ones to use but there are a lot more and you are always welcome to wander through my blog to see them!  Just click the "Tablescape" button under the header at the top of the page.

Between Naps On The Porch


  1. So beautiful Liz and Susan is certainly a very special lady...just love her! Cannot believe it is the 500th TT ...

  2. Oh, Liz, I don’t know which table is my favorite! Your romantic pink table and the Cheery Cherry Blue head the list, though. I’m always loving vintage tableclothes and that one is gorgeous. The romantic pink table is stunning! I haven’t done a Tablescape Thursday ina long time - I may just have to look over my old pictures and pull a post together. Happy week, Liz! Zenda

  3. I love them all. You are he queen of tablescapes. Happy Tuesday.

  4. Oooh that was a fun tour! Let me see, there's so very much to like. If I had to choose: fav linens is cherry tablecloth, fav dishes are your china and fleur plate (I just posted about how much I love that French symbol in https://debbeesbuzz.com/french-queen-bee-invitation-vintage-images/#more-2590), fav table is seashore dining, and I just smiled and smiled over the lovely ladies in swimsuits in your centerpiece of summer dining! So such fun going on the grand tour!

  5. I remember every one of these except the very 1st one!!! I don’t think I knew you back then. Wow! The years have really flown by! It’s fun to look back and see how much we’ve grown creatively and to see all the fabulous dishes again! I’m working on my favorites now, and it’s not easy to pick!!!!! I’m sure you had to have had a tough time with it, too!

  6. It's such fun to see the favorites from the past that everyone chose for Susan's big 500th anniversary! One of my favorites of yours Liz, was the nautical one with the lighthouse plates~Such fun to look back! Happy 500!

  7. Chunky dip -hahahahahahahaha! Love, love love those ladies and your sense of humour. Thanks for making my day

  8. I loved your choices of your 10 favorite tables!! I bet it was hard for you to choose! My two favorites are the Cheery Cherry and the Sea Stripes and Sailboats. I remember crushing on those cherry napkins - they are the cutest napkins ever!!! The nautical table is just so perfectly set with the stripes on the plates going the opposite direction from the napkins and the runner, plus those napkin rings are adorable. But I have to give you kudos on the flamingos too!!! so colorful! So much fun over the years - and I thank you, Liz, for so many wonderful comments you have left on my posts, they mean so much!

  9. All your tablescapes are beautiful Liz! I especially love the candlelit photo of the first one. Susan's blog was the first blog that I ever visited and loved. I told her that when I met her at the Haven Conference in 2014. Congratulations on being married 40 years. Our 32nd is next week.

  10. Liz, I loved looking way back into your archives before I was blogging at your beautiful tables. I love every one of them and I would be hard pressed to choose a favorite, but the Cheery Cherry Blue might win! I also loved the fun Chunky Dip one. Susan has been a great source for those of us who love to Tablescape!.

  11. Hi Liz,

    You've done some awesome tablescapes over the years!! I enjoyed seeing all of these, but my favorites are your first tablescape,"Candlelight Dinner," (such pretty china) and the "Cheery Cherry Blue" table. This one is truly cheerful; I have a tablecloth very similar to yours. I love that style, don't you? My third favorite is the Provencal tablescape -- love the fleur-de-lis and the blue and yellow. You have a talent for setting a pretty table, Liz. :D

    Have a great weekend!!


    Denise at Forest Manor

  12. Liz, I so enjoyed visiting the tablescapes from before I knew such blogs existed. I've liked them all, and couldn't possibly choose a favorite. But the ones with flowers from your garden definitely go to the top! Along with the flamingos!
    Sandra @ Dinner at Eight


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