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January 6, 2017

Reclaiming the living space after the holidays!

I finally got all the Christmas deco put away.  I always use the dining table to stage things and help me get organized (with a padding on top of course) so it was nice to see it freed up once again! The day after Christmas I found these new finials and the deco ball back in my hometown before we headed home.  I intended to make an arrangement on the coffee table but they just didn't look good there so I gave them a home on the dining table!  They look so much better here especially with the fabric table runner.  I had the birds and decided they fit in too.

As soon as the plastic tubs were all put away I got the vacuum out and decided to move some of the furniture around.  As you can see I use those furniture movers and it makes the whole process so much easier.  

This etagere in the corner got a bit of a makeover this time too.

I emptied it and played around with different things even the new finials, but that was a big flop!

I wanted to see some more color on it so I decided on a fern and my cast iron urn.  I removed a few of the items that had been there a while and added family pictures along with a few other things. It's been the same way since I got it 3 years ago so it was due for a new look!

I mentioned a while back that I had a picture to hang above the tv.  It's not in keeping with the room's general decorating but it's important to me to display it since Dan's sister had created it.   I did a post about how her picture was among 250 pictures that were submitted and also ended up in a book called The Art of Sleeping Bear Dunes.  Please visit this link to see the full story "here". 

We had it custom framed last year but I couldn't decide on where to hang it.  After we moved the tv to this wall I finally saw a spot for it. 

This is pretty much the same as before. 

This area got a little updating.  I just like to move my deco items around to new spots and see it from a different point of view! 

It's been bitter cold here 7 deg. this morning but the sun came out briefly in the afternoon which psychologically makes it seem so much warmer! 

I brought my "plum" colored pillows back out and will enjoy them until spring I imagine!

I put the game table at the end of the sofa near the wall which I haven't done before.  A few things from the etagere ended up on the top and I like it! 

A panoramic view of the room. 

Next up is the kitchen dining area!


  1. Don't you just love refreshing and re-styling a room after the Christmas decorations are stored away!....I will be doing lots of that this weekend....Wow 7 degrees?!!!...Love the painting...a very talented lady!!! Have a great weekend!

  2. I have cleaned up christmas...except for the pile behind my chair. Out of sight out of mind. ha ha. I really need to finish the clean up. Sheila

  3. I really like changing up things in our home after Christmas. Your living room looks so pretty. I really like those finials on your table. I've been cleaning out the coat closet this morning. There were so many hats and gloves there we decided to donate a bag of them to Amvets. January is a good time for working on projects inside as it's so cold outdoors, but not as cold as you! Stay warm and cozy, Liz. ♥

  4. Hi Liz, your living room looks beautiful and cozy for the winter months. Love your game table in it's new spot. I just love this time when all the Christmas is put away and you can redecorate. With the windows starting Monday, I'll be decorating and cleaning all over again. Love your sister in laws beautiful creations over the TV. What a stunning piece!! Stay warm and have fun decorating. We had light snow today. Unreal for us, but it was beautiful.

  5. We are all cleaned up here, too...so glad to have it packed away for another year...too busy cleaning closets to re-decorate just yet.

  6. I'm getting the Christmas packed away, too. I'm having fun decorating my wall of shelves. Your new decor is gorgeous!

  7. I have most of Christmas put away. I have left out some greenery and sparkly gold things just for a little winter pizazz. Cool finials! I really like your etagere, too. I have to admit, mine gets tweaked every few days.

  8. Looks so fresh and clean!!! Great feeling, right?

  9. Clean and bright and ready for the new year. It actually feels good to put Christmas away, although the house looks somewhat bare. Have fun decorating and organizing and stay warm.

  10. There is not a better feeling than decluttering after the holidays! Love the finials, they look great on your table!

  11. Looks beautiful Liz. It feels so great to clean, organize and restyle a room after the holidays. Great job. Love your family room. So cozy and pretty. Have a great start to the new week.

  12. Everything looks so serene and beautiful. I ended up moving some furniture around as well. I still do miss the twinkling little lights though. Happy New Year, Liz.

  13. Hi Liz! I love it all and it looks so nice. How nice that you can change things around and get a new looks. I'm trying some little changes in my living room too. Thanks for popping in to see me.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  14. Liz, I really like your new deco treasures - those two huge finials and that deco ball are gorgeous - and so perfect for winter season!

    You have a lovely home and it is fun learning your mindset in the change-ups. Thanks for sharing. Hoping your new year is going well - and wishing you life's very best!


  15. I use my dining room table when I put away the Christmas decorations. It's so much easier to put things away. I even organized all my bins this year and added new labels. You have such a nice family room and I always enjoy seeing it! Happy New Year Liz!

  16. Liz, it is such a relief for me to put away all the Christmas and clean and refresh! Your family room is warm and cozy for your cold weather...perfect for reading and nesting!

  17. Hi Liz,

    Your living room looks all fresh and "new" now. Have you ever noticed how much bigger our rooms feel when all the Christmas decs have been put away? It makes a big difference here, for sure.

    Your sister-in-law's painting is lovely, and your new finials are so pretty. Just a few new touches here and there can really make a difference. It has been cold, hasn't it? It was 5° here on Sunday night; that's not unheard of, but it is rare for N.C. :)

    Have a great week, Liz!!


    Denise at Forest Manot

  18. Hello, Liz, as much as I LOVE Christmas, I am eager to get the house back to normal and clean. Between the glitter and things being harder to clean it gets to me. Love the new arrangement.


  19. Your family room and dining area look so nice! Isn't it nice to change things around after the holidays? I always get the itch to do that too. I like the fern on top of the etagere. Your room feels very open and balanced.

  20. The painting is beautiful and does deserve a place of honor! I love "redecorating" after the Christmas has been put away! I have been doing the living room and now am working on the breakfast room. I was going to keep the snowmen in there but last night decided to put them all away too. Today I will get that room DONE til Spring:) We had 63 degrees yesterday so I was SO happy. Today we might get to 50 but then may get snow tomorrow. Crazy weather! Have a beautiful weekend, hope you warm up some!!!!

  21. Liz what a big beautiful room that it. And I see that it is full of touches that make it personal and cozy. The artwork is really beautiful and knowing that one of the paintings is from a relative makes it all the more so.

  22. I think I had it easy this year because I moved after the holidays. I ended up being able to start over on a clean slate and had a whole apartment of my own to figure out what I wanted to do. I actually got a little overwhelmed and went with a service called Furnishr that really helped me see what my space could live up to. If you want to check out some of their designs, http://furnishr.com


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