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April 4, 2017

Easter In The Living Room

 I created another Easter Egg tree (last year's can be seen "here").  We always had one when I was a child so I love to continue the tradition.

 I used these bunnies on the mantel last year and liked it so much I used them again (last year's can be seen "here").  I nestled a pot of tulips that I know they've love to eat and scattered eggs around on the grass.

 I found the giant carrots at T.J. Maxx and ended up using them to help support the branches.

 I kept my white bowl on the mantel and added some hydrangea balls.  Simple but the colors work well with the Easter egg tree.  I know some people don't like the pastel colors used at Easter but I do!

 I have a lot of bunnies!  This is a pair my mom made for me a long time ago back when she took ceramic classes.  I requested some white bunnies one year and she surprised me with these!  The purple ribbons were place on them by her so they are forever important to me.  

 The eyes have a way to staring at you from different positions!  I love to look at them when I spend the evenings here watching tv.

 I laid carrots out for them and decorated with extra Easter eggs.

 I found these mossy mats at Michaels that I cut to fit the oval.  

 This folk art style bunny was new last year and I found the purple candles recently (wished they had more- it's hard to find a nice purple).  

 The black and white bunny is something I've looked for many times and I was tickled when I found it recently when we visited the family for my birthday.  I will leave him out after Easter. 

I appreciate your visiting and I hope you liked my Easter In The Living Room!


  1. The Black and White bunny is so cute, my sister and I had one as a childhood pet.
    My poor dad had to chase him when he got out of the yard. I think the pastel hydrangea balls are perfect for Easter.

    Linda C in Seattle

  2. Beautiful touches Liz. I'm head over heels in love with the bunnies on the try


  3. Your Easter egg tree is very pretty, Liz. What a surprise to see the carrots as the trunk. Love the pastel hues on the eggs; they're so cute!


  4. I liked my visit very much, Liz. The ceramic bunnies that your mother made are just adorable! Your egg tree is so pretty with its blooms. Have a nice afternoon. ♥

  5. I'm glad you clarified that those are ceramic bunnies because air truly thought they were fabric. Man, your Mom was good at that!!! I like it that you've kept the ribbons she put on there...makes them extra special. My Mom doesn't know how to make stuff AT ALL, so I really envy that.

    I am really digging that black and white bunny!!! I have NEVER seen one like that!! Keep your eyes on me and check my purse before I leave your house if I come to visit!!! 😜

  6. Bunnies galore....how special your mom made you those cute ceramic bunnies. The black and white bunny is darling and unique. Love the carrots. The mantel looks lovely Liz.

  7. Those bunnies are real treasures. Beautiful room, Liz!

  8. Your bunnies and Easter decor is just darling as can be.


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