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January 13, 2017

In The Blue On The Plate Rack

Like a lot of us after the red and green holiday decorating got put away I'm in the mood for blue again.  

While rummaging through my dish stash I found these dishes I forgot I had.  I ordered them from Bombay.  They sparked an idea to go for an Asian influence design on the plate rack and etagere.  I decided I needed a teapot to complete the look and it took a week to get so I was slowed down on presenting this until now.  

 I decided to elevate the teapot on the little cake pedestal to give it more presence.  More on the teapot later.

 I turned each bowl to show the two main patterns on the bowls.  I decided to create a organize repetitive display using the plain white napkins and apples for a pop of color.

I had to include this cute pair of birds that Michele from The Nest at Finch Rest sent me last year.  She loves tea and also sent me some tea and a hand made card along with the birds.  

 I paired the salad plates with my Ralph Lauren Mandarin blue dinner plates.

I love the dragon design in the center of the plate.

 On the etagere I placed my white elephant statue on the top shelf.   I had the cobalt blue stemmed wine glasses and the Ralph Lauren Mandarin Blue candle holder.  Like most of us I have found the RL pieces at Home Goods and T.J. Maxx

 I found this a couple of years ago at a little boutique shop.  It's designed to hold a candle on top but I did't have enough room in this setting.  I might add some greenery to it but I have to find the right look.

 The cups were part of the same set from Bombay and I ordered the white elephant tea pot from World Market.  I looked on line at several places and also found it on E-bay and Amazon.  

 I had the red chargers found at Pier 1 a few years back.  I thought they'd make a good accent for my asian influenced display.

I've had this green lantern for a while and forget to use it.  I makes me think of a chinese lantern.  I'm considering painting it.  Perhaps in red but we'll see.  Maybe a sponged on application would be best.

 I could have added more design elements to this but I was satisfied that I achieved the overall look I was going for.  My only new investment was the teapot.

I'm enjoying this new look especially since it's quite a departure from my anything I've done before.



  1. Gorgeous. I love the blue and the yellow So pretty and fresh.

  2. So pretty. Love all the blue and white together with the splash of green. The apples are a great way to add green to your vignette. Very creative. Love that elephant tea pot. Everything looks so bright and pretty in your vignette. Happy Friday. Have a fabulous weekend.

  3. It does look nice, Liz. I do love the blue and white and I really like that green lantern! I have always loved elephants, too, but gave my daughter most of my elephant pieces. I kept one that I couldn't bear to part with but she has my pictures, etc.

    Hope you have a great night. Everything looks just lovely there. xo Diana

  4. Blue and white give such a serene look to your room. My Mama loved blue and white and for years I decorated with blue and white. The elephant teapot is so pretty. And with his trunk up he'll give you good luck! ♥

  5. Very pretty, Liz! I love the way you have the blue and white displayed. But if you DARE paint that chinese lantern I will pinch you! Love seeing the green with the blue. :)

  6. The blue and white plates with the pop of green looks so fresh, crisp and clean! Your plates and adorable elephant teapot are perfect for a Chinese New Year table too :)

  7. Very pretty, Liz~ love what you've done!! Happy weekend!

  8. I love blue and white china and your decor is beautiful

  9. Love the blue and white and the pops of green. Very pretty addition to your plate rack. They would make an amazing tablescape.

  10. Hi Liz, this looks fabulous!! I love the blue and white with the black. Your plate rack is styled beautifully!! You have inspired me to do some styling with my blue and white. Have a great week ahead.

  11. Your new elephant tea pot is adorable with your blue and white collection.

  12. Love the blue & white dishes Liz. They look so fresh and bright. Happy New Year to you!

  13. Now you know I LOVE this, the blue and white are beautiful and look so pretty for winter. I love those dinner plates, I am drooling:)

  14. Love the blue and white, especially with the green apples. The green lantern is a perfect way to emphasize the green a little more. I love your new teapot! Definitely worth the wait. It's the perfect repeat of the elephant candle holder. Very pretty, all of it! I hope your 2017 is going along fabulously.

  15. Good Morning Liz,
    What a refreshing way to bring in the New Year with these Asian style pieces.
    The colors are delightful and add such lightness into your room and these dreary days of January. Your white elephant is wonderful and of course your Teapot is a showstopper. Such a pleasant post!
    Happy New Year to a lovely friend,

  16. Well done, Liz - you put it all together beautifully!

    I adore your elephant teapot - my daughter collects elephant things - well, used to until it became a bit much - but I know she doesn't have one of those -may have to think about one of those maybe as a gift for her in the future.

    I have painted many a lantern in my day and what I use is a high temperature spray paint (tape off the glass bits and if some gets on it just use a single edged razor blade to clean it off.........but only need the high temp if you are going to use it for real candles. I have since used "just whatever in stash" spray paint if I am going to use faux greens or those faux candles only - Rustoleum is my very favorite.

    I think red would be awesome - and nice for Christmas, too! Or white for spring, too.

    It'd be cute as is for spring, too, of course but red in this setting would be A+!!



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