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August 14, 2016

Went to shop- Found a Park!

Every so often we make a run up to Petoskey and I have a few hot spots I like to visit.  

I mentioned in a post  "here" back in early June about my admiration for the store called Monarch that is part florist and decorative elements for the home.  I went there first and looked for some things that will be added to my fall decorating once I get started on it.  

We had to park further away with than normal because it was very busy all around town that day. 
As we headed back to the car I turned my head and was stunned to see this park that I had never noticed before.  We always park about a half a block away and drive right by this area.  I think because we're always watching out for the pedestrians we just never noticed this before!

 I squeaked when I saw the gazebo.  I love gazebos and would love one in my yard….

I love all the hostas that they lined the sidewalks with.  We had rain on and off throughout the day so it wasn't sunny but it was a comfortable temp so that's good!

We headed along the path to see what else was there.

The park includes tributes to the Armed Forces.  
This Blue Star Memorial Marker was dedicated Sept. 18, 2014 

The Blue Star Memorial program was developed by the National Garden Clubs, Inc., in 1945 to pay tribute to the Armed Forces defending our country during World War II. Based on the original Blue Star flag displayed in the family homes, the star became a standard symbol on dedicated Blue Star Highways throughout the United States. The placement of Blue Star markers was approved by state legislatures in cooperation with State Departments of Transportation.
Today, the Blue Star memorial program has expanded to include many locations including highways, parks, veteran facilities, national cemeteries and historical/civic sites.
The markers pay tribute to all the Armed Forces defending our country, and they are a visible reminder of our love of gardening and our support for the Armed Forces of the United States of America. 

A Vietnam Veterans Memorial honoring those from this local area.

 A World War 1 Memorial

 Another memorial for World War II and Korea

 This big gun dates back to the 1800's

 This little girl was singing songs and totally enjoying herself.  Looks like Mommy has another one coming!

 Wow look at how much this weighs!

We turned around and went back to the gazebo.  Just as Dan got himself set up for a picture a local trolley style bus pulled up adding some more small town cuteness to the scene.  They offer free rides around town for the visitors!

 I was intrigued at how many people were just casually visiting and enjoying the park.  
It was a great day- not too hot and the rain was only intermittent.  People just seemed to be in an extra good mood!

There's an old set or railroad tracks still running through town.  Too bad they've done away with most of the railways in Michigan.  There are plans to start using some of what's left of the rails again and get a train going from southern Michigan up to the Traverse City area again.  I think that would be great!

Petoskey's gaslight district is always a big hit for the tourists.  I like to play tourist when I go up there too!

Side note:
Petoskey is a hot spot for finding or buying Petoskey stones that are found along the shores of Lake Michigan.  Michigan's state stone is the Petoskey stone.  Can you believe I haven't bought one for myself yet!  I'll have to fix that!

I hope you enjoyed my little visit to the new found park!

I'm am joining:


  1. I think you found a real gem.
    Do I see a limelight hydrangea by the gazebo?
    Can't wait to see what you found for fall.
    Have a lovely week.

  2. How nice to discover a new spot, Liz. I'm very familiar with the Blue Star Memorial gardens as we have many in VA. We must honor those that have served our country and pay tribute to their sacrifice. Many folks in our area display the blue star if they have a member of their family in one of the armed forces. The gazebo is a beauty. If I had the room in my garden I'd surely have one. ♥

  3. What a lovely spot to sit, relax and enjoy the day. So glad you found the park. The Petosky stone is very cool!

  4. Oh what a wonderful park and I adore that Gazebo.

  5. That is lovely park. I too, love the hostas. The gazebo is quite beautiful. Always nice to find lovely places to sit and take in the beauty.

    1. Also, thank you Liz for sharing at DI&DI. We love having you share these special posts. That park is so awesome1

  6. What a lovely park. I love history and love the plaques and military recognition. Thank you for sharing. sheila

  7. Hi Liz, what a beautiful park to find!! I love the gazebo too. The memorial is a wonderful tribute to those townsmen and women who served our country in wars!!
    I love the pestosky stone. My dad gave me a cross made from the stone many years ago. Love your photos.
    Did you find some goodies in Monarch??
    Have a great week!

  8. What a lovely park, Liz! Everything looks so lush and it has such a charming feel. What a lovely place to take a stroll or spend the day.

  9. Beautiful. Isn't it fun how we sometimes find something accidentally and it turns out to be so special. I love that the town honors its fallen military. The park is lovely. Thanks for sharing.

  10. What a beautiful park and love all of the Veteran's memorials .... and must say that Petoskey rock is amazing!!!

  11. Liz,
    Your part of the country is just beautiful, I know that Winters are long but goodness hostas like this in the Summer!
    Our just burn up!
    Thanks for you thoughtful note on my daughter too.

  12. Liz,
    What a pleasant surprise!
    I love the hostas that line the sidewalks!
    Cute Trolley in the background!
    Great photo of Dan and the Gazebo!


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