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April 27, 2018

Spring Flowers and Planters

Welcome to the first Garden Party hosted by 4 other bloggers and myself.

This will be a once a month Garden Party and we'd love for you to join us with a garden related post.  

Since our snow has just melted I'm not exactly gardening just yet so for this first post I have chosen to share pictures from last years spring flowers and to talk about how I like to use planters for my flowers.  These are three darwin tulip varieties called Life's A Cabernet, All That Jazz and Light and Dreamy.

These are a wonderful darwin tulip called Design Impression.  Tall and very sturdy and the flowers last for days.  

This was taken around May 9th last year.  My lilac topiary tree was leafing out and some primrose were also in bloom.  Once our plants start to grow it really comes on fast.

Last year I created this display on the deck to view with a variety of planters.  This is directly outside from my kitchen dining area and I enjoyed viewing it each morning.
I primarily use planters for my annuals.  Container gardening is easy to maintain with watering and fertilizing plus they stay virtually weed free.  Planters like these allow you to place them where you want and if you have a limited space it allows you a burst of flowers contained in a small area.  

 Last year I tried something new- I put some variegated Iris (a perennial) in this planter for the accent it offered (later in the fall I transplanted to a perennial bed).

I used the black obelisk for plants and I added the three piece blue glass mosaic balls to the top for some visual interest and more color.   A few years ago I started buying few blue planters and last year I painted the other planters white to look as summery as possible.  The black metal plant stand is actually meant to hold a bird bath but I chose to use it for a plant.  

I stacked two planters together and added a metal obelisk for the Black Eyed Susan vine to grow on it and there was some Vinca Vine and yellow Lantana that filled in as time went by.   

Much later in the summer you can see how it really filled out!

This is an old world looking planter and cherub.  I stacked some bricks below the cherub to support it.  I filled it with more Lantana (Verbena) which the butterflies love.

I chose this "tulip" shape planter and decided to plant this large Caladium in it.  You don't always have to add multiple plants to get a nice look in a planter.

Later on it had filled out beautifully.  

I have been using this metal garden art ball with this planter for a few years.  I loaded it with a double impatience and by the end of the summer it was completely full.  The impatience get kind of tall and the framing helps hold them together  forming a nice rounded shape.

I like the double impatience flowers- they resemble little roses.  They usually sell them individually potted vs. in trays or flats so they are pricer.

I planted my frog planter (from Pier 1 several years ago) with lobelia and this "Pink Chaos" Coleus.   I like whimsical garden art.

I've also used containers for fairy gardening.  Using a planter to have a fairy garden is a great way to enjoy one in a small area.

As the years have rolled by my fairy gardening expanded.  Each year I have a new design.  
These are pictures from last year.

I use many things like artificial turf, stone walls, and various fairy garden accents.   I created stone paths along with both artificial and real flowering plants and ground covers.

I say be creative and allow your inner child to have some fun! 

I also like to create garden vignettes to enjoy just because!

I'd love for you to follow through the summer as I continue to do posts of my gardens.  You'll find a spot to subscribe on the sidebar of my blog.

I hope you will link-up and visit other blog posts.  
The next Garden Party will be on May 25th.


  1. WOW. I love your pot gardens. I just started a few years ago planting in pots, but nothing as pretty as yours.

  2. Hi Liz! You are a rock star gardener and I always love seeing what you are up to. You gardens have the look of a more mature space - which is what I look forward to. I'll be watching you all summer for more inspiration. ;)

  3. I have enjoyed seeing again the lovely flowers from last year's garden. I love your whole garden and wish I had your talent for design. My front yard looks great this year, but the labs rule the back and they remove any flowers I plant! If only they would retrieve all the balls we throw for them! Looking forward to the next party.
    Sandra @ Dinner at Eight

  4. Liz,amazing pictures of last year's garden. Your frog is cute. I don't have good luck lobelia. I am not sure if it may be the weather in NJ or not. I love it but every time I use it, it never gets like anyone's I see.

