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October 23, 2016

Halloween Extravaganza! (T)

Winnie and the ghouls welcome you to their Halloween Extravaganza!
Please join us and let's see how the table is set!

 Winnie sits atop her purple glittery cauldron inviting you to Trick or Treat!
Designed with black branches and purple flower accents.

Her sign has been posted "The Witch Is In"!  

 The ravens keep guard over the event- party crashers will be dealt with!

Leo lost his head so he's keeping company with the candy jar!

 Everyone enjoys coming together for Halloween!

 Clarence will help guide your way!

Little Crissy here would love for you to tell her a story- but be careful of what she's hiding behind her back!  Can't always trust the cute ones you know!

 Hope you're not afraid of black cats!

 Candlelight will only do for this party!

 Slipcovers of glittery spiderwebs were made for the chairs…

Decorative vases with glittery things…

 Including spiders, black leaves, pumpkins and gourds…

 Purple placemats & black chargers to show off the dishes!  Crystal stemware for some toxic drinks!

Let's have a bite...

This menu has gone over well before so we'll stick to it again!

Winnie thanks you for joining her Halloween Extravaganza and hopes you enjoyed yourself.
You come back and join us again!

Keep the candles burning….the dark can be very scary!!

Winnie the Witch has appeared "2011 here", "2012 "here" and also "here", and "2015 here"
Orange dinner plates from Kohls 
Cat and pumpkin plates from Crate & Barrel
Candelabras from Pier 1 (on sale free shipping)
Pumpkin with black bats from JoAnn's
Glittery orange pumpkins from Pier 1
Glittery florals in vases from Michael's
Black plastic cauldron (Walmart)- sprayed with purple glittery paint found at Michael's
Black foam ravens from Michael's
Spider web runner- T.J.Maxx



  1. Love your spooky table! Darling witch! I love witches for some reason. Not sure what that says about me...ha ha ha!

  2. Liz, how charming you have presented your Halloween spooks! Winnie looks like a witch that enjoys life. And her menu hopefully can be trusted too! The candlelight is beautiful on the table. What a fun post! ♥

  3. Liz, this brightened my day! Your Halloween table is precious and absolutely adorable!!! I love it! I hope that you have a happy and blessed Sunday!!!

  4. Hi Liz! I'm just a little bit scared but when I saw your Little Crissy, I felt better! :) Look at all of the things you have and it's really so cute.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  5. Winnie certainly presides over a very spooky table setting. lol Love the menu and the way you have pulled the whole table together. It is just fun all the way around, Liz. Happy Haunting. xo Diana

  6. What a beautiful table!!! I love your Halloween extravoganza, Liz! You hit it out of the park! Love your witch and the setting is perfect.

  7. What an amazing table, Liz! You have done a wonderful job. How fun!

  8. Great spooky table Liz. Crissy is so cute but now you have me wondering if she does have something behind her back. Lots of creativity on your table. Love the spider web runner, too. I haven't been to TJMaxx in a while. I used to have one just a few minutes from the house but since we moved the nearest one is an hour away. Thanks for sharing Liz.

  9. Very spooky table filled with wonderful accessories. How fun this is! Crissy is lovely. Loved how you named the characters. Great eerie lighting to match the table. The menu sounds intriguing.....

  10. Love your table Liz, and the candlelight is amazing! Thanks for joining the DI & DI Link party, hope you enjoyed it!

  11. Hi Liz! Kudos on getting into the evil spirit of the season!😉Love all your details, especially the chair covers. Just spooktacular! Happy Haunting!

  12. This is fantastic Liz! Your fabulous lighting set the tone for the spooky dinner and you've captured it perfectly in your photos. Love that candelabra set and those mini-lights running along the table. You have so many terrific Halloween dishes and tabletop accessories and put them to use wonderfully. Enjoyed my visit here - Happy Halloween!

  13. Your Halloween extravaganza table setting is out of this world!
    I love Winnie the Witch, what a fabulous gal she is!
    So pretty and so fun too!

  14. Winnie and friends made for a nice table. I like all the glittery things shining in the candle light. The cat and pumpkin plates are so cute. I have not seen them before. Happy Halloween!

  15. As yours shows, doing up a Halloween table is such fun. I especially like your ravens.

  16. Very fun and fabulous Liz! You have so many adorable things, what a great way to incorporate them all in a spooky scene running down your table! Love the checked napkins and the spidery fabric-I am going to be very sad putting away my Halloween things this year, I've been having too much fun!

  17. Liz, I love your festive and frightful Halloween table with Winnie atop the glittery cauldron, spiderweb slipcovers and candlelight! Your menu sounds spooktacular! Wishing you a Happy Haunting <|:>)

  18. Liz, your table is wonderfully spooky! I especially love little Crissy. She's just too cute! Happy Halloween and thanks for sharing with SYC.


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