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October 16, 2016

Moods of the Living Room With New Carpet

One of the few times the sun was out recently I snapped this shot hoping to show the new "mood" of the room with the lighter carpet.

In this picture the carpet almost seems gray but of course it's not.   The tone is affected even by things from the outside.  There's a big blue spruce off to the right outside and at times the carpet picks up a blue cast and now the thick glass tabletops can reflect blue onto the carpet too!  I never saw that affect on the golden yellow carpet we previously had.

 The color is called Eggshell made by Karstan and the name is Dramatic Details.  

I talked about this before in the post I did about when it was installed and we dubbed it the "broken box" design.  I like it a lot - it has a velvety feeling under foot.  I wanted a updated look leaning towards contemporary yet to still workable with our traditional home.

The game table was shifted over to where the tv had been and I'm using it to display some family pictures that I will add on to as time goes by.

I set the mood with some candles late afternoon.  Those of you who have followed me will note the tv is centered now on the south wall and not in the corner any longer. 

The big grandfather clock was relocated to the corner and it works there nicely.  I often look up to it in the evenings when watching tv to check the time.

I finally found my glass pumpkins.  This is a new candle by Voluspa called Incognito with a wonderful amber glass designed container.  It has a yummy smell.

We turn off the gas line to the fireplace during the off months so I can't have a fire burning just yet.  The candles will have to create the ambiance for now!

 I love the new carpet.  It definitely lightened up the room and somehow it feels more spacious too.

The mood is set for the evening!

I'll be joining 


  1. Love it Liz. It looks like the same carpeting I have in mind for our living room. Seeing it at your home helps me envision how it will look!

  2. Liz, this is absolutely perfect! I love the ambience of the room, and your impeccable decorating skills make it a warm and inviting room. Just beautiful!!

  3. Liz, Your whole room looks great. I do like the carpeting-it has a modern vibe to it-yet works with the traditional feeling of your home. The candle light makes the room so warm and welcoming. Looking like fall to me there. xo Diana

  4. Everything looks lovely. what a great feeling to have new carpet and a pattern that does not show footprints....LOL Beautiful choice.

  5. I think the carpet looks beautiful and really makes a positive difference in the room. I like the changes you've made and I love the photos with the candles! Of course I'm a candleholic. :) Your home always looks warm and inviting!


  6. What a lovely carpet choice, light and with a subtle pattern to it too; dear friend. Your living room looks more elegant and gorgeous !

  7. Liz,
    Absolutely stunning, dear friend!
    I love the new color and the pattern!
    The whole room has taken on a new ambiance!

  8. Liz, your carpet looks absolutely gorgeous in your living room! I love the eggshell color and the sculpted pattern. I'm thinking about doing something like this in my master bedroom. Thanks for sharing! I hope that you are having a wonderful weekend!!!

  9. Hi Liz, love your living room and the new carpet with the sculpted design is beautiful. The color is perfect and goes great with all your furnishing. I know you are enjoying it. Have a great weekend. xo

  10. The carpet looks great in your living room Liz! Great color and design with texture. Hope you have had a nice weekend.

  11. Your home is very pretty! The color of the carpet fits your room. Have a wonderful week.

  12. That is a gorgeous room! So comfy and cozy, especially for the winter months. The new carpet is so nice. Joni

  13. Liz,
    Your new carpet is wonderful, I really like the name and design of it too.
    Your home is so elegant and welcoming, I know you must be thrilled.
    Wishing you a great week,

  14. Liz, the new carpet is beautiful! Yes, the broken box design adds such interest and texture. Lighter is always better in a room for the brighter-room affect...sometimes harder to keep clean, but with no small kids, no problem, right? We moved into a house and installed light-colored carpet (similar to yours) throughout (early 90's). It had a 25-year stain warranty. During the first year, we had a visitor walk throughout our house with a grease soaked "something" stuck to their shoe. They walked out the front door, and horror(!), they left quarter-sized stains everywhere - thousands of them! I called my husband at work, crying as if someone had died, and of course, with all the drama of complete panic and sorrow. After I calmed down, I read my carpet stain instructions and started to work on the issue. I took a wet rag (yes, with water!) and rubbed each spot, and they vanished, one by one. It took me all day, but by the time my husband came home from work, he thought I was crazy for all the panic. He had no idea the stains were ever there (and may have thought I'd completely lost my mind). Whew! That extra-priced stain guard feature was well worth the investment. I hope you enjoy your new carpet and NEVER welcome a stain-spreading visitor into your home. :-)

  15. Oh, Liz I absolutely LOVE your new carpet! I would've picked the same one - it's perfect!

    We got stairway and all upstairs new carpet a few months ago and it is so puffy and soft and awesome - I was going to go low nap (like the one you picked) but after much thinking and discussing we decided since it is upstairs and bedrooms we'd go for the typical soft stuff. We had Berber and it didn't last but a few years - shame, very expensive and big time wasteful!

    Anyway, for downstairs yours is spot on awesome. Well done, good choice. Love it.


  16. Your living room looks so warm and cozy! Love the new carpet :)

    Edye | Http://gracefulcoffee.com

  17. You have such a beautiful and cozy space! Thank you so much for sharing with us at Dishing It & Digging It!


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