    NJ has extremes in warmer weather. Extreme heat one day, heavy rain the other and July very humid.


  5. Liz, it's always enjoyable looking at your lovely garden! I spent this morning planting some containers with annuals to brighten the patio. It's been a slow start to Spring here, but she is in all of her glory now. Have a nice weekend. ♥

  6. Thanks so much for hosting, Liz! I always love your garden, the tulips were stunning. The fairy garden is so much fun! I know you are patiently waiting to plant. We haven’t planted any annuals yet, hopefully this weekend!

  7. Your Spring garden is always so pretty. I remember how pretty your tulips were from last year. Lets hope with this crazy weather they will begin to open up tall and pretty again this year for you. Have a great weekend.

  8. Liz, your gardens are always a great inspiration to me. The tulips are gorgeous. I love seeing your fabulous fairy garden, so many fun details. I hope the crazy weather ends real soon. It's time for some beautiful blooms. You and Dan's hard work definitely shows. A pleasure to co-host this garden party with you.

  9. Liz, I always enjoy your gardening pictures- they're so beautiful! I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with this year. Winter for us both this year was just too long. Happy Gardening!

  10. Liz, your spring garden is gorgeous. I'm sure you will be enjoying this view again soon. It must be so frustrating to deal with snow so late in the year.
    I adore your cute fairy gardens. They are delightful! Thanks for hosting the party.

  11. Liz, I always enjoying seeing what you have in bloom and having a virtual stroll in your garden! This has been a crazy spring and I hope Mother Nature will get her act together now that we're approaching May! We had a late cold snap and then 4 inches of rain this week so I have lots of gardening chores on my 'to do' list this coming week and hope to get my containers planted this weekend. I always love a peek at your fairy gardens! ♥

  12. Wow! I can definitely see you have a green thumb Liz and are able to create stunning flower displays! So lovely - that metal orb for your impatience is terrific! I'll bet you are so looking forward to getting your hands dirty again this year. We STILL have some snow left in our yard, so it's going to be late for anything "blooming" this year - longest winter ever!

  13. Oh my goodness! I love your containers, but I especially LOVE your fairy garden! I would love to make one. You're inspiring me! Thanks for hosting along with the other ladies.

  14. Your garden is sweet, Liz! Love all the whimsical pots and statuary!! I have several statues outside ~ even here in our RV garden {my hubby thought I was nuts when I said I HAD TO HAVE my Garden Girls ~ a tall cement maiden holding grapes and a super heavy cement angel ~ when we moved to Texas in late 2016. Lol!!! Very sweet post! Pinned a ton. <3

    Happy spring and thank you for hosting and allowing us to share our posts, too,
    Barb :)

  15. Liz, You really have had a long winter this year. I loved seeing your inspirational photos from last year! Those Impatiens in that globe are amazing! I haven't planted a Black Eyed Susan vine for a few years. Need to see if I can find one again. So glad you joined us in hosting the Garden Party.

  16. Oh Liz, you are so creative with your container gardens and your darling fairy gardens. I loved seeing your tulips and your lilac tree. Your cherub in the container and the frog planter made me smile. The caladiums all alone make for such a pretty focal piece. Thanks for hosting and sharing the beauty with us.

  17. Good Morning Liz,
    I love all of your beautiful gardens. They are all thriving and are a pure reflection of a very green thumb and an artistic mindset. It is obvious that you spend all Summer tending to them and making them flourish. I always receive so much inspiration from you. There is such a lushness about them and that is one of the many things that I long for in my Texas garden. However, the mid-summer heat always takes it toll on them.
    So great to co-host this garden party with you.

  18. Liz, now that I've returned from vacation, I'm really enjoying catching up on my blog reading. This party series is going to be a real hit! Thank you for co-hosting, and I hope to join in the following ones. Your container gardening is inspiring, and your spring bulbs are so cheerfully colorful!

  19. I love your gardens whether on the deck or in your yard....I look forward to them every spring!!

  20. What gorgeous gardens and planters you have, Liz! It's my first visit to your blog, I must have a good look around!!


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