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April 4, 2018

Spring? What a joke!

The end of last week the purple tulips started to bloom.

We were gone for a few days and they are almost done already.

I didn't like how shaggy it looked so I cut away the green from the bulbs that had bloomed.  Normally I would let the plant die back so the bulbs would get nourished from them but since this is indoors I chose to clean it up.

I'm griping because we got hit with another snowstorm.  It started coming down Tuesday and continued on through today.  All schools are closed across the northern part of MI from the East to West.  

The snow had melted down quite a bit- this was a shot from the end of last week before we left for Easter to be with family.

I snapped a couple of shots yesterday when we came back from a trip to town.  As you can see we wrap the shrubs with burlap which allows them to breathe but helps prevent winter burn and damage from the snow load.

We got a lot more snow since I took this picture..... 😡  I am so done with winter weather!

Stuck indoors I got busy and pulled my Easter deco together and bundled it up to go back to storage.

On our trip I visited a furniture store that I've been to a few times that always has an impressive display of furniture and accessories.  I found the pillows on a sofa which was part of the set.  I asked if they'd sell them separately and after a talk with the manager they gave us a great deal so that was fantastic!  The lidded jar was on a coffee table and I grabbed it too.  Now I have some more of the color that the new rug under the dining table brought in so I'm happy about that!  Still deciding on where the jar will go.  The pillows landed on the sofa and worked out just as I'd hope so I'm very pleased with that!

This time next week we should be thawing out again!


  1. I hear you Liz, NJ has been getting hit. Four Nor'easters in a row. Five inches the day after Easter. We rarely see the sun. We have had it and Saturday a mix. Never ending this year it seems


  2. I am with you Liz. I do not know how upset Mother Nature but they better apologize! I am so tired of this tug of war between Old Man Winter and Spring. Spring needs to win the war! I love the pillows they are so pretty. Have a great rest of the week.

  3. There's too much confusion and turmoil everywhere and it has affected Mother Nature! She's roaring here today with lots of wind. Somebody has really gotten on her wrong side and she's trying to tell us whose boss!

  4. Pretty new stuff! We had snow Monday and Tuesday, schools closed and poor travel and today it is trying to melt and next Sunday and Monday more is expected. So ready for spring.

  5. Bless your heart is what I have to say. Hang in there!

  6. I loved your post title - exactly how I feel! There are flurries outside right now... I'm leaving up most of my Easter, including my Beatrix Potter McGregor's garden centerpiece for another week. At least it can look a little spring inside...

  7. Hi Liz,
    I remember those snow storms that we had in Idaho growing up and when we moved back for a few years too. They most certainly get on a person's nerve. For me it was more of the lack of sunshine than snow. I know Sprig is drawing near for you and then you will be sharing your fantastic garden with us!
    Love the colors of the jar and pillows!

  8. Sorry Liz, you are having a rough time of it. Spring should be warm and pretty. The new pillows look great. I am curious where you will put the new jar. Love the pretty blooming flowers.

  9. So sorry about the snow! I'm sure you were getting excited to spend time in your soon to be lovely garden! Love the pillows. Hope you thaw out soon!

  10. I hear you, Liz. Winter doesn't want to leave many areas of the country! We may get snow/rain tomorrow after today being 72 degrees! Craziness!
    I love your new pillows and ginger jar. Very nice color. Have a happy weekend. ♥

  11. You have every reason to gripe. This is a cruel, cruel joke Mother Nature is playing. Everything that came up is wilted now.🥀 As I’m sitting here typing, snowflakes are falling.❄️❄️❄️ NOT funny, Mother Nature!!! Your new living room toys should work wonders on your winter blues, though!


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